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Purposely Letting Mom Catch Me

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This is all fact. not fiction.


When I was at home for spring break during my freshman year of college, something happened that changed my jerk-off sessions forever..

At the time this happened, I was 18 years old and had been jerking off for 4-5 years. When at home, I used to jerk-off in the bathroom if my mom or sister was home. Although I had thought about being caught, I was always careful to lock the door and not take too long. Well... one day I was in the bathroom, totally naked and jerking-off. I had been in there for awhile when there was a knock on the door... it was my mom. She asked me if I wanted a sandwich for lunch. I said, 'ok... I'll be down in a little bit.' I kept doing my thing, but... something wasn't right. After the many times I jerked-off in the bathroom, I was very familiar with the sounds of footsteps and someone walking in the hallway or on the stairs. I had not heard any footsteps. I peeked between the doorframe (which I had purposely made a small gap in so I could try to spy on my older sister when she was getting ready to shower)trying to see if my mom had left. She didn't... cuz I peeked right at HER eye trying to peek in! I moved away quickly and soon heard footsteps going down the stairs. I know that where I had been standing she would not have been able to see me... but it was obvious she was trying to get a look.

I had thought about this over and over for months, and when I came home for the summer I put my plan into action. I set up a small mirror on my dresser so that if I sat on the corner of the bed I could see into the hallway without having to be turned towards the door. So... I got the nerve up one day when my mom was upstairs in her room. I went to my room, stripped totally naked, lubed up and started jerking-off. I made sure the door was open about 4-5 inches. I continued jerking-off as I peeked out the door down the hallway and listed to hear if my mom was going to be leaving her room and heading down the stairs. Eventually I heard her moving and knew she would be heading down the stairs. I took my spot on the corner on the bed and kept jerking-off. Anyone walking down the stairs would see EVERYTHING if they looked in my doorway. I watched the mirror and, sure enough, as my mom started walking down the stairs she looked into my room. She sure had a funny expression on her face. I was a bit nervous, but being totally naked and jerking-off, and knowing my mom was looking was a total thrill! My mom didn't actually stop to watch but went really slowly down the steps and kept watching.

Eventually she was out of the mirror, I stood up and peeked out the door... she was downstairs already. It took me about 20 seconds after that to cum!

Anyway... that was the first time I had actually set it up so I could be caught jerking-off.... I've been hooked ever since. After that I did the same scene over and over... my mom must have seen me literally 1,000 times+ over the years. Within a few months of starting this whole scene, I eventually got up the nerve to let my sis catch me. Some of her friends saw too over the years... as did my Aunt... as did several cleaning ladies. I'm hooked!



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