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Re Females Are Real And Sexual

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To Matt, who responded to mey post.


I'm very horny this morning which brought me to this site. And I'm going to masturbate all morning for sure. But I had to reply to Matt's post first.
It was wonderful reading Matt's response to my post. A real man who is not threatened by women and does believe they are truly sexual as well. I think the old cliche of the woman having the headache and not wanting sex is silly. The poor woman probably just didn't want the guy she was stuck with. And yes, back in the day, women were stuck with a guy for various reasons. I'm sure with the right man she wouldn't have had so many headaches. I never get headaches, ever.
This site has been helpful to me in many ways. I read it usually every night. Some nights I just read, most nights I do what everyone else does, I masturbate while I read. I've met a new guy that I really like and we had awesome sex together over the weekend. And it did include masturbation, on his part. Meaning he did himself. And then he did me. And we had intercourse and did other wonderful things. Guys... take it as a compliment to you, not a replacement of you when we take matters into our own hands. I've masturbated several times to the memories of our time together last weekend. My vibrator is not a replacement for a penis, it's just an enhancement to my alone time. And I used it thinking about the events that took place with my new guy. Thinking about his face as he cums, thinking about how he pumps in me, how he kisses and caresses my breasts. Remembering all that makes me horny. So I have some solo fun, give myself an awesome orgasm, releive the stress of the day, but am still raring to go when he's around. One night I just finished masturbating when he called and wanted to come by. I said sure. He gave me my 2nd orgasm of the night. He got here 20 minutes after I had finished up. He asked why I was so wet already. I teased him and told him it was the anticipation of him coming over. Then I told him I'd taken matters into my own hands just prior to his call. And I told him I was thinking about him while doing it. Sometimes I even think about old boyfriends. It's over and there's no more feelings left, but there are good memories. Each man has his own effect left on me. Something special just to him. And it could just be something as simple as a facial expression. One guy got a look in his eye, sorta stared in a daze and had this awesome expression on his face just before he came and as he came. Well, it is over a year since we've been together, but I masturbate thinking about just his face sometimes and thinking of that look, and it brings on my own orgasm as I masturbate. It doesn't mean he was better than my new guy, it doesn't mean I still have a thing for him, it just means that he had something special and unique to him that left an impression on me and I still get excited over it today. Men and women should not be intimidated by anyone's solo sessions. And no one should think that any gender is more sexual than the other. We are all human, we all have sexuality and we all enjoy it. I think it's just that in recent years it's finally been 'ok' for women to be sexual without a stigma. Hey, I'm a NICE GIRL. I just love sex and masturbation. And ya know what, Nice Girls have a right to that without being labelled. We are not baby making machines, blow up dolls, or sluts. We are women and we want sex, alone, with a partner or in circle masturbation sessions with friends.
It's early in the morning, I have the day off work, I woke up horny and so.... I'm gonna do something about it. And I may moan, sigh and say some dirty words. I will probably use my fingers, my vibrator, a pillow and possibly even a candle. I will probably have 3 or 4 orgasms today and I'll do it by first just playing with my clit with my fingers. Then maybe I'll use my vibe on my clit and insert my candle. And after that I may hump my pillow with my vibe on my clit and the candle up my pussy. And I'll thoroughly enjoy myself for a few hours. And Yes I said the words 'clit' and 'pussy' and I am a REAL female. Who is very happy to have a vagina 'pussy'.



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