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Quiet Day at the Shop

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As long as I can remember I have always been incredibly thrilled by the sight of my hard cock sticking up in front of me. As I got a bit older I got braver and more excited by carrying on a days activities in my aroused state. In the past I have put quite a bit of thought into planning out a full or partial day where I go about the days activities with my hard cock sticking straight up. However a couple very exciting days have come about lately that were completely unplanned.

The most recent one was on a Sunday when I was asked to go into a customers shop to do a job on a big truck. I showed up a around 6 a.m and was let into the shop. The shop foreman stuck around for an hour or so then left giving me a key to lock up when I was done. I got right to work and after an hour or so went to the washroom to take a leak. On my walk to the washroom I realized just how big this shop was and the fact that I was completely alone.

After taking a leak I turned around from the urinal towards the mirror and caught a glimpse of my rod in the mirror. I immediately thought about what a thrill it would be to uncover my rod a bit around the shop and the decision was made as my rod instantly got rock hard and stuck straight up.

I decided to take my underwear off and wear only my work pants.

As I walked back to the truck I unzipped my fly all the way and got back to work. I worked for a few minutes looking down at the bulge in my pants a few times but was kind of disappointed as my cock never came out the fly. I reached down and undid the top clip on my pants and spread them upen as much as possible which was surprisingly far as the belt loops closest to the fly were set quite far back. Now I was happy as my whole 7' cock and shaved balls were out and swinging around as I moved. This was a real thrill and I went on with the job as though it was a normal day but with my throbbing hard cock sticking out in front and bumping up against everything that got in its way.

This felt incredible and after a while I noticed that my cock was getting quite dirty covered in grease and dust. That was an awesome sight. I continued on like this for an hour or so then had to climb up on the truck and do some electrical work. Once up on the truck I started to do some work then dropped my meter so had to climb down to get it. Once back up on the truck I got back to work and was holding the meter in my mouth when I almost dropped it again. It suddenly struck me that the meter had a loop on it so I promptly hung it around my hard cock. This was really thrilling to me that my hard cock could solve a problem and having something hang off of it felt really good. I decided to take a break and see what other king of things I could hang off my hard cock.

I walked around the shop grabbing all kinds of objects with a loop or hole and hung them off my greasy cock and what a thrill it was. I tried to put heavier and heavier things on it and it just got harder and harder holding the load no problem. I got a short piece of rope and hung probably 35lbs of metal off of it and threw it around the base of my cock. It pulled my cock down but it was so hard now that it kept the shaft and head up and held the weight. What a thrill that was and I couldn't get over how swollen and veiny my cock was and how big the rim around the head was.

By now my cock was leaking quite a bit of pre cum and twitching with my heart beat but I decided I better get back to work. I worked for an hour or so trying to focus on the job and noticed that my cock was starting to soften up. This was quite a thrill as I really like to see my cock change from hanging down to pointing forward to sticking straight up and being as swollen as it can be. I decided to take this opportunity to take a leak as I now needed to.

I walked across the shop and went into the washroom and without thinking reached down to undo my pants and take my cock out. Once realizing that my cock was already out and in this public situation I was incredibly turned on and instantly my cock was rock hard again. I went back and worked on the truck for another hour or so with my cock not letting up a bit. It was bumping into things all over the place and getting really dirty now. I used it as much as possible to hold things and couldn't get over how stretched open the pee hole was in this level of excitement, almost a 1/4 inch. At one point I put a wire connector part way down the pee hole and it felt and looked awesome and after a minute or so it had pre cum coming out the center of it. This I thought was a whole new thrilling thing to do so I put a small screwdriver an inch or so down and man it looked awesome. I put it back there a few times as I used it. On the last time of putting it back in the hole I suddenly all of a sudden felt a load of cum coming. This cought me by surprise and I quickly went up front to the showroom. I went to an area near of the front window as I was feeling very brave and my cock was so hard that I wanted someone to possibly see it. I stood 5 feet or so back from the window and stroked my cock maybe ten times lubed with pre cum and grease and suddenly blew a solid ribbon of white cum 2 feet up on the window. I kept contracting my ab muscles and kept shooting smaller jets of more clear cum nearly as far then diminishing after 7 or 8 loads until a 4' puddle of cum laid on the floor and was running down the window. I cleaned up and washed the grease off my cock which took almost 15 minutes to get soft the got back to work thinking about my unplanned thrilling day.



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