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Rape Is Such a Hard Word

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Now, don't get me wrong, I HATE the violence of rape, but then again, when one is willing......


I lived in a boarding school from 13 to 18. Of course we were watched like hawks. The older girls were allowed their own rooms and could invite other girls for tea but never the same girl more than twice and the door must be open at all times. However, up to the age of 16 we lived in dormitories. I suppose it was rather funny really. Everyone and I mean everyone masturbated. Everyone tried to keep it quiet and everyone knew, although no-one ever talked about it. Some nights it just seemed to happen that we all did it at the same time and came within seconds of each other. Six girls all sighing and moaning at the same time. It must have been pretty obvious.

One night before lights out we were talking about fantasies and I said that I would love to be raped by a group of girls. I said it in a way that would make them think I was just trying to shock them but in reality it was my favourite fantasy. I said how I would like to be held down (and I mean held down hard) while two girls sucked my nipples, another fingered me and another fingered my ass. I guess it got to a few of them because there was a LOT of moaning and sighing after lights out THAT night!

So a week later, our House Mother, (yes, they really WERE called that.) Had been taken ill with appendicitis. We were told to ring one of the other House Mothers if we needed anything but that we would be 'on trust' to behave. Naturally, both my floor and the other two floors agreed in an instant and began planning for the night. We were going to have a midnight party! So, lights out at 8:00pm and we all tried to get some sleep before the feast. I woke up to find my covers have been taken off me and a girl was tugging at my PJ bottoms. The others all had pillow cases with eye holes cut in them on their heads. One girl held me firmly down on the bed while one said 'Rachel, your time has come and your wish is to be fulfilled. But first, you must be punished.' The hands holding me flipped me over an I felt the sting of a cane across my bare ass. This was highly erotic and I squirmed in delight. I got 12 strokes of the cane by which time I was almost wetting myself. Then I was rolled back over. A girl took hold of the bottom of my PJ tops and just ripped it open, the buttons popping everywhere. Two more girls pulled my legs apart. Then I felt lips on my breasts and nipples and they were sucking so hard it hurt. Thats when I felt fingers entering my pussy and my ass. I was in heaven. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through me and at one point, a girl was sitting over my face. That night, several of us discovered that being fingered by someone else is WAY better than doing it yourself, and (and this was me) c) that having another girl cum so hard that she pees on you isn't bad either.



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