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Re: Cum 2

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Another response for you Ms Author of cum.


I felt obliged to write another story after the author of cum wrote again. It seemed only fair. Besides, I had gone and masturbated straight away afterwards, so why not tell you all about it?
It of course all started with my reading of her story. It certainly got me hot. The thought of this woman cumming while she thinks of me is a sure turn on, as i'm sure it is for her. Also wondering if this woman would like to get in contact with me? Anyway, on with the story.
I finished up reading her story, with my arm laid across my lap. My parents were around and the computer is in the open. There was an obvious bulge to my pants and I could already feel a slightly wet patch on my boxers and I hadn't even touched my cock yet.
I quickly shut the computer down and slipped into my room. My t-shirt and jeans both fell to the floor within seconds and my boxers soon followed. I took my usual seat against my door so as not to be disturbed and prepared my fantasy.
She was once again in my room, wearing only tight bikini underwear. Her fingers were tightly clasping her nipples, pinching and tugging on them, causing them to stand erect and also her to moan. Her eyes opened and she glanced down at me with a smile. Letting go of her nipples she walked up to me, her slightly damp underwear level with my face. I could smell her sweet juices in the air as she moved to me, pressing her pantie covered pussy to my face.
My cock was rock hard and being pumped up and down by my hand. I was stroking myself hard and fast, while my other hand had my balls cupped on the palm with my fingers travelling down beneath my balls, pressing against the skin between my balls and ass. I moved this hand slightly, with little pressure as I continued to pump my cock. Pre cum had been leaking from the head of my cock for a while now and I was stroking completely lubed up with pre cum. The smell of my cum was in the air and I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot my load.
Her panties were soaked through with her juices by now as she rubbed herself against my face. My nose pushing against her clit and filling with the smell of her wet pussy. My lips and chin being rubbed against her wet pussy. I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and lick her panties right on her pussy, right at that moment she came, filling her panties and soaking them completely with her cum.
Right at that moment I came. The shudders moved from my cock, up my spine and exploded into my head. My orgasm erupted through my body, filling me with pure pleasure and my cum also erupted. The first wad of my cum shot up onto my face. (in my imagination it was onto her soaked panties). The rest, a few spurts onto my stomach and the rest sliding down my hand and around my cock, pooling in my pubic hair.
I decided i'd give her a treat. I locked eyes with her and slowly moved my hand up to my face, scooping the cum up from my forehead, I wiped it off onto my tongue, letting her watch as I licked, and swallowed my own cum.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you Ms Author of Cum!



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