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Putting on a Show for My Son

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I know that many people will think what I am doing is wrong, and maybe it is, but I just cannot seem to help myself. I love sex and I probably enjoy masturbating as much as anyone, and since I am alone I spend a lot of time doing so. I am a divorced mom of one son, a handsome 16 year old. Until six months ago I would have never even thought of being naked in front of my son, much less masturbating.

It all started one day when my son was in school. I got off work early and came home. I was feeling a little horny so I decided to masturbate. As I usually do, I stripped completely naked. Before I got in bed I admired myself in the mirror. I'm an attractive woman, five-nine with short black hair. I do not shave so I have a thick patch of black pubic hair. I am well endowed in the breast department. I lay on the bed and started rubbing my 38D tits and running my hands over my stomach. Pretty soon I could feel that familiar tingle between my legs. I have found over the years that my hands and fingers are my best toy but I also like the feeling of being filled when I masturbate.

So, that day I played with my pussy until I was wet and once I started rubbing my clit I reached for my dildo. It is nine inches long and large enough to really stretch me good when I put it in. I like to insert the dildo into my vagina as far as I can get it while I rub my clit. My orgasms are much more intense when I cum that way. I had myself a good hard orgasm and lay on the bed for a few minutes. Figuring that my son would be home in about 45 minutes I got up to take a shower and get dressed. Before going into the shower I heard a noise coming from down the hallway so I slipped a robe on to investigate.

To my surprise, my son had come home early and was in his room. His door was closed. There is a bathroom between his bedroom and a spare bedroom with a third door leading to the hallway. The bathroom door was also closed but I eased it open and quietly entered the bathroom. The door to his bedroom was open slightly and I could see his feet and legs on his bed. I could also hear him. I leaned and looked and I could see his hand going up and down on his hard cock. He was masturbating. I quickly left and went and took my shower. I wondered if he had seen me masturbating. My bedroom door was not completely closed but maybe he had gone straight to his room.

My son keeps a diary and I usually don't look at it, but a few day after I saw him masturbating I was cleaning his room when I spotted his diary on his desk. I decided to look at it just this once to see if he had written anything about his masturbation experiences. He keeps his diary locked but I know where he hides the key. I cannot begin to describe the feeling as I read his diary. He had written about coming home early and seeing me naked on the bed. He said seeing his mom like that made his cock harder than it had ever been. The shocking part was where he had written about taking a pair of my dirty panties and smelling and licking them as he jacked off, finally cumming in my panties. By the time I put his diary back on his desk my panties were wet and my knees were weak. I went straight to my room and masturbated like you would not believe.

For the past six months I have been setting it up so that my son can catch me naked and see me masturbating. I do it with my bedroom door open ever so slightly. He even changed his school schedule so that one day a week he gets out early. He didn't tell me about it but I found out in talking with his teacher. That is the same day that I come home early and get naked and masturbate.

Since all this has taken place I have been so horny I need to masturbate every day. My orgasms are so much more intense. Just the thought that my son is watching me play with my pussy is driving me up the wall. I have even been leaving my soiled panties lying around making it easy for him to find them. I always notice where I leave them so that I can tell if he has been using them. And he has. I always find dried cum in the crotch. Sometimes I will find a pair that is full of dried cum and I will put them back on and wear them around the house. I have also started reading his diary every chance I get. He has described in detail how hard his cock gets as he watches me and about how much more enjoyable it is to masturbate after seeing me play with my pussy. I honestly don't know what I would do if he was to walk in on me while I was masturbating, but I don't think he would ever do that. I have also found out that my son is playing around with our next door neighbor's 14 year old daughter. According to his diary they have not had intercourse but have enjoyed mutual masturbation as well as oral sex.

Our interaction with each other around the house is much like it has always been. We carry on like nothing is happening. I honestly don't think he realizes that I am putting on a show for him and I don't think he knows that I am aware of what he is doing. I know I have spiced up his sex life and he has sure done so for mine.



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