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Quickie With Jon

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I finally Got to See Jon cum and it was a geyser!


I met Jon at work recently. He was renting a tuxedo for a wedding. While measuring him for the tux, I could see his pants 'tent' a little. Jon was so hot; dark tanned skin, blue eyes, brown curly hair and a killer body. While measuring him for a suit a couple days later, we had a hot and heavy encounter in the changing room. I finally got to see his dick, but we couldn't go very far because my boss was nearby.

Jon and I have a date for next Thursday night. We both know what we're going to do. I'm not usually so forward, but I'm sure we'll have sex.

Jon came back in to the store this afternoon. It was lunchtime, and I asked my boss if I could take a thirty minute break. Jon was off work today and dressed in blue sweat shorts and a tank top. Apparently he was on his way to work out. Anyway, Jon's tanned body and muscled arms were making me lick my lips. I couldn't stand it! When Jon turned around, his butt was so hot!

We went out to his car, a bright yellow Mustang. It is also beautiful with black leather seats. Jon took me for a short drive, while I watched his every move. Jon's arms and form-fitting tank made me want to touch him. I lightly touched his arm, commenting on his tan. Jon works in construction and is out in the sun. Jon stated it was the only fringe benefit of the job: a great tan.

Jon drove me back to the store, and reminded me of our date later in the week. It was almost like he didn't want me to leave. Jon kissed me and put his hands around me. I melted in his arms.

I finally said, 'I have to go.' Jon then said, 'Look what you've done to me.'

As you can guess, his shorts were tented. He had a huge hard-on. I said, 'We'll have to deal with that later.'

Jon then took my hand and led it to his crotch. I lightly rubbed his dick up and down. I remembered the experience in the dressing room. I wanted to continue, but we were in the parking lot. I then said, 'Drive around back.'

Jon quickly drove into the back parking lot, where I noticed no activity. I grabbed his dick while he kissed me. I said, 'We've got to hurry. My break is over.'

I pulled down his shorts and then his underwear. His dick hung up on the underwear band. He has the most magnificent uncut penis. (I had never seen an erect uncircumcised penis before.) His balls hung what looked like halfway down on the leather seat. I grabbed his penis and began pumping. I pumped fast. His face began to tense, I could tell. I haven't jerked a lot of guys, so I'm not sure how I did, but Jon seemed to enjoy it.

He then meekly said, 'I'm gonna cum.' I placed his dick up against his tank top. He immediately pulled his tank top up, exposing his stomach. 'I want to cum on my...'

That's as far as he got. He exploded. The cum shot almost to his neck. I kept pumping him, while the drops spurted. One last drop hung on the head. Jon then said he'd been waiting for this moment all week.

He had tissues on his door panel. I helped him clean up as best I could. Part of the cum was on my fingers, and I wiped it off. As I got out, he was pulling up his pants. I looked around and saw no one, thank goodness. I then checked my skirt and blouse to make sure I had no cum on me. Jon said thanks and I had to leave.

I hope he will still take me out Thursday.



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