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Random Stroking Moments

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Your stories are great people, keep them coming!


Right now I'm on a business trip, relaxing in my hotel room at the end of a long day. At this moment I am hard and turned on by these masturbation stories, I'm touching myself with an easy, slow, light stroke. I want to take my time. I like play until my cock leaks a little precum, I let it go a little soft and then I bring it back to full hardness for another tease.

Everybody's stories have given me so much pleasure over the years that I figure I should contribute too. I think I'll give a few random memories of my masturbation life....

I met Shirlene from New Zealand at a conference, we flirted a lot and at the end of the night we were seconds away from a kiss and whatever when we were interupted by the phone. Nothing happened that trip but we did start sending back and forth some steamy letters. The best was one where she described in exquisite detail how she was touching herself while she read my letter and then settled back for a good hard cum. She told me how she had played with herself while imagining I was with her: 'my nipples were hard and alive, my pussy was hot and fluid.' She wrote how her orgasm washed over her, making her pussy contract on her fingers and stream juice. Thinking about her masturbating is still one of my favorite fantasies, it's such a thrill to know a woman made herself cum while thinking of me and my cock. Thank you Shirlene, I hope you read this some day and know that you have given me so many great solo cums.

A solo session that jumps out at me happened when I was in Hawaii. I had a day off and I went for a hike in the mountains. As I went along the ridge line I turned off on a small side trail, it stopped at an outcropping that looked out over the whole island with Honolulu in the distance. With the view, the sun and the trade winds I was consumed with a need to be naked and soak it all in.

Off came my shorts, t-shirt and boots. I was rock hard without touching myself. Standing naked on the rock with my penis pointing at the sky I closed my eyes, spread my legs and lightly ran the finger tips of both hands over my balls and shaft, barely touching the fur, the soft skin of the head, letting the breeze play with me. It was so free and elemental. I also felt really turned on knowing the whole city was down there, I remember thinking if someone had a telescope and knew just where to look... Kind of dumb but, but hey, horny is horny.

It was early morning on a weekday, I was sure no one was going to be hiking up there, especially on a little side trail. I allowed myself to be lost in the sensations of the sun and breeze on my body, my skin, my cock. It wasn't just masturbating, it was a whole body experience. In fact I was barely touching my cock. For 30 minutes I soaked in the pleasure, thankful for my muscles, for my penis and for being a man and knowing the the hardness, the pressure and need to shoot cum. Precum was running freely down the underside of my cock now; time to make something happen. I wrapped my right hand around my shaft and started stroking the full length. The precum was the perfect lubricant. It didn't take long until the pleasure was too much and cum was jetting up out and onto the rock, at least five feet out.

I held onto a tree branch for a while, my legs were jelly from the orgasm. I got a kick out of looking at the trail of cum on the rock, it was cool to think it was going to dry there, part of the landscape now. I felt like I had claimed the spot.

On the way down I passed two girls hiking up. Since I wasn't wearing underwear there was a small wet spot on the front of my shorts where the head of my dick rested. (No matter how well you clean up, after a big cum your cock leaks a little more.) I wondered if they noticed, and if they did what they thought.

These days when I'm stressed and I need to cum for relief I sometimes like to put myself back on that rock with the sun and the breeze and my cock in my hand.

That's enough for now. I'm too turned on to write any more. In fact, now I'm typing with just my left hand while I stroke myself with my right. Mmmm, more precum... Time to go...



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