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Rainy Day With Older Neighbour

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This is something which just happened to me, thought I would write it down.


I am a Canadian university student home for the summer. Yesterday I got rained out of work for the day and went home early, around one in the afternoon. My neighbourhood is fairly small about 10 houses, five on each side with connecting back yards. When I got home I was dirty and soaking wet, I went straight to the back yard and knowing no one was home or in the neighbouring houses (I know all my neighbours well and there work schedules).

I stripped off my clothes and quickly went inside through the back door, I made myself lunch and headed upstairs, staying naked the whole time. All the windows to my back yard don't have blinds but only one house can see through the windows and I knew the couple who lived there were away for the weekend visiting their childrens house about two hours away. They are Mr and Mrs Anderson, a couple in the mid fifties who had children early in life and are semi retired.

I head up to my room with my lunch and start to change when I look out of my window and see Mr. Anderson coming out of his back door naked and headed towards his hot tub. I was mortified that he was home realizing he had just seen my strip and parade around my house for fifteen minutes. Mr Anderson is a retired gym teacher who now coaches local hockey and lacrosse teams to fill up his time. He is in fairly good shape for his age, a solid build but in no way fat, and is fairly hairy. I had seen him working in his backyard shirtless before but never naked.

Mr. Anderson opened up his hot tub slowly and then looked up to my window and saw me spying on him. I quickly ducked down. My heart was pounding and I was terrified I was about to get yelled at for peeping or he would tell my parents about me walking around the house naked. However as scared as I was, I had never been harder. I looked down at my penis and it was fully erect, I could feel blood pounding through it with every one of my erratic heart beats.

After what felt like forever I chanced another glance to see what Mr. Anderson was up to, as I looked through my window again, I saw that he was still standing there bare naked with the hot tub lid open looking at me, when he saw me again he smiled and waved for me to come down and then got into the hot tub. I ducked down again not knowing what to do. Looking at the clock I realized I still had forty five minutes before anyone got home, and that no neighbours can see into Mr. Andersons backyard except for us.

So caught up in the moment with my rock hard dick I grabbed a towel and raced downstairs, out the back door and ran across the lawn to Mr. Andersons back deck. As I approached he started laughing and smiling. 'I see that you got rained out today'. 'haha ya' I replied, just standing on his deck clad in only my towel. I saw Mr. Anderson quickly sweep my body up and down, I am in pretty good shape for my age, working outdoors keeps me in shape and I play a few sports in my free time. 'well I invited you over here to come in, hurry up or you will catch a cold'. Nervously I threw my towel on the deck and stepped into the tub, I saw that Mr. Anderson snuck a glance at my hard dick before I made it into the water but he mentioned nothing about it.

We began talking as I told him about my day, and then he explained that he was home because he got into a fight with his wife on their trip and she was spending the weekend with one of their kids and he came home to cool off. 'What did you fight about' I questioned becoming more relaxed with him in the tub. 'Well honestly I don't know if I should be telling you this but Sylvia has lost interest in having sex with me lately and I'm becoming frustrated'.'Oh' I say caught off guard, 'ya that must suck'. 'ya it does' he replied, 'have you had sex yet?'. Again caught off guard by the blunt questions asked by my previouly meek and humble neighbour, I replied 'ya twice with my X girlfriend', 'how was it' he probed. 'alright she didn't seem to be very into it'. 'ya, they never like it very much the first few times, that's why men need a good wank now and then to relieve the pressure of women'.

This statement brought my semi hard dick back to life, twitching at the fact that my neighbout who is as old as my father is talking about masturbation. 'you do masturbate right Tom?', 'uhh ya' I nervously replied. 'That's good because a good looking dick like yours deserves to be looked after more than just twice'. And with that statement he stood up and informed me he was off to get some drinks. As he stood up I got my first good look at his dick. It was only several feet from my face, semi hard and about six inches long, very thick and very hairy. Mr. Anderson thought nothing of me staring at his dick, turned and walked into the house returning two minutes later with two drinks in his hand. I stared at his dick the whole walk back until he sat back down in the tub. He then handed me a glass of amber liquid and told me this would relax me from a long days work.

I downed the glass eventually and handed it back to him. He just chuckled and stood up again to go refill them. This time he was closer to me and when he stood up in the hot tub his dick swung inches away from my face, it was almost fully hard now and he looked down and saw me staring right at it. 'Never seen a dick before Tom?' he asked standing still right in front of me. 'None this big' I replied in a sort of trance I was so horny I was about to explode I almost grabbed his dick right then. But Mr. Anderson burst out laughing and walked off to get more drinks. When he returned his dick was fully hard, sticking straight up against his stomach and a full seven inches long.

This time he came and sat down right next to me on the lip of the tub so his dick was right by my face, I tried my best not to look at it. He handed me the drink and began sipping his own. 'it's pretty hot in there son, you can sit up on the lip for a bit if you like, its nice with the rain falling on you'. I replied to his comment by immediately standing up exposing my rock solid dick. I'm about seven inches long myself but nowhere near as thick as the dick next to me. 'wow kid you got quite the package there' Mr. Anderson said as I sat next to him, our hips touching. 'can I take a better look at ya, I figure I was the same size as you at your age'. 'umm sure' I replied blushing heavily my heart pounding through my chest.

With that Mr. Anderson grabbed my hips and made me stand before him, still holding my hips he moved his head down to my penis and gave a good look to every part of it. He was so close I could feel his breath on my penis. I almost started moaning I was so horny. 'it looks real solid there boy, you mind if I check how hard it is?' I couldn't even make out a yes and just nodded at him as he reached out and pinched the shaft of my penis as hard as he could, 'wow that is hard' he said and he wrapped his whole hand around it. With his hand still around my dick Mr. Anderson looked up and me and said 'listen Tom how would you feel if we jacked each other off right now?' I did not reply but instead bent over and grabbed his penis and pulled on it making Mr. Anderson stand up.

I began jacking him off right there when he stopped me. 'slow down there your parents are going to be home any minute'. He said looking at my house, 'follow me' he said and he grabbed my dick and lead me towards his back door. We got inside and he rushed up to his bedroom, me in quick pursuit, once inside he got onto his bed and I jumped on after him and began jacking him off, he just lay there and I beat him off like a mad man until he came all over his stomach. We both lay there for a minute, with me still having a rock hard dick. Finally he rolled over and said, 'your turn son' and stood me up on his bed, he went into his bed side cabinet and grabbed some lube, then lubed up both his hand and began jacking me off, when I was about to come he took one hand off my dick and shoved a finger up my ass just as I was cumming. I yelled like crazy and shot all over him and his bed, then collapsed on top of him. We relaxed for a bit, showered and then I ran home in my towel. I don't know what's gonna happen now.



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