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Re: Turned on By Your Site

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I read Turned on by your Site and Best Friend turned Bed Buddy....


I woke up this a.m. and started reading some stories on solo. I especially enjoyed 'turned on by your site'. I am just about the same age as the woman who posted that story and her account of what she did was very exciting to me as are other stories as well. I enjoy reading how women pleasure themselves and it gives me new ideas. I also enjoy reading how men pleasure themselves, but I can relate more to a woman being one myself. So when a woman describes the feeling I know what she's talking about. I read 'turned on...' once and then went to other stories and as I got excited I started to play with my clit. I played with it faster and faster as I read stories and then when I was really excited I went back and read 'turned on...' again. By this point I was rubbing my clit very fast and reading her story just sent me over the edge. It was a great story to masturbate to for me personally and I had a great orgasm.
I also read 'Best friend turned bed buddy' and it's nice to read about young people discovering one another and her account sounded exciting from her point of view. But I thought the exact same thing that the 30's woman said in her reply to that post. It seems they did not use any protection and the first thing that popped into my head is not only is this fun and erotic but this may cause an unwanted pregnancy and possibly other things. BUT.... this is not the first post that made me think of that. It sounds like a lot of people, young and old, are engaging in activities that may feel great and be fun, but could be extremely dangerous. I'm not trying to preach, but I do care, and I think people need to make safety priority #1 and yes even when alone. Why do I say that, well, because if you use toys or any other items for insertion they MUST be cleaned very carefully. And they should not go from anus to vagina. I learned the hard way about proper cleaning. I wound up with a terribly painful vaginal infection from not cleaning a vibrator properly. And, to top it off, I had to explain to my gyno what I'd been up to.
I've had men in tbeir 30's I've dated who wanted to have sex with me and never once thought of protection. AMAZING. I brought it up. More than one told me 'I looked clean' 'I seemed ok' or 'You aren't the type of girl who sleeps around so I'm not worried'. These are grown men, don't they realize you can't tell by looking at someone whether or not they are safe and disease free. Pretty scary. I did not have sex with all of them, only one and I insisted on protection. With my current boyfriend, we've both been tested and I believe we are both being faithful. I am, I'm praying I'm right about him.
I have a story about the gyno that is very interesting. One time, having a female problem, my doc ordered an internal sonogram. We had to wait until I finished my period to perform the test. An internal sonogram is when they take a probe (think huge dildo) put a condom on it, and insert it into the vagina to check things out. Not exactly medical explanation, but in general terms that's how it's done. Well after my period is my most sexual time. So having the woman insert this probe felt good. Here I am laying on the table and she's moving this thing around inside me performing a medical test and I'm getting excited. I was getting very wet and I guess maybe she noticed, though she did have lube on the probe so maybe she didn't notice. I so badly wanted her to really ram that thing in me and give me a good screw while I fingered my clit. She was very professional and certainly did not do that. Of course, I had been laying on the table in nothing but a sheet so I needed to go in and clean up and dress in the bathroom once the test was over. I was so turned on that before I dressed I fingered my clit right there in the bathroom and it only took about 3 quick rubs and I orgasmed. I would love to know if other women have ever experienced being turned on when at a gyno's office. Or if anyone is a technician or a gyno, have you ever seen patients get excited. Did you ignore it, mention it, do something about it, etc?
Years ago when back in highschool a male friend of mine was in a horrible motorcyle accident and he broke all four limbs in several places. His arms and legs where in casts for months, he required surgeries, etc. He'd also injured other areas of his body as well. This left him hospitalized for a long time. I will never forget this wonderful nurse he had. Not only did she care for him medically but she was very compassionate. One day while visiting him she asked us all to leave, all except his girlfriend. She explained they needed some alone time to get through this difficult time. Then the nurse instructed his girlfriend to 'take care of him' or the poor boy is going to explode. At the time we didn't know it, but while we were all in the cafeteria, his girlfriend was in his room with the curtains drawn giving him a hand job and a blow job. The nurse made sure no one went into that room for a good 20 minutes. We found out later on what took place. The nurse explained to the 2 of them this would aid in his recovery and keep the frustration level down. He was so grateful to that nurse for allowing his girlfriend to keep him satisfied that he sent a huge boquet of flowers and a thank you note to her and a letter to her superior stating how she went above and beyond her duties in caring for him. She was very professional though. At one point the girlfriend could not get there for 3 days straight. All the nurses who would care for him would ignore his erections. But the one nurse commented and he said his girlfriend had not been there in what seemed forever. He half jokingly asked her if she could help him out he said, but if she would have agreed he wouldn't have turned her down. She did not agree. She told him the anticipation of his girlfriend's next visit was good for him!!!!! I guess she was right because so I was told by the girlfriend and him, the next visit was fantastic. And the nurse kept the lookout and gave them their time alone. She even allowed the girlfriend to stay late when she was not supposed to be there. But it was their secret she said. He finally did recover but still to this day has lingering problems. But the couple married about 4 years later. Their first of their 3 children was born in that hospital. They went looking for that nurse and left a note for her that they had had a baby. She took the time to go to maternity on her break from her shift to visit with them and see the baby. They thanked her again for being so kind to them. Not only in allowing them their time together, which she felt was very important, but for being an excellent nurse in all her duties. Sadly by the time they had their 2nd baby 3 years later, their friend was gone from that hospital. All these years later they are still happily married and they both say that the nurse did more for them sexually than either of their parents ever did. They still make time for eachother even with 3 rowdy, noisy, needy kids.
Sex is fun, it's important, it feels great. But please do it responsibly and safely. Happy playing.



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