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'Real Life' Masturbation Fantasy

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The memory of an experience that continues to provide hours erotic masturbation years later.


I'm am an author of legal/education books, so trying to write of a past experience such as this, is something very new to me - not to mention almost frightening. I'm determined to tell you about this experience and my reactions, without, I hope, sounding like a contract, so please bear with me for my first attempt.
The memory of this experience has provided hundreds of hours of powerful masturbation, so I hope I can relay it as erotically as it was, and remains for me today.
Some years ago I accompanied a close friend and her husband on a week's vacation in the desert resort of Palm Springs, California. They both loved the sun and swimming and massages, and they thought I would enjoy this, too, since I was in the midst of a particularly nasty divorce.
My friend insisted I enjoy the spa in the hotel and she made arrangements for me to have a full massage each afternoon at 3:00 PM. No stranger to a good massage, it had been almost five years since I'd had my last one, so I was really looking forward to my first massage of the week.
After the advance preparations of the whirl baths and facial, an attendant left me laying on my back, covered with a thin bath sheet, and awaiting the masseuse. I had requested a gentle massage, not the arm twisting, muscle pounding, bone cracking Swedish massage my friend preferred, and I was almost falling asleep, when I heard a soft voice say, 'Good afternoon - I'm your masseuse, Jen, and I'll be starting on your feet.'
Her touch was perfect, the varying pressure of her hands and fingers were wonderful, and almost sensual. Tucking the massage blanket around one leg, she began to move up the uncovered leg, and her oiled hands moved in a circular motion with perfect pressure. She was soon moving her hand in circles on my inner thigh, while her other hand held and massaged my hip and groin. As she rubbed she was also pushing my leg out from my body. She uncovered my other leg leaving both legs exposed, and just as perfectly she did that leg, also pushing it outward until I realized my legs were spread wide open exposing my pussy. I had never had this happen in a massage before, and I began to get very uneasy. What the hell ....... ? What was happening? I was getting very turned on, too, it seemed. Hmmmm. Okay, let's just see if this me reacting to her, and not her trying to do something to me.
She continued to rub and massage my inner thighs now, and the outside of her hand would rub against the side of my pussy, gently, as if teasing it slightly. It began to drive me crazy and I decided to see just how far this would go. After all, I had been without an orgasm for a while, and I couldn't ever remember my pussy feeling that good or excited..
She then took both hands and gently massaged each inner thigh at the same time - both hands pushing and pulling my pussy lips as they made circles -opening my pussy with each outward rotation, during which she'd lean forward and touch just the tip of her tongue to my clit , then rotating her hands inward again closing my pussy over my clit. She'd make very fast circles with both hands on either side of my clit, sort of jerking my skin and pussy lips over my hardening clit with varying pressure. I could not hold back. I was half horrified, and half ecstatic, as my hips jerked upward into her vibrating hands while my orgasm became one incredible spasm after another. She knew just how to move those hands to keep them going - to ride out each spasm with me - letting the pressure off during the peak of the spasm and pressing down and vibrating my clit to bring the spasm right back to it's peak again ..... over and over and over again. Those hands played my pussy like an instrument ..... enticing it to climb and explode, then sigh and relax, then tense to explosion again, and again.
In all of my varied and satisfying sexual experiences I had never ever had an orgasm like that. Of course I began to loose my breath, and even my hearing began to fade away and I realized I was on my way to unconsciousness and had to twist my lower body and leg across the table sideways, against her hands, to make her stop. It took almost 30 minutes to recover. During that time she talked to me softly, stroking my breasts and nipples, which had become so constricted and hard they hurt. With just her fingertips she softly traced around my pussy lips, gently tickling/massaging them from their ordeal.
Jen earned a $50 tip that day, and for the next four days, too. When I wasn't on Jen's table with my hips thrusting up in the air, I was on my hands and knees having Jen's forearm slide back back and forth against my pussy, while she massaged my abdomen from behind, or my legs twisted around her leg while she slid her knee up and down my pussy, digging in with pressure, or barely tickling.
I never saw Jen again, but heard she was famous for the 'pleasure' she brought the ladies at the Spa. Since then I've tried to duplicate my orgasms with others, but nothing has come quite as close. The closest I can come is when I masturbate and try to transport myself back to her massage table to experience all of the feelings, again. I can come close, then, but it's never ever been the same. It's really great trying,though!



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