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Pushing My Sister

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this is my first submission, I'll try tell my stories in order,but some I am more willing to tell first.


Out of all the experiences my sister and I had together growing up; this one was a total accident. I had an old big wheel I got when I was five that I still messed around with. The seat had fallen off and our driveway at the time was a long gravel driveway that was hard to ride a big wheel on unless you where being pushed. My sister was walking up the drive when I was getting a running start for the big wheel. I jump on and nearly ran her down. She yelped and giggle as she dodge me and started to push. I was damn near falling off the whole time. I was really to big for it and with missing seat had to seat on the molded plastic frame. Between my sister laughing and pushing so hard and the vibration from the ruff driveway I had to jump off. It was too intense. My butt hole was still vibrating when I told my sister it was her turn. Its funny now cause at the time I did not know about clits and vibration. And I don't know if she did yet either. She was 13 give or take a couple years. I know she masturbated and so did I but the vibes didn't really affect me quit like it did her.

So anyway she shrugs and climbs on. As I started pushing her down the long drive her woohoos turned quickly into a single grunt and firm grip on the handles and a almost stern look on her face. When we got to the end of the drive way her legs closed and she hunched over a bit. I asked her if she was alright to go again. She said, 'huh,..again.' with that she stood up turn the big wheel around and sat down on plastic frame bracing herself for 'again.' It sounded to me like she was humming as I pushed her up and down the drive way. She would just get up and turn around quickly when we got to the end of the drive. She would just smile at me strangely as I talked to her as I pushed. My legs were starting to burn and unknowing to me her pussy was throbbing with pleasure that I was giving her. The driveway was long for a driveway but not long enough for her gushing pussy. It was a huge tease for her. She was in sweet agony at a young age. When I told her last time she cried out, Please don't stop as her hand went up her skirt. and my dick twitched knowing right away what was going on. Like I said we both knew about masturbation. I felt her need and kept pushing and pushing over the road and into the field. She finally fell off fingering her pussy harder then I ever seen her do. I was rubbing my burning legs with tears running down my face,the pain was only bearable cause of the sexual excitement I was experiencing. My older sister was not completely lost in lust and saw my pain. She non-selfishly took her fingers out of her squishing vagina and even while she was about to orgasm she used one hand on her clit and one hand on my aching legs. I hissed when her hand touched my thigh and moaned when she ran it up and down messaging my sore muscle. It was more then that for me though. With my sister on the brink of orgasm that I help cause and her wet pussy right there in front of me . Before her hand made one full trip up and down my leg the sensations cause me to grab my little dick and reached out and clutched her leg with my other hand. My eyes would not listen to me and closed tight. It all swept over me so fast where exactly did my hand land on her cause I could feel her wetness and my dick erupted in pleasure as my sister's shaking hand slid over and grasped my prick. At the same time her other hand leaves her clit three times real fast only to grab my hand and force my fingers in her aching cunt. She shouted out , 'Thank you, Oh my gosh..fuck,damn,shit.' Then whispered another thank you. With that she reached up and moved her skirt so I could see my fingers in her slit.

'we are not supposed to touch each other' she murmured as she released my cock.

My hand took its place instantly as did hers replace mine in her pussy. And right on the edge of that wheat field we masturbated in front of each other as we have done many times before and many times after. It was pivotal times like that where my lust took a major step forward. I have more stories so please leave comments so I know if a want for them is out there.



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