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I've been an avid reader of the Solo stories for a few years now, and I thoroughly enjoy getting hot and horny from reading them.
The earliest I was when I remember getting a warm feeling 'down there' was when I was in grade 4. I was about 8 years old. My girlfriends and I found my dad's Penthouse magazines, and we were captured by what we saw. We hadn't even started developing yet, but we hoped one day we would look like this. We would also look at the hustler magazine with guys and girls. The stories were pretty good, too. One of the stories was about 4 college women taking sexual control over a hot young man. So we made a game up where we would play tag at recess with this one boy we all had a crush on. Anytime he got tagged, he would have to pull down his pants. I remember I noticed a warm twinge between my legs. We played this game for about a year.
My best friend and I had grade 6 reading levels, so she and I bought the books 'Forever' and 'Wifey' by Judy Blume. She also borrowed a book of her mom's called 'Society Girls Summer Vacation. Her and I would spend time reading the juicy parts out loud and giggling. It made us both hot. But nothing physical would happen, and we are still good friends 25 years later. Reading these hot books, got me hot.
I remember my first experience with masturbation. I would 'dog-ear' the good parts in each book. After my mom and dad tucked me in, I would pull out the flashlight and read the parts over and over again. I would notice a throbbing in my little pussy. As I read the paragraphs, I would squeeze my thighs together and feel the heat grow warmer. Somehow, I discovered humping my sheets...I bunch them up, lay face down and grind on them like crazy. The first time I did this, I stopped because it was feeling really intense but scary. I tried different ways of grinding the next night, and found a circular method works well. I just imagined the scenes from the book in my mind.
I remember finding some old porn books at my grandparents, so one time I was staying over night, and hid them under the pillow. I looked at the pictures, read the stories, and got out my stuffed animal. I was hot, so I started my grinding again, but then I looked at stuffies nose...hmmm...maybe that would feel good. And it did. But I rubbed myself dry, and couldn't get that intense feeling, so I slowed down, and felt like I had to pee. So I did, and the warmth wetness of stuffy against my pussy felt sooo goood. I continued to get off like this whenever I stayed over.
I went through a phase where I wanted that feeling often, so I would sort of 'ride' armrests on the couches or chairs. I also went through a phase where I masturbated every night before bed, praying my mom wouldn't catch me. I remember also letting my fantasies develop from the stories I read. One early fantasy I remember is going to the library to meet the guy we all had a crush on in grade 4 and five. We went into one of the study carols and started touching each other. Then I would imagine getting on top of him and humping his pelvis.
This nightly activity continued well into junior high, through my adolescent years.
I am 33 now and take pride in remaining an avid masturbator. I am happily married, but everyone needs a date night with themselves once in a while.
My masturbation techniques have evolved since my teen years. When I was single and in my own place I would use either a dildo, pocket rocket, duotone balls and yes, my own hands of course. If I want stress relief, I will probably just do the grinding routine, as it gets me off quickly.
My latest fantasy (hopefully reality?) is being watched. I especially enjoyed reading 'Cum' and the response from the guy who fantasizes about watching.
To prepare for a session, I will often come to this site to read some of the Experiences. I enjoy reading the ones where someone is watching or being watched. I will sometimes imagine myself being one of the characters. Once I find myself thoroughly wet, I begin pressing my thighs together and tightening my Kegals. I feel my clit begin to throb, and I let a finger brush against it through my pants, teasing myself. I feel a warm dampness between my legs. At this point I will usually insert my duotone balls, one in and one out, vibrating against my clit and within my pussy. I rock back and forth in the computer chair, squeezing my thighs, getting hotter, when I eventually go up to the bedroom. I imagine someone is waiting in there for me.
When I get to the bedroom, I imagine a man in the chair at the end of the bed. As I remove my clothes, and crawl into bed with my dildo, vibrator, duotone balls, I tell him I need him to watch, but not touch me until I say. I start by watching him as I fondle my breasts and my nipples. I notice a bulge in his sexy black boxers and this turns me on more. I eventually let my fingers lightly trace circles down to my abdomen, through my pubic hair. I stop and play for a while as this man leans forward for a closer look. My middle finger is creeping towards my clit, as it begins to swell. I feel the heat between my legs, and the natural lube seeping from my lips. I rub my fingers along my slit up to my clitoris and slowly bring my fingers to my mouth. I ask if he wants to taste me. He does, he wants to lick my juices. But I tease him and taste myself instead. By this time, the stranger has his fist around his cock. He is slowly moving his hand up and down, over the bulging head that is dripping with precum.
With this image in my mind, I take the pocket rocket and trace it down my belly, to my inner thighs, teasing myself, wanting the feeling to last. At this point, if I am home alone, I will begin talking out loud as if the man was really there. I would ask, 'Do you want to see me fuck myself? I'm so hot, I need to come.' He would encourage me to fuck myself hard. I would rub the pocket rocket vibrator on my clit. My legs are spread wide, and I'm lying on my back so he can have a clear view. I tease my lips with the dildo, its jellyish and warm. My pussy begins to ache with pleasure. I begin to ram the dildo inside of me with one hand, and I vibrate against my clit, bringing me close to orgasm.
'Are you watching...ready?' And I'm watching him jerk off faster, his cock starting to throb bigger. I am so close to cumming and he is as well. I keep up this rhythm for my pussy and the intensity grows, my juices are flowing, and then that hot, hazy crazy feeling and a huge 'gush'. I squirt all over the sheets and continue having a clitoral orgasm. He comes up to me and begins squirting his hot jism all over my titties and my pussy hairs. 'Do you want to taste me now?' And the stranger proceeds to lick me clean into relaxation.
My husband and I both know the other masturbates. We are courteous to privacy etc. I will often fantasize that he watches me. Sometimes in bed I will lightly touch myself, but I can't really get into it while he's there. Although a part of me wants to get busted. I like to watch guys come, but my husband doesn't feel totally comfortable jerking off in front of me. Maybe tonight I'll see if my fantasy will become a reality.
I do have other earlier experiences as well, but those are for another time, another post.
Thanks Again for A Fantastic Site.



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