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Re: Unplanned Ejaculation

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Roger's stories were great, and boys aren't the only ones who get caught in 'predicaments'


I've posted on here before telling of my experiences recently with a good female friend of mine and with my dilemma of whether or not to tell the guy I'm dating. I took RC's advice and used an 'authorship' this time. Good advice, make's sense.
Well, I still have not told my guy about the antics with my female friend. I'm seeing him tonight and doubt I'll say anything then either. But my memories of the other night with first my friend visiting and then my guy stopping by unexpectedly, and my antics with both of them have left me constantly in a state of arousal. So I was reading some stories on here and I loved the story April 9 about the unplanned ejaculation as a kid in the livingroom and the more recent one in the car.
It reminded me of being young myself. I'm not close to 40. I have masturbated for as far back as I can remember. I started very young. Before the age of 12 I used to lay on my belly with my pointer finger inside the lips and rub that way. I think as I started getting breasts it got more uncomfortable on my belly and I switched to laying on my back. Then one day I stumbled across a book, I have no idea where it came from or who it belonged to in the house, but it was about sexuality and had a chapter on masturbation. That was the first time I put 2 and 2 together and realized that there was a name for what I was doing. The book gave female masturbation methods and one description was about how women insert items into their vaginas. I'd never thought of that before but boy was I intrigued. I couldn't wait to try. The book listed vegetables and other objects women use and I figured if I used a tampon from my mom's bathroom no one would know. So that was the first thing I ever inserted into myself while masturbating. It was so surprising to feel full. I just didn't realize moving it would feel even better, I just played with my clit till I was wet and pushed it in there and left it still till I orgasmed then pulled it out. At the time, I thought it was heaven. The next thing I used was a carrot. My mom went out for the afternoon with the younger siblings and I was left home alone for about 3 hours. So I peeled a carrot, washed it under warm water, took it to my room and had some fun. I stripped naked, laid on my bed on my back and started playing with my clit. I had the carrot ready right next to me. As I got excited I slowly inserted it. This was another surprise as it was thicker and longer than the tampon but again I just stuck it in and left it there stationary and continued to play with my clit until I orgasmed. Pulling it out felt really good and I think that's what made me realize to move it around. It was longer so it took longer for me to slide it out than the tampon and it was thicker so it felt really good sliding out of me right after the orgasm when everything was still tender and sensitive. I got concerned though that mom would notice the vegies disappearing so I figured, I had to find something else. She'd notice the tampons going down too and wonder why and besides, they didn't do as much for me. So I got the idea of using a candle. Mom had a large collection and one wouldn't be missed and I could wash it off and use it again. My problem was solved. I could also buy candles myself and not be questioned, which I did too. I got lucky one night as my parents went to a neighbor's for coffee after dinner. I was left to sit for the younger siblings who were sleeping. This was great. They never woke up so I had the house to myself to play with myself. I got wet just thinking about it. My first time trying a candle. I stripped naked, laid on my bed and started to play with my clit. I was so excited that I had to stop myself and relax a bit. I almost came with only a few quick rubs. The candle I chose was about 10' long. I knew I couldn't get it all in me but the thicker end looked good. My clit was throbbing and my whole pussy was dripping and tingling. I grabbed the candle and bent my knees up with my feet flat on the bed. I let my knees fall to the sides and with the tip of the candle at the opening I help my lips open with the other hand. I slowly slid the candle in and mmmmmmmmm it felt so good. And it was perfect for gliding. So I slid it back down almost out and then back in and I did this a few times getting myself so excited. Now I realized I could pump the candle with one hand and play with my clit with the finger of my other hand. I tried to go slow but I couldn't contain myself. I wiggled my finger over my clit furiously and pumped the candle fast and suddenly I arched my back, my legs started to tremble and I lost all control. Oh it felt glorious. The spasms seemed to last forever. Then sudden relief. It stopped and I was exhausted. I lay there with the candle still in me and I pumped it for a while slowly which felt good then I slid it out. I absolutely love the first penetration and the feeling of sliding something out of me slowly. Now came my problem. I got up to head for the bathroom to clean myself up and wash the candle so I could find a good hiding place. I took care of that and when I came back to get in bed I noticed a huge spot on my sheets. Oh no. What would I do. The candle I'd used was maroon and I guess the dye ran from being wet. My sheets where white with little pink flowers. I panicked. I tried in vain to wash it off using everything I could thing of. In desperation, I ripped them off my bed and threw them in the washer. What would I tell mom. I never did my own sheets. I decided to tell her I'd gotten a nose bleed and didn't want to stain the sheets so I threw them in the wash. It didn't work. I threw them in and thinking they'd be clean left them wet for mom to take out and dry. The stain didn't come out. And mom knew it was not blood. She came to me and said, so your nose was bleeding? I said, yeah. She said, oh and were laying on your bed upside down with no pillow under your head. I was caught. She said what have you been up to. Well luckily for me she thought it was nail polish. Wow, got out of that one. I said yes, I'd been polishing my nails on my bed and promised never to do it again.
I used my candle all the time now. It was my best friend. I'd even learned to insert it and then hump my pillow to an amazing orgasm. I used it mostly every day, sometimes twice a day. One Saturday morning I woke up and needed to use my candle and take care of my clit. I got it out of it's hiding spot and went to work. I usually locked my door at night but I guess I had forgotten. I had my candle deep inside me and was laying on my back fingering my clit and pumping my candle to sheer pleasure when my door flung open and in walked mom. I quickly moved my hand away and I don't think she saw me. But she wanted me to get up right then and there and hurry to dress as we had to be someplace in an hour she said. What to do. How was I going to get up when I had a candle shoved in me. I had no panties on, just my nightgown. She walked over and opened the curtains and kept badgering me to get out of bed right then as she didn't want me falling back asleep. I asked her if I could have a minute and she said, no get up now. I was in a state, sweating. I couldn't reach down to pull it out without her seeing and standing up was awkward to say the least with a candle shoved deep in you. Not to mention it falling to the floor when you got on your feet. She was now standing directly over my bed demanding I get up and start moving as we were running out of time. I had no choice. I asked once again for her to leave and I'd be up in a minute and again she said, no, you will fall back asleep. Then she did the unthinkable, she yanked back the covers and there I was with my nightgown up to my belly and a candle sticking out of my vagina. She was shocked. She gasped and said My god what are you doing? I was speechless. She said, you are going to hurt yourself, what's wrong with you. She asked where I got such an idea and told her I'd read it in a book. I was never so embarrassed in my life. I was still laying there still, with the candle still in me and my mom inspecting the predicament. What have you been doing she asked. I think she must have known but she asked me anyway. She saw that I was wet and said let me see your hands. More mortification. I lifted my hands and she inspected them and of course my right pointer finger was wet still and she was close enough to smell pussy on my hands. So, she said, that was not nailpolish was it. I whimpered no. She said, well I see you switched to white at least you are concerned for the sheets. I thought I'd be punished for months, my fingers cut off, scorned and belittled. But instead she did something that totally shocked me. She must have gotten over her initial surprise and my state and once confirmed what I'd been doing for sure in her own head she turned to me and said - well, you seemed to be enjoying yourself. At least you are discreet. I suppose I interrupted to. I nodded yes. She pulled the covers back onto me and said, I suggest you finish what you started. She walked out and just before she shut the door said, we can be a little late. What you are doing is normal. All girls do it and I did it too. She told me she never inserted anything into herself but she did masturbate. Then the real shocker, she said - and I still do. I just nodded rather amazed at all of this. She then said when you are done you will obviously need to shower. Take care of yourself and come downstairs ready to go as soon as possible. Then she was gone. I laid there in shock. I didn't know what to do. I finally had decided the mood was ruined and I was going to get up and get ready. I reached down to slide the candle out and mmmmmmmm it felt good. My clit came to life. I had been very excited and very close to orgasm. I slid the candle back in. Then I decided to take mom's advice. I fingered my clit and pumped the candle and within 5 minutes my body was shaking violently. What a relief. I showered and went down ready for the day. In the car mom asked - did you enjoy yourself. I nodded yes. Good she said. Then she said - stick to candles, you are too young for boys and candles are much less trouble. I did for a long time, in fact until I was 19 I pumped my pussy with candles, hairbrush handles, the curling iron and eventually moved on to a lot of other things.
I continued masturbating throughout my marriage but he never knew. We are now divorced. I almost got caught once. He worked rotating shifts and was not due home until afternoon. He came home sick unexpectedly. Again, the same situation. I had been masturbating feverishly and pumping a candle in me when he burst through the bedroom door. I lay there still. Luckily he was sick. He got in bed and just rolled over and went to sleep. I removed the candle, went to the bathroom and finished myself off in there. It was good cause I got to stand up and watch myself finger my clit and pump my pussy in the mirror.
I got my first vibe after my divorce. I love that thing. I use it all the time. My guy now knows I love to masturbate and he's thrilled.
I'm home alone now and my guy isn't due here until this evening. So, I'm going to lay on the couch, play with my clit and use my candle till I cum hard. Then I'll roll onto the floor with the candle still in me and rub my clit on the pillow. After the first cum it will take about an hour of slow humping to orgasm but it's oh so good. I enjoy the sensation of my clit rubbing against the soft pillow and the candle slowly sliding in and out of me. Finally I hump faster, push up w/ my arms, squeeze my but tight, tighten my legs and explode into my second orgasm. Then I'll wait until tonight, to play with my guy.
Have fun everyone.



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