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Quite the Show, but I Still Won the Race

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It was halloween night, sophomore year of college. I had been to an off campus party earlier in the night and my best friend from home was coming the next day so I had to get back a bit early so I would be able to meet him and bring him back to my school.

I lived in the basement floor of my dorm, and on that floor there was a lounge that one must pass by as soon as he or she gets to that floor through the stairwell. As I walked towards my room, I inevitably passed by the lounge and saw this girl Danielle that I had spoken to on occasion about many different things, including sex and other related topics. I walked by the lounge, saw that she was on her phone, so instead of saying hi, I just waved and walked to my room.

My roommate was with me at this party and was walking back to the room with me. We popped in a movie and got ready for bed. A few minutes went by and all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I opened it and it was Danielle. She said that she saw me walk by and was bored so she wanted to see what I was up to. Danielle was a freshman cheerleader, very cute face, slender, with a set of hips to die for though. Anyhow, I told her that we just got back from a party and we were watching a movie. I told her she could hang out if she wanted to. My roommate Dave was up in his bed (top bunk) already but watching the movie and chiming in every once in a while while Danielle and I chatted away on the futon about various sexually related topics. In time, she revealed that she usually masturbated before she went to sleep, but having a roommate at college put a dampner on things.

After a while, she said that she was cold, so I went to my bed and grabbed my down comforter and gave it to her. I was getting a bit tired, so I left her on the futon (like the idiot I am), and laid down in my bed throwing another blanket on myself. We continued talking for a bit. After like twenty minutes, she stood up and walked over to my bed and said, 'Hey, do you want your blanket back?' Well obviously I wasn't going to let her keep it. I replied, 'Yeah, sure.' She threw the blanket on me, and then got in bed with me, under the covers. I thought to myself, 'Hm.. interesting, but found it too good to be true that a cute girl like her would ever be interested in a dude like myself.

I watched the rest of the movie with her and then stood up to turn the tv off. She was still there, I invited her to stay the night if she wanted to, but under one condition; we couldn't be too concerned about touching each other, otherwise neither of us would get any sleep. She said, 'Oh, of course' and that was that. We both fell asleep, and after an hour, I woke up. She woke up as well and after remembering our conversation, I said, 'Hey, do you know what would be really cool?'

She whispered, 'What?' I replied, 'if you took care of yourself right now.' With that her right hand took a dive south. I couldn't believe it was that easy. I pulled the comforter down so I could see what she was doing, and sure enough, she was lying on her back, with her knees up, legs slightly spread, and her hand rubbing her clit furiously. Her breathing was getting fast and choppy. Her left hand was squeezing her breasts, and she was shaking the bed. I was almost certain my roommate would wake up. It wasn't long till she came. She slowed down, and took her hand out of her pants and looked at me. I asked her if I could give it a try. I pulled her pants down slightly so I could see what I was working with. She had a perfectly shaven pussy that was glistening with her juices. In no time, I located her clit, but dipped a bit lower to gather some of her wetness to rub on her clit. She looked at me and said, 'I'm so wet.' in quite possibly the sexiest voice any girl could say that in. I started rubbing, and soon she came to her second orgasm of the night. I pulled my fingers out from between her legs, and then she grabbed my hand, and put my fingers in her mouth. She licked her juices off my fingers.

I then made a request of her. I asked her if she was able to cum by just fingering. I had always been obsessed with insertion, and that style of female masturbation. She nodded yes, and the only thing I could say in return was, 'Show me.'

She did just that. It took her about two minutes to cum that way. When she took her fingers out, I grabbed her hand, and licked her fingers. I was hard as a rock, but had my reservations about doing it, although she had already opened that door by doing it in front of me. After her third orgasm, I decided it was time to go back to sleep. I found it hard to sleep, but I did eventually, even though it was only for about two hours. I woke up again, and she woke up about the same time. Fuelled by the thoughts of two hours prior, I got gutsy and said, 'Hey, let's race.'

She didn't even say anything. In fact, she started without me. She had been the star of the evening, but nobody beats me at my own game. In no time, I blew my load everywhere, like my dick was an unmanned firehose. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I was just amazed at what was going on. I went back to bed and when I woke up for class in the morning, she was still there. As I was getting dressed, my roommate peeked his head over and tried to ask me what happened, and I pointed down to the fact that she was still there. I eventually told him later, and he was amazed that he didn't wake up for any of it.

That was my story. I have been visiting this website since 1999. I must say that the new webmaster is doing a fabulous job and to all the girls out there, please keep submitting. I love reading all the stories.



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