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Rachael & Mackenzie

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Two fraternal twin sisters who never really had much in common have a spontaneous encounter


I never really understood my sister, she was all sports and I was not, she was all into boys and I preferred my books. What made it even worse is that we were twins, Fraternal Twins but no one really cares when you say twin. My sister and me started our Freshmen year together and as I was happy to get all my classes with my friend, she trumpeted me by getting on the Junior Varsity Volleyball team.

My sister's name is Rachael, she is taller than me being five feet five inches and has a body that I am jealous of. She weighs only 119 pounds and just over the summer bragged on how she now fitted into a 36D bra. I didn't see why she would care seeing how she wears a sports bra half the time. She has long brown hair that comes to her shoulder blades; it is always in a ponytail. I always thought she was beautiful, sometimes catching myself staring at her in school, and home. However many times she can weird me out being rather spontaneous in doing things unlike me who usually needs six ideas before deciding on one.

I don't think I am gay but I do like beautiful girls, I am sure I would prefer a guy but when I watch TV I can find myself being turned on when I watched House and 13 would make out with a girl, yet later that week watch Grey's Anatomy and get grossed out by Torrez and Arizona kissing. Sometimes I don't know why but I wouldn't mind being kissed by a girl just to try it.

As for me, everyone just calls me Rachael's twin but my name is Mackenzie. I just hit my milestone of being five foot tall before I even began my freshman year, I still hadn't hit triple digits in weight hovering around 98 pounds. I do think I am pretty, but not as good looking as my sister, I have a chest at least 32B and I do prefer my blue eyes over my sisters brown. I also have a much lighter color hair, almost a dirty blond. I like it short and pulled back with one of my many head bands.

One day after school I just wanted to go to sleep, knowing my sister had a Volleyball game today and my parents wanted to drag me to it, I just said I wasn't feeling well and it got me off the hook this time. So I waited lying in my white blouse and gray pleated skirt that made up my school uniform for my parents to leave and to maybe relieve some of the stress of the day.

When they finally left, I just sighed and began to slowly rub my inner thigh with the slightest of touches. It just made me spread my legs more and lift my skirt up around my waist. Right when I was about to begin I fell asleep.

I was awoken to the sound of someone sitting on my bed. When I looked up I stared at my sister who stood in her Volleyball uniform, it was a fitted jersey that conformed to every curve in her body and her black spandex shorts. A sly grin came over her face as she looked to my hiked up skirt.

As soon as I tried to pull it down she placed her hand on my upper thigh and leaned in with a smile. 'What were you doing Kenzie?'

'Nothing!' I replied quickly red with embarrassment.

As she came closer to me with her body, her hand inched ever so closer and when she touched the edge of my panties I yipped. She covered my mouth with her free hand. 'Shush.'

I didn't know what to do, I couldn't believe it, as my own sister began to circle her finger around my thigh and groin. 'I see you staring at me all the time.'

When she placed one finger over my vagina and with the lightest of pressure pushed in, I became flush with embarrassment I grabbed her hand and quickly and with as much strength as I could pushed her off yelling. 'Are you crazy Rach!'

My sister looked at me in disappointment as she sat back up and gave a heavy sigh. 'I just thought you wanted a little fun.'

'I...' I really didn't know what to say as I watched her hand now draw a circle on her own calf. 'We are sisters Rach... It isn't-' Slowly I sat up looking at the sadness growing on my sisters face. 'I mean...'

Without warning Rachael dives on top of me and kisses me on the lips. My first thought was to push her away, but I didn't I just let her kiss me, as she pulls away a smirk returned to her face. 'I knew you would like it.'

As quickly she was there kissing she was sitting back up again. With on hand she pushed me and I fell back down onto my bed flushed and with an intense tingling between my legs. Falling onto my bed beside me, Rachael looks at me and smiles. Slowly I smile back as my body becomes hot from her very touch.

'When was the last time you got off Kenzie?' Rachael asked me matter of fact like.

I am in no way as active as Rachael who I could always tell was jilling in her room. The question was embarrassing enough for me to just throw a pillow over my head and not deal with my sister acting weird. Slowly I felt Rachael's hand return to my thigh, it slowly went under my skirt and flirted with the edge of my white panties. I pretended like I didn't even notice holding the pillow over my head.

As her finger slowly slid under my panties and touched my pubic hair I gasped for air. I could hear her giggling as she began to tease open the lips of my vagina, sending chills up my spine. It took nearly a minute and as my pussy literally was dripping wet she found my clitoris and as soon as she touched it I moaned in pleasure. Slowly I pulled the pillow off of my head to see Rachael had her eyes closed and one hand under my skirt the other rubbing herself through her own spandex.

When I tried to speak her finger slowly slid in and I nearly lost my breath from it. I was becoming dizzy, I didn't know what to do or think as my sister began to finger me. The pleasure was too much the joy to fulfilling I placed my hand on Rachael's leg that was next to mine as my other hand began to play with my nipple through my blouse and bra.

As the pressure built I began to feel lightheaded as I whispered my sisters name. It was then I heard my sister softly moan. I looked to see that she had her legs spread open on hanging off the bed as she rubbed herself. I couldn't look long as my orgasm fast approached my back arched and my hips thrust into the air. I closed my eyes as I rubbed my nipple only stopping long enough to take my pillow and cover my mouth just in time for the release of the agonizing moan of pleasure my sister just brought to me. I felt the warmth of my own fluids soak my panties.

I was trembling, her hand still rubbing gently around my clitoris as I had controllable spasms on my bed. I watched as she began to shake both her hands quickly when over her pussy and she began to thrust her hips into her fingers. In a silent scream Rachael busted into a orgasm. I watched as she cummed in her uniform the juices seeping though her spandex and through her fingers. As she fell to rest twitching every so often she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

Just as I was catching my breath I looked over to say something to Rachael only to see her standing and walking for the door. She turned and looked with a smile. 'That was fun we should do it again.'

I couldn't say a thing I just watched as she left. As soon as the door was closed I couldn't wait another moment before I pushed up my skirt and fingered myself to a climax one more time before I could even think about something else. I don't know what came over Rachael, but I hope she is true to her word and that we will do it again sometime.



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