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Putting Her Foot Down

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Our little adventure in Italy


For the longest time my girlfriend and I had always wanted to visit Italy; she had always talked about it in the state university that we went to. In fact, her Italian (which saved us a couple of times) and her Spanish weren't too bad, and she practically knew all the museums and major art pieces in Europe. Before we started work, she made me promise to take her to Italy-no easy feat, since none of our families had ever been to Italy before; we knew no one in the country; and for two college students, it was not cheap at all. I remember doing tons of research to find the cheapest hostels and doing my reading on all the major places to visit so that I could be our own tour guide (in fact it turned out she knew much more than me).

We graduated in 2003 in California and my girlfriend was very excited about our trip; just a week after we received our degrees, we were already on the plane.

We had some unpleasant experiences; my girlfriend lost one of her bags the first day we landed and she was all in tears. Luckily, about two days later, we managed to reclaim it at a police station; it turned out that someone had turned it in after all. I felt quite proud that she could speak Italian reasonably well; I was always amazed to see how much friendlier the Italians were (or any people for that matter) when you speak in their own language.

One night we were having a nice dinner outside this restaurant in Florence; she held my hand and told me how she was having such a wonderful time.

I felt something rubbing against my leg and I instinctively drew my leg back; I had seen a few strays wandering around Florence earlier in the day. I looked down and saw that she had removed her sneaker and was rubbing her right foot up my leg.

She smiled mischievously once she saw my discovery and continued talking as if nothing had happened. I vaguely heard her making some remark about one of the exhibits in the Uffizi when I felt her resume her caress.

In all the years that we've been seeing each other, she had never rubbed me with her foot before. I was surprised at how aroused - and hard - I was getting feeling her socked foot against my leg.

As though she read my mind, she smiled and moved her foot up to my thighs and began using her toes to knead my leg. Without thinking, I left my fork on the table and looking around me briefly (as if I was committing a crime!) removed her sock. I could feel the heat and perspiration on it from the hours of walking that we had done. She smiled again and sipped on some wine, evidently interested in how far I was going to take this as I began to knead her foot softly first, then hard.

'That feels good...I needed that,' she said quietly.

It had never occurred to me that my girlfriend's feet were beautiful; I had heard that some guys were really into feet, but I had never paid special attention to hers before. All of a sudden I felt how supple and soft her foot was; how well-rounded her toes were, how wonderfully proportioned they were (though it briefly occurred to me that her feet were a bit big). I used my thumbs to massage the balls and soles of her feet, as well as tugging and feeling the texture of her big toe.

Suddenly an audacious thought entered my mind; I unzipped my jeans and liberated my now very stiff penis from its denim confinement. I hadn't ejaculated since we arrived in Italy but I was more than ready to do so now. I cast a quick glance around me just to make sure that no one was watching; but the place was so noisy and crowded I doubt that anyone would pay particular attention to two Americans having dinner at a small table.

I felt a burst of passion as soon as I moved her foot on my penis; I'll never forget the look on her face. Her mouth dropped and she looked at me incredulously; what started out as a romantic rub would end up in a messy footjob.

My girlfriend had never done this before, but she was very game that night. I massaged the sides of her foot a while longer before pressing them again against my penis. This time I moved her heel down until it came against my sweaty balls. I felt a small spasm surge through my member and knew that my precum had already come out. Her sole rubbed against my head and she gave a small chortle and gave me a look that said, 'I'm really turning you on, aren't I?'

I knew that I wouldn't last much longer; my body was screaming, aching for release. Somehow the thought of using her foot to ejaculate in this outside restaurant in the middle of all these people drove me to overwhelming sexual desire to pump my semen onto her.

Both my hands were clenched around her feet and ankles, my fingers already digging into her skin; I was consciously aware that I was slightly thrusting my hips, being careful not to make too much noise. I could feel the precum sticking to her feet.

'Hey,' she said, a bit alarmed, 'I want to make sure you've got enough of that for tonight.'

That did it for me. I felt the sensation deep within my loins that tells every man that there's no going back. I frantically jerked her foot as I was hit by a mind-blowing orgasm.

I was so overwhelmed that I wasn't even aware where the ejaculate was all flying to; the voices of the people and even the lights around us drowned out for a while. I lost myself.

When I recovered moments later, there was a look of disbelief on my girlfriend's face and she laughed at me saying, 'I thought you were going to do it on the napkin!'

I peeked under the table and saw that a copious amount of my sperm had fallen directly on her feet; but I had also left some on the ground as well as on my jeans. I used my napkin and cleaned her feet like a gentleman. I could see that her face had turned very red by now - and it sure wasn't the wine.

She talked about nothing but our little experience on our way back to our hostel; it was as if she had forgotten all the place we had seen that day. She remarked how gross she thought it was that many guys wanted to shoot (in her words) their 'little friends' onto parts of their woman's body. She complained that her feet still felt sticky. But she did confess that she had been really turned on by the whole thing, and she certainly didn't expect me to do that to her.

I decided to tease her again and told her that I thought that she had left something behind. Immediately she spun around with a look of terror (she's always been traumatized by her lost handbag) and asked me if we had left anything behind.

'Yeah, some of my 'little friends'.'

She chastised me for scaring her like that, but I still kissed her all the same.

The first thing we did when we got back to our rooms was to tear off all our clothes and throw ourselves upon the bed (it was a bit difficult - we used the bottom part of the bunk bed).

I worked my way down until I had gotten to her feet; I could smell the odor of her foot as well as my ejaculate.

'Gross!' she screamed with laughter, 'It's me you should be smelling!'

She gazed at my member, and, obviously satisfied that the fun was just beginning, slipped a condom onto it.

We made very, very passionate love that night. Even though we didn't spend a lot of money, it was the best vacation I had ever had.

When we got back to the States, we told everyone of our little adventure of Italy - of course excluding our own 'little adventure'.



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