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Puttin' On A Show In The Shed

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Puttin' On A Show In The Shed
When I was 13 I lived next door to james and his 2 sisters. James was my age and his sisters were 15 and 16 at the time. James's father had this great collection of x-rated magazines that he kept in the storage shed in the back yard. We would often sneak in there and look through them for hours. I always went home with a huge boner and would run up to my room and immediately jerk-off, with visions from the magazines fresh in memory.
The story begins when one day while James and I are in the shed, blissfully engulfed in the magazines, BAM! the shed door flys open and in walks Janet and Darla, James's sisters! "Just as we suspected, you two are in here peeping at Dad's dirty books ! " We stammered and stuttered and tried to make excuses, but we knew we were caught...Darla, the older of the sisters, spoke up: " Guess I have to tell Dad when he gets home. Boy, are you in trouble !"
Darla was tall, thin, no tits , but very cute. Janet was shorter, a little overweight, but had a gorgeous pair of breasts.
Just then Janet said: " At least you guys were enjoying what you saw" With that comment , both girls stared right at the huge bulge I was sporting. " I have an idea" said Janet. " Both of you have to jack-off until you cum. Right here in front of us. Or we are gonna tell Dad and Mom what you were doing!"
Darla butted in: " No wait! You have to jack-off at the same time, and keep doing it and see who can cum the most times!"
It was very embarrasing, but considering the trouble ahead of us, it seemed like the best option. so I pulled down my jeans, exposing my raging erection. " wow, pretty big dick." " hmmm, nice hard-on" were the first comments.
Then James dropped his shorts and got his sisters full attention. " start stroking!" was the command. So I did, and really put on a good show, thrusting my hips with every stroke. Before long , I shot a huge load, landing on the ground , just in front of Darla and Janet. " OH MY GOD! I have never seen that before ! " screamed Darla. Janet admitted how turned on she was. James blew his load shortly thereafter. " Keep on jackin-off, I wanna see you two do that four or five more times." Janet exclaimed. So, James and I continued our private show for his sisters, finally after blowing four loads, James said his cock was getting sore and put his shorts back on. I continued stroking. I did start to notice both girls could not sit still, and were gently rocking against the boxes that they were sitting on. About this time, Darla stood up, and said: " I can't take it any longer" and put her hand near her crotch and started rubbing. James said this was too weird for him, and excused himself out the door. At that time, Janet took off her shorts and panties and really went to work on her clit. Of course, I immediately shot another wad, my fifth. Darla pulled her jogging shorts to the side, and put her hand to work as well. We were all masturbating and getting off on the sight of each other masturbating. Darla and Janet both were thrusting their hips and had their legs spread wide. Man , was this great, or what! I knelt down toward them and shot my sixth load all over their legs. I knew my arm was exhausted and my cock was getting sore. i leaned over and kissed both girls and we kinda just hugged and cuddled for a few minutes. Then we stood up and composed ourselves. I left and went home.
My cock would not go soft, it was hard for over an hour after getting home. I finally took a cold shower, it helped.
As for Darla, Janet, and James, I still see them from time to time, but we haven't really said much about our "play-time" from 15 years ago... --Donald



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