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Rag Jackin'

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Larry's story Cum Rag brought this to mind.


First thanks to all the people who post their stories, love reading them.

Reading the story from Larry about his cum rag, and his comment about being glad his mother never found it made me laugh. As most teenage boys, I jacked off frequently, the most common places being the bathroom to shoot my cum in the toilet or when I was in the shower, or in my bedroom that I shared with my three years younger brother. If I did it in the bedroom it was usually after we had gone to bed.

I learned quickly it was nice to have a rag handy. For me it was usually an old worn out T-shirt from the bag of dust rags my Mom kept down in the kitchen. I would wrap it around my cock, enjoying the feel of the soft cloth as I stroked my cock, and when I ejaculated I didn't have to worry about where it was shooting - the cloth caught it all. I would just slide my cock out, wipe it a bit with the rag, then put it into a crack between the bed and a shelf next to it - out of sight but handy for the next use. I would cum into the same rag a bunch of times, each load left a crusty part and after maybe 10 or 12 there wasn't much soft rag left to use.

Sometimes if my brother was out and my parents weren't home I would take the cum rag out, lay it on the bed and squirt a load onto it - seeing the evidence of all my previous cumshots would make me extra horny. When the rag got too crusty I would fold it up and stick it into the laundry to get washed, eventually ending up back in the rag bag from which I would take another one. I 'got away' with this (I thought) for a long time, but one day my Mom came into my room in the late afternoon and held up a T-shirt with a tell-tale yellowish spot on it, and said, 'I really don't care if you masturbate but please don't use your good T-shirts.' She turned and walked out before I could respond.

I couldn't understand because I was always careful to only use the old rags. It was long after that it finally occurred to me that my 'little' brother had probably also reached puberty at that point and was jacking off as much as I did (though I don't ever remember catching him at it). It must have been his load in the good T-shirt. Well, I was embarrassed and wondered how my Mom knew I was jacking off, but at least I knew she didn't care, and I kept happily jerking loads into cum rags for quite awhile more.



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