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Putting on a Show

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A quiet Friday night out turns into my greatest night.


I've been a long time reader of the site and never thought I'd have an encounter worthy of submitting to the site. I'm in my mid thirties and broke up with my girlfriend several months ago. As a result, Solo Touch has been a routine companion in my sex life as of late. But last week's events finally gave me a story to submit.

I've been spending about an hour a day at the gym, trying to stay in shape, in place of any normal social life. Last Friday I took the night off and went to a local bar instead. The place was much quieter than I had expected, but I guess they've been losing business to the recent rash of martini bars in the area.

I was nursing my second Sam Adams at about 10 when a group of four loud and happy girls walked in. It became all too obvious that they were a bachelorette party bar hopping. They weren't wasted yet, but they obviously had been enjoying themselves. They took a four-top table next to mine.

The bride-to-be, Susan, was being egged on to complete a scavenger hunt the other bridesmaids had made up for her. Some of the items were rather routine, but as she completed them, the racier ones were all that were left. In between rounds of looking for items to complete the scavenger hunt, the bridesmaids had her opening gag gifts: an enormous dildo, a huge bottle of lube, blindfold, etc. Susan had quietly engaged a couple of the guys in the bar to try to complete the hunt but seemed to get turned away, probably because most of the guys there were with girlfriends.

Finally, she walked over to my table and apologized for bothering me. She said she thought I looked like a nice guy and didn't want to ask earlier. I told her it was no problem, go ahead and ask. She said that one of the items she needed was a pair of men's underwear.

I said, 'Oh, right here?'

'God, no,' she answered. 'Maybe you could go into the men's room and then bring them out to me.'

I eyed her friends and one of them gave me a wink, so I said 'Okay.'

I headed for the men's room, and just as I entered, the girls grabbed Susan and dragged her after me. Susan and one other followed me into the men's room. The others waited at the door looking in.

Susan and Karen, her companion, said I could go into a stall alone and take my shorts off, but they had to be there to make sure they really came off a guy.

I raised an eyebrow at this, but obliged. I dropped my pants on the floor and then my gray striped boxers. I let it all lay there for a second knowing that they could all see it, while I had my back to the door. I stepped out of my pants, kicked my boxers aside, grabbed my jeans and put them back on.

Walking out of the stall, I got very close to Susan and made sure our hands touched as I placed my underwear in her hand. The room had been quiet since I dropped my pants, but their giggling instantly restarted. I walked past the girls and back to my table.

The girls were back at their table a few moments later and Susan had difficulty making eye contact with me. Karen wouldn't let her put my boxers down, and Susan was visibly blushing. All of this excitement was definitely getting me hard. I figured I'd head home after they left and rub one out.

After a few more minutes of giggling and finishing their light beers, they made moves to pack up and move on. Karen stepped over to thank me for being such a good sport through it all. She offered me five bucks for my boxers, but I politely refused. She glanced down as I turned her offer down and must have noticed how 'distressed' I was. She waved the rest of the girls out the door and quickly grabbed a napkin and scribbled down an address. She said that there wouldn't be any sex, but I was sure to have a good night. She told me to show up at the address in an hour if I wanted to and rushed out after her companions. I watched out the window as they piled into an SUV and headed off.

The address was about a 20 minute drive from the bar, and after considering it for a little while, decided what the heck.

I got to the address about 11:45, a little more than an hour after I saw them, and saw the same SUV parked in the driveway. I went to the door and rang the bell. Karen answered the door and thanked me profusely for coming. I could hear laughing and giggling from inside the house, and as I was led into the living room, things got totally quiet.

Susan started to protest, but Karen quickly shot her down. He's not here for sex, but I did promise him a good time. Kate, one of the other girls, said I had too many clothes on for her tastes. They all agreed that Susan needed to strip me.

I kicked off my shoes myself, but let Susan do the rest of the work. It took her about 10 minutes to get my socks and shirt off and I was just standing there in my jeans; everyone aware that I didn't have any boxers on underneath. Under protest, Susan kneeled in front of me and unbuckled my pants, and slowly unzipped them. She hesitated on pulling them down. I looked down at her and played along with the crowd ordering her to finish. She bit her lower lip, grabbed my pants at the waist and in one quick motion pulled them down to the floor.

My 6.5' cock, harder now than it had been in months, stood straight out from me bobbing only an inch or so from her face. Everyone had quieted down now as I stood naked before four, fully clothed, hot girls.

We stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. It was clear that no one had planned for what was next, so I felt it my duty to move things along. I cupped my hand under Susan's chin and made her look up at me.

'Get me that bottle of lube,' I said.

He eyes got wide, but she stepped away and handed me the bottle. I instructed her to sit in the center seat of the sofa and I stood a couple of feet in front of her. I made a show of opening the bottle of lube with my teeth and pouring a generous glob on my cock. I handed the lube off to Sam, the other, slightly older bridesmaid.

Then I wrapped my hand around my cock and slowly started stroking. I knew I wouldn't last long, so I made frequent stops to parade my glistening cock before the girls who never took their eyes from it. While I was certain that these girls had experience with men, they had clearly never had a guy put on a show like this before.

As I continued to stroke, I could feel the tingling in balls start and I announced I was getting close. Susan sat back in attempt to not get hit. None of us had given any consideration to where I was going to blow my load and Karen, whose house I later learned we were at, frantically grabbed for anything nearby and came up with a throw pillow just in time. Unfortunately, she held the pillow beneath my cock and, while not normally a shooter, I shot my first rope over it and landed much of it on Susan's dress. Karen adjusted quickly and caught the rest of my load on the pillow.

Exhausted, I sat down on the sofa between Susan and Karen with the pillow between my legs. After a few minutes of quiet, the girls thanked me for the show, and Susan, with only a slight bit of prodding gave me a short kiss.

They offered me a drink and invited me to stay as long as I'd like. I asked for a few tissues and wiped myself up. I thanked them for having me over and went to the counter and grabbed a soda; no way I was going to get drunk and forget this night.

I stayed naked and paraded around for the girls a bit, and we all started to get used to my being naked in front of them. Kate was starting to get a little bolder and walked up to me with the huge dildo comparing it to my now flaccid dick.

As she held my cock, it started to grow again. She made a big show of leading me back over by Susan using my growing dick as a leash. After lubing up, I started stroking again, much more slowly, this time paying closer attention to the other girls.

This time both Karen and Kate reached out to give me several strokes themselves. Kate and Susan alternately took pictures of the girls holding my cock, or mock blowing me. Through all of this, Sam was the quite one, sitting off to the side just watching. As I continued, I caught a glimpse of Sam rubbing her breasts through her blouse.

Once the others saw what I was seeing, Kate and Kathy went over and started unbuttoning Sam's blouse. She protested and started to get up, but Kate and Kathy started unbuttoning their own blouses. I stopped stroking so I wouldn't blow too fast, and after a few minutes, I was rewarded by staring at three pairs of beautiful breasts.

Once I started stroking again, it didn't take long and I shot my first rope of cum on Sam's tits, the rest dribbling onto the carpet in front of her.

I decided to stay a bit longer, but never got past the point of seeing the three girls tits. About an hour later, I lay on the floor and gave them a final show coming on my own stomach and even licking one of my fingers clean, a move that shocked the girls into silence for a moment.

After that, I cleaned up, and got dressed making sure to leave my boxers neatly folded for Susan.

On my way out, I left my number for Kathy, but she said they were all married and doubted I would ever hear from any of them again.

I plan to skip my workout again on Friday and see what happens.



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