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Putting on a Show for Carol

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I recently submitted a story 'Jacking & Friging in my 57 Chevy' (January 21, 2003) and would like to share with your readers another exciting experience that happened to me several years after my wife and I married. We were in our early 40's when it occurred. It was on a Saturday and our kids were spending the day with friends. Shortly after lunch I suddenly got so horny I could hardly stand it so I suggested to my wife that since we had the house to ourselves that we go to the bedroom and have hot sex all afternoon.
We ran to the bedroom and stripped and got in bed. I immediately began kissing my wife and running my hands over her beautiful naked body. We continued our foreplay until precum was dripping from my cock and her pussy was soaking wet. She loves the taste of my precum and I feel the same about her pussy juice, so we decided to do a quick 69 to lick up the excess juices, but both said we didn't want to cum that way. My wife indicated that she wanted to feel my hard cock pounding away inside her pussy. After a few minutes of licking and sucking I got on top of her. I was kneeling between her legs with my hard cock in hand. She was lying there with her legs spread and was holding the lips of her pussy open with her fingers. Just as I was about to slip my cock inside her pussy the phone rang. Afraid it was one of the kids calling I quickly answered it. It was a good friend of mine. I told him I was busy doing something very important and would call him back later. As soon as I hung the phone up I grabbed my cock and eased the head into her waiting pussy. Man Oh man it felt so good to feel her hot pussy closing around the head of my cock. I have a pretty large head and sometimes it hurts when I first put it in my wife. This time was no exception in spite of the fact that her pussy was soaking wet. But I didn't stop until I was buried to my balls inside her hot vagina. I had made about 8 or 10 deep thrusts inside her when the doorbell rang.
I wanted to let whoever it was keep ringing the bell until they decided to go away, but my wife said she would slip her robe on and see who it was. I told her to hurry back and I stayed in bed. Pretty soon I figured out from the voice that it was Carol, a beautiful, single, 18 year old girl that worked with my wife.
>From the sound of their voices I knew that my wife had invited Carol inside the house. Hoping that she would not be there long I decided to keep my cock good and hard and ready for action once my wife returned to bed. So I lay there and slowly stroked my hard cock. My thoughts turned to Carol and I thought how hot it would be to fuck her or have a 3some with her and my wife, although I knew that was out of the question. Carol was 5'6' with long black hair, dark, sexy eyes and a knockout body. I wasn't sure of her bra size but figured that her tits must be about a 38 or 40D. Maybe even DD. She had nice broad shapely hips and I knew from some comments my wife had made that Carol had a really thick bush. My wife has more hair than normal around her pussy and apparently her and Carol had compared hair stories at one time and my wife had made a comment about it to me. Also, Carol was young, and the thought of fucking someone my daughters age was a huge turn-on. Anyway my thoughts were on sexy, young, Carol as I stroked my hard cock.
Unbeknown to me, when my wife went to answer the door, rather than going up the hallway to the dining room and then going into the living room to the front door, she took another route. She went through a door across the hall from our bedroom that we hardly ever used and went directly into the living room to the front door. I was in a position on the bed that I could not see the door she opened nor could I see into the living room. However, my body, from about my chest down was visible from the living room. They continued to talk and I continued to stroke my cock. Every few minutes precum would bubble out and I would take my hand and coat the head of my cock and the shaft with the slick substance. When I would start getting too close I would take my hand from my cock and I would play with my balls. When I needed more stimulation I would go back to my cock. This went on for at least 15 minutes and I was beginning to think that Carol was never going to leave although I was enjoying stroking my cock to the sound of her voice.
Finally I decided to sit on the side of the bed and I swung my feet over the edge of the bed and sat up, still holding on to my hard cock. As soon as I was in a sitting position I looked up and found myself staring right into Carol's dark eyes. She had sat down in a chair facing the open door and my wife had sat on the sofa with her back to the door. As soon as I saw Carol I realized she had been sitting there for 15 minutes or more watching me play with myself. I noticed Carol's eyes would dart from my wife to my eyes and then down to my cock and then back to my wife. She would look at my wife for a second or two and then back at me and my cock. I also figured that if she has not wanted to see me jack off she would have moved. At that moment I made the quick decision to really give her something to look at. I stood up and turned giving Carol a side view of my cock and I began pumping my cock hard and fast. As soon as I started to cum, which wasn't long with her watching me, I turned to face her and about 4 or 5 huge jets of cum spurted out of my cock, some landing 3 or 4 feet away. I caught the remaining cum that dribbled out of my cock in my other hand and then held it up and sort of rubbed my slick fingers together so Carol could see. She smiled and very seductively licked her lips then turned back to my wife.
Not wanting my wife to know what had happened I quickly cleaned up all the cum. About the time I finished cleaning up I heard Carol say something about needing to run. I quickly jumped back in bed and was lying there trying to get my cock hard when Carol went out the door. Within seconds my wife was back in the bedroom taking her robe off and said she was ready to continue. She looked at me and said, 'Poor thing, it has gotten soft. Let's see if we can't get it hard again.'
The thought of Carol watching me jack off caused me to get hard much quicker than I anticipated. Also, the fact that I had just put on a show for Carol and shot one of the biggest loads of my life I was able to last much longer than usual. Needless to say, my wife's pussy got a good fucking that Saturday afternoon.
Masturbation is such a natural and wonderful thing that is so much more exciting when done with or in front of someone else. It's a shame that more men and women do not share it with others. women do not share it with others.



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