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As the original author of Females are Real and Sexual I can say that I have no idea whether or not all the stories are true. Of course, I am not a mind reader. I can say one thing. From my experience in talking with people, having been young and seeing things with my own eyes, nothing would surprise me. I do know that most young teenagers, not all, do have very nice bodies. I certainly did at that age as did most of my friends male and female. We were young, active, and basically in shape. I see a lot of teens these days with bodies to die for. I can say now at my age (late 30's) after having children, breastfeeding and gaining a bit of weight, things are not as firm or perky as they once were. My butt is a bit saggier and my boobs are as well.
I have a niece in her late teens that finds it easy to talk to me. She comes to me for advice on everything, including sexual issues. She is a beautiful girl who has danced since she's 3 years old. She has a lovely body, as do the other girls she knows through dance.
She came to me last evening to have a talk. She looked upset and I wondered why. I feared possibly a pregnancy, which would not be a good thing now. But that was not the case luckily. Her problem was that in talking with friends she heard the girls describe incredible orgasms and she herself could not relate to that. I asked her if these girls, there were 3 others and my niece, said whether they achieved these orgasms alone or with a partner. She said they admitted to alone and also 2 girls said with their boyfriends. My niece said her boyfriend never gave her an orgasm though she did enjoy the close contact with him. I then asked her if she masturbated. She said yes but could not reach an orgasm. I wondered why and questioned her. We discussed her technique first and I gave her some tips. I wondered if it was psychological. She said she did not feel guilty about masturbating but somehow, though it always felt good, she never could orgasm. I explained that she should experiment with different touches in different spots and at different paces. I explained to her some of my methods and also asked her if she ever tried a vibrator. We agreed I would buy her one to use and experiment with. I told her that with time and patience and with use of the vibrator, I'm sure she will learn to have an orgasm. I said to her 'I know, my dear, that you can do it'. She replied to me 'Yes, I know I can too'
Then it came out... the real cause of her concern. She said she did have an orgasm for the first time the previous night. I sat quiet and listened. She blurted out that she admitted to her girlfriends that she never had an orgasm. They discussed it for a while and one brave girl decided to demonstrate on herself through her clothes exactly how she masturbates. It seems things happened very quickly and spun a bit out of control and I say out of control because my niece is having a hard time handling it. Apparently the girl demonstrating got worked up and went from outside her pants to putting her hand down her pants. Next the pants came off and then the panties and there she was masturbating for them all with nothing on the bottom. One of the other girls then stripped off her pants and panties and joined in. My niece was reluctant but she said she was very excited and watching them was very interesting. The 4th girl never did anything. She just watched intensely. I wonder what she did once she was home. When the 4th girl was asked to join, each time she refused, turning red my niece said. Finally my niece said she began to rub herself through her clothes at the request of the two masturbating girls to join in the fun. By this point the first girl who started the whole thing was having her orgasm and none too quietly per my niece. Seeing this girl orgasm was very exciting she said and it really turned her on. She was convinced to remove her clothing and being these other two girls were a bit bolder it seems they sort of dominated my niece a bit. Not necessarily in a bad way. The 2nd girl was still masturbating and the first girl came over to my niece and told her 'you can cum I know it' and was encouraging her. Then she began touching my niece, which my niece admitted felt good and being caught up in it she allowed it. The girl fondled my niece's breasts and removed her shirt leaving my niece the only one completely naked. The girl started touching my niece all over and then moved her hand from her crotch and took over masturbating her. The second girl, watching this, had her orgasm. She then came over and joined the first girl working on my niece. They massaged her clit and fondled her breasts and even put a few fingers into her vagina and they did what they were determined to do. They made her orgasm. Which my niece admitted felt amazing. It was the most amazing feeling she'd ever had.
Now comes the emotional turmoil. My niece was panicked. Thoughts running through her head a mile a minute. She thinks what she did was wrong. She feels guilty for enjoying it. She wants to know if this makes her a lesbian. She's terrified one of the girls will blab. She feels guilty. She feels embarrassed. She described it as loosing control, which felt good at the moment but also scared her. She felt these two other girls were controlling her body. She wondered if she would be labeled a slut or if she had participated in what she knows as an orgy. She wondered if she would get a disease being with two people. Some thoughts and fears were completely irrational, but understandable. The girl was horrified by what she'd done and said if anyone found out, especially her boyfriend or family she would be mortified.
I calmed her down and told her to listen carefully. Then I told her, I do not believe she is a lesbian. Though only she knows for sure, my opinion is that she is not. I told her that I have masturbated with other women, which she was completely shocked to hear. We did not touch each other, only ourselves, but there were still 3 of us there masturbating together. I told her about my solo sessions and about sex with men. And I told her I think what happened was ok, not a bad thing. No one was forced, persuaded a bit, yes, but not injured or forced. She did enjoy it, as did the other girls. I told her everyone experiments and to think of it as a lesson. What did you learn I asked her? She did not respond. Well, I think first of all, you learned that you can orgasm. Second that it feels good. Third how to bring yourself to it. I asked her to think of what the girl did to her that brought on the orgasm and tell me. She gave a brief description. I said no, think about it and tell me in detail and what you really liked and what you didn't. When she thought about it she said, the girl used her middle fingertip and made circles just under her clit. And then she put fingers from her other hand inside her vagina and pushed in and out and as she started to go faster my niece felt the fullness just before an orgasm. She said the other girl was rubbing her right breast during this time and that it brought on a sensation in her crotch. So I told her, see you learned something. Go home and do that to yourself, rub like she did, insert some fingers and see what happens. I also sent her home with a candle, one of my favorite things to insert. I then wrote down the address of the solo site and told her to read. She will see that she is not weird and she did nothing bad. She is human.
Now, my question is, why do teenagers have to feel this way. Why on earth don't we teach our kids that sex and experimentation are not bad things? Of course we don't want them to be unsafe. They must be careful and safe. They must never put themselves in dangerous situations where they will be hurt physically or wind up with a disease or an unwanted pregnancy. Why don't we have a human sexuality course starting from junior high school? And I mean a real course. Not just showing them condoms, giving them statistics and scaring the wits out of them about disease.
My niece got in from school a little while ago. She called me to tell me that she did what I said last night and that the candle idea was great and yes she did have an orgasm, though it took a while. She also said that reading this site was a real eye opener. She didn't realize masturbation was such a common thing. I told her my dear, everybody does it, they just don't admit it. It's still some sort of taboo for some reason. But if they have genitals and hands, they must have masturbated at some point in their lives. And if they didn't have hands, trust me, there are other ways. I told her, well after you left last night I masturbated too and I used a candle too and I did have an orgasm too. Now she can't wait for me to buy her the vibrator I promised. Over the weekend I'll pick it up for sure. A lil anticipation though, never hurt anyone.



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