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Putting on a Show for Sis-in-law

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When my sister-in-law stayed the night recently, I couldn't help but give her a bit of a show.


I've always been attracted to my wife's younger sister, and over the years we've both taken the odd opportunity to show off for each other. Usually this took the form of a quick flash or peek, but on a couple of occasions, it had been a longer, more lingering display, one about which neither of us said a word, though we both knew exactly what was going on.

Over the years our opportunities for this fun kind of play had decreased, in part because we both had families.

Even though my sister-in-law, whose name is Alana, had gotten a little heavy while having kids, she didn't stop from being very sexy to me.

Alana was staying at our place while she was in town for a conference. My wife is a pretty heavy sleeper and hates to get up in the morning unless she absolutely has to. I, on the other hand, am an early riser, and love to take a dip in the private hot tub out back in the early morning hours while she sleeps.

I also take the opportunity to just be naked. Growing up, the people in my family were all nudists at heart, and though we didn't typically go around the house naked, it was very common for us to walk from shower to room in the buff, and when we went swimming out back, we were always naked.

Onto the very true story.

The sun was just coming up and it was already nice and warm outside. I'd just gotten in from a quick soak out back and was making coffee, towel wrapped around my waist and nothing else. It was marginally modest, though I still felt overdressed.

Alana, who'd been changing in the guest room came out into the cozy and open kitchen/dining area and said good morning. She had, she told me, another 45 minutes or so before she had to leave for the conference, which was great by me. I enjoyed her company. While I scurried about the kitchen cleaning up some and preparing the coffee, it occurred to me to ask Alana if she were comfortable with my state of dress.

As I went about my work, I made an effort to nearly lose my towel a couple of times and to let it fall off completely one other time, giving Alana a quick view of my butt. I'm in very good shape for my age, and I thought she might enjoy a quick glimpse. I know I did, and the effect it had on me was very real. I was feeling a little shaky and I'd gotten pretty hard.

Now, I didn't really think she was uncomfortable at this point, but I thought I'd steer the conversation in the direction of my being dressed . . . or not . . and she willingly jumped in.

She said in the best passively interested way that she didn't care. In fact, she added, she didn't really care if I wore the towel at all.

So I asked her, point blank, if she were serious, if she really wouldn't mind if I just got rid of the towel, as, I pointed out, that was how I normally went about the kitchen in the early am anyway.

She again repeated, fully aware of my condition, that she didn't care.

She left the room briefly to get some papers she'd left in the guest bedroom, and by the time she returned, I'd left the brightly colored towel draped on the back of the chair next to hers, and I popped around the corner myself so I was out of her line of sight when she came back into the room.

Acting as though nothing were the matter, I re-emerged, pouring my long-awaited cup of coffee and continuing our conversation from moments before. Only now I was totally nude in front of my sister-in-law, who was not only fully dressed but dressed in business casual wear. I approached her, offered her a cup of coffee, which she declined, and continued to chat standing in front of her, no more than three feet away.

She was good. She acted as though nothing had happened at all, though her eye did drop on several times to take a lingering look at my cock.

As we talked, I got even harder, and I also had a plan. I turned the conversation to the subject of the weather, how hot it had been lately and how dry that had made my skin, pointing out how important it was to put lotion on in the morning with weather like this.

I left the room and returned moments later, a big pump bottle of lotion in hand, stood in front of Alana, who was still seated at the table going over some papers, and proceeded to begin to apply the lotion.

At first I did my arms and shoulders, but then I moved to my chest and then my legs. She was doing everything in her power not to stare, but it was a losing battle as I started to work my way up my legs and toward my groin. I lathered on the lotion, putting a good deal of it on my thighs. Then I put some, a quick application, right on my cock, and then rubbed it in a little, watching to see what Alana's reaction would be.

She stayed cool, pretending to still be caught up in her paperwork. As she didn't object, I continued, squeezing a big handful of lotion into my palm and then rubbing it into my by-now rock hard cock.

I wanted to push the question, so I asked Alana if she were okay with this.

'It's fine with me,' she said. 'I don't have to leave for about 20 minutes still.' With permission now, I went for it, openly jacking my thick seven-inch cock no more than a foot away from my fully dressed sister-in-law.

I was getting shaky, so I grabbed the chair, pulled it out from the table and positioned it facing Alana no more than a foot away. I proceeded to go to town, trying to keep my groaning to a minimum while still being slightly out of control. I'd wanted to do this, for her or for any woman, for a long time, and now I finally had my chance.

I felt my cum rising and my moans indicated at much. She glanced away from her work right at me and focused on my cock. I came, shooting a big thick stream high up into the air, landing on my thigh, and then three or four smaller streams that dribbled back down onto my hand.

I got up, went to the bathroom to grab some tissues to clean up, and by then Alana was heading out. I thanked her, and she just responded that she had the time so it was no big deal.

I know it was though. And she made a point of letting me know when her next conference was and asking if it would be okay if she stayed with us again when she was in town.

It would be more than okay.



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