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Re: Enjoying a Schoolgirl's Bottom

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Reply with my own experiences of ass humping masturbation fun!


Recently a man posted an article, which told of his experiences masturbating between his girlfriends butt cheeks. He asked if others did likewise. Well, I can enthusiastically reply YES!
My wife allows me to use her butt like this often, saying 'why don't you use my ass to masturbate?' The first time came out of a try to have anal sex. We were lubed, and I had her plump ass cheeks spread wide, but she was nervous and just couldn't relax enough to let me in. 'Why don't you just rub it on my asshole for tonight, to get me used to the feeling.' she suggested.
So I let go of her fleshy cheeks, and they wrapped around my cock as I leaned forward (she was laying flat on the bed) and began humping her ass. It slid easily up and down her crack, and I leaned over and rubbed my chest against her back.
My wife's back is one of her erogenous zones, she loves to have my hairy chest rub against it which is one reason why she lets me use her ass so much. But I digress...
I leaned forward and humped away until I came, shooting my load all over her ass. 'Wow, you really liked that didn't you?'
'Yeah baby' I replied, breathing heavily. I collapsed beside her, and she spread her legs out. I looked at her inquisitively when she began to giggle.
'I can feel your cum running down over my pussy lips.' she said with a big smile. 'It kinda tickles, but feels real sexy too.'
'You want a towel?'
'No fucking way. I am so content right now, I just want to fall asleep with your cum rolling over my skin.' And she did, in moments she was breathing steadily, asleep and with a big smile still on her face.
A couple of nights later we were in bed together, spooning on our left sides. As we both sleep nude, my cock naturally found it's way between her ass cheeks and got rock hard. I mentioned being horny, and asked if she was up to anything.
'I'm tired.' she mumbled. 'Why don't you just use my ass to masturbate? Like the other day.'
After verifying her sureness, I slid my left arm under her and wrapped my hand around her right tit. My right hand reached around and cupped her hairy twat. Pulling her close, I began humping while at the same time kissing her neck. I heard her let out a moan of delight as I humped, my cock sliding up and down between her meaty ass cheeks.
Her hands overlapped mine as my cock humped her beautiful butt. Already turned on, it took little time for me to achieve orgasm. I pulled her body tight to mine then began pumping my cum all over us. When I finally stopped she pulled my hand off her pussy and moved it up her chest. Hugging my arms she said 'Mmm, don't move. I want to fall asleep just like this, your hot sticky cum gluing us together all night.' And so we did...
Many times since then my wife has kindly given me her ass to use as a masturbation toy. Sometimes it's the whole act, other times we've used it when her pussy would become sore after an extended fucking. Many times it started out as a masturbation session but she would get turned on and next thing you know my pecker is plunging into her wet womanhood.
Sometimes we'll clean up afterward, but often she just lets it go, loving the feeling of my warm cum on her. Sometimes we'll use lube, sometimes not. Our lube can be KY, baby oil, pussy juice from where I've fucked her, me licking her ass, or her licking my dick, or some combination.
A couple of times she's even humped MY ass. One night I came to bed, and caught her using her vibrator on her pussy. I watched and held her as she got her orgasm. Dropping the vibe, she looked at me and said 'Your turn! How are you going to masturbate for me?'
I was already rubbing my cock against the sheets/bed, and since this was a favorite way of getting off I decided to continue. As I squirmed, my wife rolled beside me and was rubbing my ass, kissing me, and talking nasty.
'Ohh yeah baby, rub your cock against the bed. Ram that big dick of yours. Pretend like it's my wet cunt.' My moans of delight told her I was getting close. Suddenly, she jumped up and laid on my back. Her crotch ground against my butt, and her tits pressed into my back. I could feel her hairy pussy grinding my ass into the bed. Orgasm hit me, and hot cum soaked my cock and the sheets. My wife continued grinding for a few more minutes, causing my crotch to get really soaked and my body to shudder even more.
I felt her move a hand between my ass and her cunt, and shortly felt her pussy squirt as she came again. What an awesome way for us both to cum. She slid partially off, and we both fell asleep me face down in my puddle of cum and her cunt against my side, leaking it's own juices out over us.
Over the years my wife has taken care of me, lovingly offering to let me 'use her ass' for my own sexual pleasure.



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