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Raucous 14th Birthday

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Raucous 14th Birthday
I just recently had my 14th birthday party. Every year I have some sort of party celebrating my brtithday, but this was definetly my favorite so far.
It was late, about 9:30 or so, and me and all my friends were watching my digital cable. While switching the channels, we came across a porn, and we started to watch it. My parents think I'm very mature and reponsible, so they had left to go somewhere for the night, and they wouldn't be back til the next day.
Watching the porn gave me an instant hard-on. My 6'' uncut cock throbbed in my pants. I looked around and saw that two of muyy friends had hard-ons bulging throught their pants as well. While watching the movie, we started talking about all the hot girls at my school, and then we got to mastrubation. We all admitted to jacking off. i then noticed that my three other friends had started to get hard-ons. One of them said "Let's jack off".
He pulled down his pants and boxers, exposing a long, hard, tightly circumsized cock. He started stroking it. My other friends took down their pants and did so as well. Then i pulled down my pants to join in the dirty fun. All six of us we're jacking ourselves off. Three of us we're circumsized, three weren't. I was glad to have a slightly larger cock than most of the others. We took off our shirts and started to get wild.
One of my friends asked if anyone wanted a blow job. We all knew what it was. We weren't gay, just excited, so everyone wanted one. We got into partners and started to give eachother blow jobs. I had one of my firends named Isaac blow me first. I loved it. My cock got larger and larger-i knew i was about to blow my load. I cummed in his mouth, and he surprisingly swallowed it. Then I blew him. He too cummed in my mouth, and I swallowed it as well, although cum isn't my fancy
We awere all jacking off with eachother. I asked if any of them had been bumed, and no one did, so i went to Issac, and shoved my hard cock in his ass. i grabbed his slightly hairy cock and thrusted my dick into his ass. he loved it! We all got into partners and started booming. It was wonderful
Then Isaac and I started to kiss and hug, and rub eachothers chest and cocks. The others did so as well. One of the others started blowing me while I was kissing Isaac, and then another one blew Isaac. The two other bumed us borth. We had a wonderful orgy. I was moaning and ywlling, it felt so good.
I asked if they were already to cum. They all did except for one, Leon. The rest of us cummed in eahcothers hands. My orgasm was very intense. I then went to my room and got a camera- ihad to take pictures. i took pictures of their faces while having their orgasms, and of their cocks.
Leon was kind of embarrased, because he couldn't cum yet. "Lets make him, then!" said his partner, Alex. We al scrambled over to him. I started booming him, grasping his cock. Three others started to rub and carress his body, and Isaac shoved his cock into his mouth. FinallyLeon orgasmed, a white cum spruting out of his cock. He was really intense, and he shot 6 times. I shot all over my chest, and in my crotch. I started jacking off with him.
For the rest of the night we jacked eachyother off, and fucked eachother. Since my parents weren't going to be home til the next day, we decided to go to bed.
We went into my room. Since we were very horny, I decided to sleep naked, as did al the others. Isaac and I shared my bed, and the others slept on the floor. Isaac and I went to bed, I hugging him and grasping his cock, he doing the same. I had allen asleep.
I am obviously a deep sleeper, and all my friends quietly picked me up, not waking me, and brought me outside in my yard. Isaac and Leon started to rim me (both of them!). I woke up and smiled. The grass was wet, and we all got horny again. We had a final orgi, all of us in my front yard. A car drove by and honked, but we didn't care.
Tjhat was one of my favorite masturbation experiences ever. If you ever have friends that are willing to do this, than do it. it is wonderful. I had one of my most intenseorgasms last night, and I shot a lot of cum as well. Right now I am sitting naked, jacking myself off.



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