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Reality at Mothers Feet

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Never thought it would happen


Some time ago I submitted a story about how I like to masturbate while I smelt my mothers shoes. Since then I sometimes read that story and jerk off reading it. I can't believe I told the world about my lust for my moms feet. Always wishing that she knew. The story went into great detail how since I was a young boy I would look for opportunities to masturbate while I smell her shoes and how I wish I was smelling her feet while she watched me masturbate. Being I like to read the story I wrote I put it on a list of my favorites on my computer.

One weekend I had to go out of town and asked her to stop by my place and feed my dog. She mentioned that her computer was in the shop and asked if it would be ok to use mine to pay bills. I said sure and never gave it a second thought.

That Sunday night when I came home my Mom was at my place. I didn't expect her to be there. She said she just got there to feed the dog. I thanked her for watching him and thought that would be the end of our visit because we both had to be at work early in the morning. Instead of walking to the front door she walked into the living room and I followed her. Then she turned around rather quickly and looked me straight in the eye. I knew she was gonna tell me something, but I never expected what she said next.

Without hesitation she told me to remove my clothes! I didn't even answer her because I was so stunned. Then she sat in a chair and just waited for me to start stripping. she said "take off all your clothes and don't say a word. I want you to stand in front of me naked...do you understand?" " yes Mommy" I said. My heart was pounding. As I was taking off my clothes she told me that she seen that letter I wrote to Solo Touch and was gonna make my fantasy a reality. I couldn't believe she read that! I was so humiliated! When I was just standing there in my underwear I stopped and she gave me this stern face and said "well, take them off now!" I slipped them down and there I was standing naked in front of my own Mother! I couldn't believe it! My heart was pounding! She was looking at me up and down and then she looked at my cock for awhile. I was so embarrassed! I thought about this scenario a lot all my life but actually doing it was something different.

"On your knees now!' The way she was speaking with this dominant expression was kinda scary. I had never seen her like this before. I dropped to my knees in front of her. "Take off my shoe" She pointed her foot at me and I reached for it as a good submissive and took her shoe off. "Smell the shoe" Yes Mommy I said as I put the shoe to my face as I have done many times before. But never in front of her. "You like that smell?" she asked. Yes Mommy, I said. "Now take my foot and smell the bottom of my feet" I took her foot and held it to my nose. I couldn't believe I was doing this. Kneeling at my Mothers feet naked smelling her foot!! I felt dizzy from all the excitement. "Now begin to masturbate" She ordered. I reached down and started to stroke my cock. It didn't take long before I was so hard. "Does that feel good?" She said. Yes Mommy it does. "Then let me see you cum" Hearing those words from my Mother put me over the edge. I held her foot tightly to my face as I jerked my cock. I came with such a shudder I thought I would faint.

When I was done she stood up and just looked at me on my knees with cum all over my hand and said "We will do this again another day" With that she just left. I still can't believe we did that. I am looking forward to having more sessions with my Mom. This whole thing is so crazy but exciting. Thank you mommy. I love your feet so much. this is a true story. Although it feels like a dream!!!



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