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Quest for My First Orgasm

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I remember being very interested in sex at the age of eleven or twelve. I knew about sex and I had the impression that orgasms felt good, but I thought that the only way to have an orgasm was through intercourse. I had been experiencing frequent erections for quite a while and I found out that looking at my older brother's porn centerfolds could produce a long lasting hard on and a craving for sex. At twelve, my prospects for sex with a girl didn't seem too promising. But I remembered enjoying the excitement of being aroused and hard. I hadn't figured out a means of release, so I concentrated on becoming as aroused as possible. I found out that just being naked made me very aroused.

I liked to sneak out of the house late at night and strip naked and walk around the yard. The thought of being seen naked made me very hard, but the reality of being caught made me very cautious. I liked to go to a local pond and go skinny dipping. The cool water gliding past my erection while I swam felt terrific. This gave me the idea that stimulating my penis could be the key to pleasure, but how? Since the cool water felt good skinny dipping, I reasoned that cold water could bring release. I tried running extra cold water in the shower over my genitals. I was so excited, I kept my erection and the water pulsing felt good. I didn't get any sexual release, but I did lose control of my bladder. I peed myself, but that was it. I tried hanging upside down when I was aroused. It gave me a head rush, which increased my level of excitement, but of course, I didn't get off.

I found if I tensed my muscles when hard my erection felt more sensitive. Now here is where some critical information came my way. A friend told me that his older brother's friend said that inside a girl's vagina felt warm and squishy and that her insides squeezed your penis rhythmically when you were inside her. Armed with this breakthrough and a persistent erection, I decided to try an experiment. I went into the bathroom and got naked. I ran the water in the sink to get it warm. I stood at the sink with my legs spread, and grabbed the soap and worked up a thick lather on my hands. With my legs spread I bent at my knees, I thrust my hips forward as far as they could go. I threw my head back as far as I could. This I knew from previous experience that this pose was highly arousing.

I reached forward and grabbed my penis by the shaft and squeezed gently then quickly pulled down my shaft past my dick head. By the time my fingers slid off the head of my penis, the other hand was already sliding down the shaft, then the other, over and over. This way, there was almost constant stimulation to the length of my penis. For the first half dozen strokes, there was only mild pleasure, the kind I was used to getting from my prior experiences. As I continued to stroke hand over hand, the feeling became increasingly intense. The better it felt, the faster I went. Right hand then left, over and over. Faster and faster. It was getting hard to breathe. My leg muscles were getting tense, but I stayed in my pose. I felt a wave of ecstasy flow through my entire body, then my butt muscles pulsed and my penis shot a small amount of cum into the sink. The pleasure radiating from my penis immediately turned to irritation and I stopped stroking. I felt exhausted, relieved and sexually satisfied for the first time in my life. I soon modified my technique to include a different lubricant, because my penis was sore for several days, but I never stopped. I've enjoyed masturbating ever since.



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