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Reading 'Spontaneous'

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Reading the story 'Spontaneous' brought back fond memories for me. My college roommate Ken was also a swimmer, and fairly hairy. I was deeply in the closet in those days, but had many a masturbatory session fantasizing about Ken, and his beautifully toned v-shaped torso, broad shoulders, and fat dick. I came back to the dorm one day, and Ken was in the bathroom (we shared a bathroom with the room next door), And he was at the sink wearing his speedo with shaving cream slathered on his broad chest and abs, carefully shaving with a disposable razor. I kidded him about how many hours it was gonna take to shave his gorilla body, took a leak and went back to the room.

A short time later, he came back in the room, and asked me if I would help him with the small spot just above his speedo in the back where there was a small patch of fine hairs. His chest, belly, and armpits were baby butt smooth, and without the hairs, I saw for the first time what an Adonis body Ken had, with perfect pecs, large pink nipples, and killer abs. We wnet back to the bathroom, I sat down on the toilet and spread shaving cream over the area. Staring straight at his butt, I started to bone up as I rubbed the shaving cream on the area. I shaved the area, then pulled his suit down a little to get the hairs sticking up from under the suit. It probably took no more than 30 seconds, but I knew I would be replaying this when I had some private time! When I finished, He turned around, and his crotch bulge was no more than a foot in front of my face. I asked him how he was going to do the back of his legs, and he asked me if I minded doing that. I nonchalantly agreed, (my heart pounding), and he turned back around again. I reached for the can of shaving cream, and he told me to hold on, then saying he didn't want to get it on his speedo, he untied the front and pulled them down to knees. I stared at his gorgeous ass, covered in fine brown hairs, and pearly white in contrast to his tanned legs and back.

I know my hands were shaking as I rubbed the cream into upper thigh and around his butt cheek. I could see his nuts hanging down between his legs not a foot away. I shaved one thigh then the other. Ken turned sideways, and I continued on the side of his thigh, now getting a perfect view of dick hanging down from his hairy bush. I really thought I was gonna shoot right then. I quickly did one side, then he turned the other way and I did the other side. He turned and faced me, cupped his dick and nuts and pulled then to the side, without saying a word. So I put the cream along his upper thigh, and shaved the hairs, and some of his pubic hair. I put my hand on his, and pushed it further away so that I could get into the crease where his leg meets his crotch. I wiped the residue cream off, and repeated on the other side. When I was finished, he lifted his hand, and his dick was definitely bigger, he was sporting a semi! He was looking down examining the trim, and I thought WTF, squirted some more cream into my hand, and rubbed it across the top of his pubes, and said, just this little bit more and your done. I started and this time his hands were at his sides, and I was staring straight into his beautiful fat semi. I reached up with my left hand and pulled his bush down gently as I shaved with my right. As I pulled my left hand away, I purposefully brushed the head on his dick, I quickly said I was sorry. And he kinda laughed, and said no prob.. felt kinda good.

I looked over at the door to the other dorm room, and saw it was locked, and I took a deep breath, and touched it again. Ken didn't say anything, just a soft sigh, and I wrapped my hand around it. It quickly expanded to full hardness, and I slowly jerked him.

I had never seen another erection other than my own, much less touched one, but it felt so good in my hand, the tip of his dick only inches from my face, the head curving up. Ken grabbed the can of shaving cream, and squirted it onto his shaft, and I massaged it in. It became slick and as I speeded up, he started breathing heavy, and his abs moved in and out quickly. I rubbed his stomach with my other hand, staring at his shaving cream covered cock as I fisted him. Suddenly a glob of cum spit out and hit me on the chin. I moved my face just in time for the second spurt to sail over my shoulder onto the wall behind me then the remaining spurts dribbled out onto the floor.

I grabbed the towel, and wiped my face off, then handed it to Ken who wiped himself clean, then the floor and the wall, without a word. I stood up off the toilet, and he finally said he was sorry for hitting me, and 'thanks'. Just thanks! I mumbled something about no problem, and anytime, and Ken pulled his speedo back up over his still hard dick. He said, I think I can get the rest, and I went into the room and he started shaving the front of his legs, with his foot on top of the toilet.

I laid down on my bed, hauled my dick out, and jerked off to a mind splitting orgasm in under 30 seconds. We didn't speak about it for the whole next week. But before his next meet, he asked if I would help him again, and we repeated the episode. This time though, I jerked off while doing him. The rest of the year, I jerked Ken off at least once a week, always with me sitting on the toilet and him standing in front of me. We moved from shaving cream to hand lotion, and Ken never touched me. But that was okay, because I had the best orgasms of my life jerking him off.



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