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Re: Females Are Real And Sexual

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Dear '~Anonymous'
First of all, I'd like to state that everybody is human. Everybody makes mistakes. Just like the mistake you made when you sent the post to Solo stating that you were furious over the stated issues.
Why was this message a mistake? Because it brought hate to a site which is meant to be about love - loving one's self, one's body, and loving others. Sounds corny, but its true.
Mistake number two was a case of 'the pot calling the kettle black'. In your message you seem to be furious over a person misspelling the word 'vagina.' Did you notice what you wrote in the comments section above your message? It read as follows: ' Men still believe we are not 'real' couldn't or wouldn't possibly do or say the things we right about.... ' Of particular interest here is your apparent disregard for grammar and sentence structure, and also, your misspelling of 'write' as 'right'. So therefore we conclude that everybody makes mistakes as I stated above - spelling mistakes included - even you! So he misspells vagina? How was his spelling mistake a crime and not yours?
Mistake number 3? Rash generalization. You say, and I quote, 'Jesus, they can't even get the name of it right.' One person gets something wrong and you write off all men in one group? From the tone of your post you seem to have the mentality that men are all arrogant and ignorant, and that women are victimized, devalued and misunderstood. Not true. People with this point of view sicken me. You know why? Because in claiming that women are downtrodden, they are blaming ALL MEN. Don't you people realize what that is? Its saying 'All Men are Bastards' - it is women VICTIMIZING men, when they are claiming that THEY, the women, are victimized. How does that work???
Another example of this mentality can be seen in your seemingly subconscious mis-interpretation of said male's comment that he couldn't believe women masturbated, fantasized and posted on the site. You say, 'Damn, they want to take credit for everything don't they.' Wake up and grow a brain. You seem to jump at the first opportunity to believe the worst about men. This had absolutely nothing to do with 'taking credit' - it was merely ignorance!!! Since when was lack of knowledge a crime?? So this brings us to the issue of 'women are real'.
First of all, I would like you to look through all the posts for any given month. You will note that there are twice the posts submitted by men as there are by women. Why is this? Everybody knows that Masturbation is taboo for women. It is discouraged far more amongst girls than it is amongst boys, which can probably be traced back to the patriarchal religion (Christianity) that still influences our culture and dictated what was 'proper' for women. Now this is not to say that women don't masturbate, but it isn't talked about as much or indeed as openly among females as it is among males. And of course there are exceptions, but on a percentage basis, I am sure you would find that statement to be correct.
Due to this, a great deal of boys, myself included, grow up assuming that only boys masturbate. It wasn't until I got internet access and was exposed to sites such as Solo that I realised that the fairer sex did it too.
Next, I would like you to read through all the stories on here and tell me which stories you think are real and which aren't. I am of the opinion that a great number of the more far fetched stories are fake or embellished. This goes for stories from both sexes. I have had suspicions before that certain formulaic stories by so-called females have been fake, due to the dubious content. 'I am a gorgeous 16 year old with a perfect body and a friend with a perfect body and we just fuck all day long' yeh right.... These stories may be true but they sound far too perfect for that.
I personally don't blame whoever doubted the integrity of the female responses on this site. If a person who was brought up to believe women don't masturbate came onto this site and happened to read a couple of the more dubious stories, he may be quite easily led to believe there was reason to doubt the sincerity of the female posts.
You obviously have to adjust your own masturbation technique because you don't appear to be getting the stress relief you need, and you're taking it out on men! I've read just as many female posts as male with bad spelling, but I didn't see you complaining about the women....
- Adrian.
(I'm not afraid to put my name down.)



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