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Quietly in Bed

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I discovered my best orgasm through masturbating only after getting married. If I'm particularly horny, and the wife isn't or is already asleep, I get myself off in a very powerful way.

First, I have to be wearing soft-material boxers. Then, I pull my cock up so it points towards my stomach. Then, I start by gently touching my 'g-spot', the spot right below the head that's very sensitive. Slowly my cock begins to grow and stiffen. As it gets harder I start to gently brush strokes up and down near the top, below my 'g-spot' to the head and back again. As the sensations build within me my cock will occasionally flex uncontrollably and I start to make a wet spot in my shorts.

During this whole time my wife is sleeping, and she doesn't like me to masturbate. So I have to remain very quiet and try not to rock the bed. This seems to add to the eroticism of the episode, which intensifies the feelings deep inside me. To keep quiet I stifle my breathing and often feel light-headed by the end. To keep from rocking the bed I use only the thumb of my right hand to stoke myself. I use the thumb of my left hand to prop up the covers above my cock so my movements aren't transferred to the covers either.

It often takes a long time to get through it, sometimes it's taken as long as 90 minutes to finish, but it's SO worth it.

As the pleasure mounts I continue with my thumb strokes across my 'g-spot' lightly flicking the ridge of the bottom of my head with each stroke. This results in a flex of my cock with almost each stroke, adding to the wet spot and sending waves of pleasure down to my toes. Oh, how I want so badly to just let loose and really get into it, but I have to hold back because of the wife.

Every now and then the wife will move or make a sound in her sleep and it frightens me and I stop. I wait to make sure it was a false alarm and then resume. After stopping my cock has started to shrink, but this just adds to the sensitivity as I get back to business.

Now I can feel the waves building deep inside. My cock is SO sensitive now and all I would have to do is tighten my ass and legs and I would come, but I force myself to remain relaxed as my thumb does all the work. OH GOD how I want to come! Struggling to relax, and to remain quiet my thumb stokes get faster and harder. The pressure of pleasure builds deep inside. An incredible sensation shoots from my 'g-spot' with each stroke. It's getting close now I can tell. Building and building, my cock stops it's flexing and the sensation becomes unbearable, but I keep on with the stokes. I can feel the tension somewhere in the base of my cock and in my ass. Tensing up harder and harder as the pleasure reaches the brink. Suddenly this chill shoots from my 'g-spot' up to my throat. Cum rushes out without flexing. I press on, stroking harder and faster. The sensation is nearly painful now as cum continues to rush out. My cock suddenly softens but the pleasure reaches the point of no return. WAM!! The orgasm hits me like a wall. My stomach muscles tighten hard, causing my entire body to twitch. Cum shoots so hard I can feel it going through my shorts and onto my stomach and the sheets. I fight to remain relaxed so my flexing and twitching doesn't wake my wife. My cock flexes HARD as the orgasm washes over me. Slowly the flexing subsides as I slow my strokes down to a stop. My shorts are soaked and there's wetness everywhere, on the upper sheets, my stomach, and running down both sides to the lower sheet. I quietly try to brush off the upper sheet so the wife doesn't find out later in the night, then I roll over onto my stomach so my cum is concealed between me and the bed. I'm very tired now, from the powerful orgasm and the shallow breathing. I sleep hard and wake up later practically glued to the bed.

This is by far the best way for me to come. Sex is awesome, but this is an entirely different level of pleasure. Something about the shallow breathing and the light stroking and the struggle to remain relaxed, combined with the fear of getting caught...



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