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Re: the Frenulum

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'Thank you' for mentioning the old sex manuals-very erotic, indeed. A few years ago, washing myself in the shower, I noticed a little nub of skin / flesh in about midway between my frenulum and where the foreskin ended. For whatever reason, that day, when I looked at it, 'You look like a little clitoris, and I know what to do with you!' popped into my head.

After my shower, I laid on the bed, all nice and warm and relaxed, and started rubbing that area, as if I was rubbing a clitoris, slowly, gently and lightly. I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed... it seemed like it was for 20 minutes, and maybe it was. Then, a tingling sensation started in and around my cock and balls and buns. I kept rubbing, and the tingling got stronger and stronger. It got SO strong that I had to almost curl up, but I kept rubbing. The feeling was amazing and overwhelming, like an electric current lightly flowing through me, not like the shock when you accidentally stick your finger in a light socket, but a most pleasant sensation. Finally, after about five minutes of THAT, I decided to stop. I was exhausted and elated. What an 'O' that was! No come, no ejaculation, but what an orgasm!

Since that wonderful day, I have rubbed my 'clit' not every day, but often enough to know how to do it. Slowly, lightly, and be very relaxed... and, with a little bit of time, 10 minutes, 15, oh, mama me-e-AHH!

In my shower, I had put in a shower wand beside the usual shower head, but I never really used it. After that 'big O' day of mine, I decided to try it out. I set it on the 'pulsating massage' setting and pointed it at my 'frenulumunar' region. mmm... yes, it works, boys, just like it does for the girls when they take too long in the shower.

Sometimes, I just use that shower massage wand for a just a short while, long enough to start tingling but not long enough to incapacitate myself. That tingling stays with me for the day, starting and intensifying as I am walking, when my cock is naturally rubbing against my undies (and some days, it is panties, smooth and silky and loose ones in which my shaved balls and cock just swish around). That 'O' happening as I walk around is very much unplanned, and when it happens, it is a surprise, a very nice surprise.

I have noticed that after rubbing 'that' area until I get a light tingle, if I should then switch to rubbing my hand up and down my cock, I culminate with come and all, an orgasm that is much more powerful than a normal one.

You never what you will learn from those old books, and thanks for bringing them to the attention of the other gentlemen, and the ladies who might be interested.



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