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Pushing the Envelope

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Compassion can lead to so much more.


I went to school at a large university, when this started I was a junior. Late that summer I broke up with my boyfriend whom I had been living with off campus. I thought I could deal with still living there, but I felt weird bringing friends there, and when my ex started dating one of my friends, it got really weird. I looked for another apartment but other than hell holes every thing was out of my price range. As it happened I heard about an RA (resident advisor) position that had opened up in a dorm on campus, it included free room and board with a single bed, sink, fridge, and microwave. The job involved about three hours a week of desk responsibility and coordinating some events, but if you delegated well, it is easy. Part of the job included being aware of what was going on, and to be a first point of contact for kids who were having problems.

It was half way through the semester when I took the job, the prior RA had been removed for hosting a drinking party. I was still in the phase of trying to get to know who lived on the floor. I came back to the room one night and found a freshman in the hall crashed with nothing but a back pack for a pillow. I woke him and told him to go to his room. He said he could not because his roommate had a guest. I told him that his roommate had no right to kick him out, and to go tell him that if the wanted to be alone with his guest he would have to do it elsewhere. Well (Jeff) kind of sheepishly admitted they had an agreement. If either one had a girl the other one would make scarce. It was after midnight on a weekday. I told him he could not sleep in the hall. He said he had nowhere to go. So, I invited him into my apartment to talk more about the issue hoping the guest would leave. We spoke at length about his situation. He was definitely being taken advantage of. I learned a lot about him and took a real liking to him. Finally it was getting late I needed to get to sleep Jeff informed me that his room mate's guest was likely to be there for the night. RA's have access to a room for crisis and it was not being used that night. I am sure the university would have wanted me to handle it more directly, but I was tired and not up for a confrontation. So I put Jeff in the room.

The next day I confronted the roommate and let him know that he could not force his roommate out. Well, (Kelly) was a smooth talker but I stood my ground. Technically overnight guests were prohibited so if I found Jeff in the hall again I would report Kelly to housing and he could be removed from campus housing. Kelly apparently figured the way around that was to allow Jeff to stay in the room. Jeff confided with me that this was the case and said he left the room frequently when it got really hot and heavy. I asked him where he went. He said he would go take a cold shower. There were two bathrooms at either end of the floor. After 10pm they were co-ed, but if the shower was running the opposite sex was supposed to trek to the other end of the dorm, and use the correct bathroom.

Well Jeff was getting flack from the girls for being in the guys' shower so much after hours, making them take the long walk. Some of the guys started busting in on him for having a hard on in the shower. The guys shower was communal the girls had individual showers with curtains.

I made it a practice of leaving my door open when I was in. If it was closed people knew unless it was an emergency not to bother me. Jeff regularly stopped in to say hi or to drop off a flower or two. He worked part time for a florist delivering flowers. We had grown close and shared many confidences. I suggested Jeff take the opportunity to turn the tables. He suggested that when he made the deal with his room mate, he thought that might be an opportunity. However being in the engineering program, and having a job, and all the studying, he had not met anyone. I asked why he did not just go in the stalls 'and relieve the situation' apparently he had a bad experience trying that and he could only get off now when he was sure of privacy. Lots of the stall doors in the guys' bathroom don't latch, I suspect he was walked in on. The guys' bathroom was kind of a free for all.

There are some girls who have a problem with the mutual agreement and it is an unwritten rule not to use the girls' bathroom to get your jollies.

To take the pressure off the situation I offered to stand watch in the girls' bathroom so he could get some after hours private time in the shower, we would just have to make sure that bathroom was empty when he got out of the shower. I would go across the hall to my apartment and jill-off knowing Jeff was cranking one out across the hall. Anyone could have walked in on me as my door was ajar so I could hear the showers. It just added to the excitement. About twice a weekend every other week Jeff would come to my room and I would check the girls' room. When I heard the shower shut off, I would go in and make sure the coast was clear and he would sneak out. Jeff always took his time, I was frequently able to get two good cums while he was in the shower.

One particular evening one of the girls heard the shower running and decided to take a shower too. This was a real risky situation there was no way Jeff could come out while the other girl was in there. What if she tried to strike up a conversation? On top of that girls kept coming and going, Jeff stayed in the shower for over an hour before the coast was clear. That night got both Jeff and I spooked, Jeff to the point that he did not dare to try to get off that way again.

It is weird the chance of me getting caught had me all the more jazzed and the same thing scared Jeff. I asked if he was able to get off, he said no. Although there were no signs of a hard on when he left the girls shower, There was clearly evidence of one as we talked in my apartment. His loose fitting shorts looked like he had a rail road spike tucked away. I allowed as much as I was going to take a shower and that he should stay and compose himself before heading back to his room. I assured him I would be in the shower at least half an hour. As I prepared my stuff for the shower I left out baby oil that I used on my legs after shaving and made sure my tissues were in plain sight.

I headed off to the shower the same one Jeff had been in. It smelt of his soap. The thought of him likely wanking in my apartment had me going like crazy, even though I had already cum twice. I was so wet. I used my tube of cream rinse as a dildo and came harder than I had in a long time. I expected Jeff to be gone when I came back, but he was there. He was grinning from ear to ear, almost giddy when I had returned. He wanted to repay my kindness. He offered to brush dry my hair. When that was done he offered to massage my back. I cannot ever remember being so pampered. After massaging over my robe with me sitting up he suggested I lay down and bare my back. As I did this he prepared the oil by running it under hot water. He rubbed my back until I fell asleep. I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed. I woke the next morning to a note that said he really appreciated our friendship and that he would do anything for me.

RA's are not supposed to get involved with their charges. I fought with this issue for a few weeks as Jeff continued to be his kind self. We had abandoned the girls bathroom trick and I made appointments with Jeff as to when my showers would be. I made it a point to always take my showers after dinner. At least once a week he would stop by before I was to take my shower and ask if this was a shower night. He would ask to 'study' in my room while I was in the shower. There were no pretences as to what was actually going on. He would always brush and dry my hair, and offer a massage. As he did we would share confidences. One of the times he was there I decided to push the envelope a little after he dried my hair. I started to apply oil to my freshly shaved legs. He started to show a hard on. I knew he fancied me as more than a friend. He immediately offered to do my legs for me as part of my massage. I extended my legs towards him while sitting on the bed he deposited a stream of oil from my knee to my toes. He did one leg then the other, spending extra time on my feet. Then he suggested I lay down on my front and get a towel to cover my mid section. He did my back and had me so horny I would have done anything with him.

He moved to my thighs and crept ever closer to my now soaking slit. He stopped short of doing anything with my freshly shaved puss, though it had to have been at least half exposed to him. He asked if I would like him to finish me. All I could do was murmur umm-huh. He had me roll over and he covered my front with warm oil. He massaged my boobs and had my nipples hard as stone. He sucked on them as his hand moved down to my abdomen. He seemed tentative when it came to my slit it was like it was all clinical. Although it felt wonderful there was no way it was going to take me where I needed to go. I asked him explicitly to rub my clit. He kind of froze and said he did not know how. He had never been with a girl like this before. You could have knocked me over with a feather, his touch and confidence other than being kind of phobic about being seen or caught had me thanking my lucky stars for sending such a well trained man to my chambers. I thought for a while about the best way. Finally I had him rest his hand on mine as I did my thing. I took myself all the way to climax, with one of his hands following my every move while the other stroked my belly and breasts. It took me a while to catch my breath.

Then I said 'it is your turn.' The flush ran out of his face his peter went from rock had to soft in nothing flat. I asked him what was wrong. He said he did not know. I told him to lay down and I would massage his back. He did and it was clear he was strung like a banjo string. I rewarmed the oil and put on some soft music. I straddled his butt and oiled his back and started working on him. As I did we talked. As it turned out he was worried about a lot of stuff. He did not want to get me in trouble. He did not want to mess up our friendship. He did not want people talking about us. They were already giving him a hard enough time about other things. I told him that what ever we had would be our secret until we were both comfortable bringing it public. I promised that we could always be friends, and that he was the kindest and gentlest person I had ever known. He asked me if I could ever see us falling in love. I was a little taken back but as I thought about it quietly working away at him. I was more comfortable with him than any of my other friends. He was accepting of who I was quirks and all. We had not done anything really and already he was the most considerate compassionate man I had ever known. He just made you want to do things for him. If there was an antithesis of a narcissist he was it. His few friends were salt of the earth kind of folks that you trusted easily. I would be crazy not to be able to love a guy like him. My only reluctance was that I was not sure as comfortable as our relationship was that I was ready to settle down. I told him that I could definitely see myself loving him, but that I was still into trying new things. His response was to roll over as I continued to straddle him. We oil humped each others legs until we both came together. That was a first for both of us. As he headed back to his room he said he was looking forward to many more firsts.

Well things have progressed as they tend to do. I am a senior now and hoping to come back as a grad student. Jeff and I have done things well beyond the scope of this site. He lives in an all guys dorm in a suite with his own bedroom. His room looks out over the soccer/lacrosse competition field. We frequently do things in the window during games to spice things up. I turns out that it is not so much privacy Jeff needed as anonymity. We are planning a spring break get away to some place warm to make it in public. He wants to shoot a sexy video. Now I am the one back peddling.



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