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Purely Erotic (Women Will like This)

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Forbidden makes it better.


I'm a typical twenty seven year old American man. I'm six feet tall, one hundred eighty pounds, and in decent shape. I'm single. I date occasionally, but nothing has gotten too far recently.

I am a guy who admires attractive women, but I am classy about it. I can appreciate a woman's beauty without trying to get her into bed. That's not my goal. I'm just not a casual sex kind of guy. I want to be in a serious relationship first.

One girl in particular catches my eye every time I see her at work. Her name is Emma. She has olive skin, dark hair, thin body frame, uniquely beautiful face, killer eyes, bright smile. It's almost an exotic look while her personality is the girl next door type. She is flirty and I have fun interacting and talking with her, but I don't consider us close friends. We're just friendly with each other.

She is off limits to me and that's fine. Like I said, I can notice an attractive person without trying to get her into bed. The one main reason she is off limits is because Emma is eighteen. She is grown and mature, but eighteen.

First of all, my story is a dream I had last night. I didn't take place for real, although it felt very real.

Emma and I were swimming. It looked like we were at some sort of tropical resort. The pool was unbelievable. The water was a crystal clear blue, cool to the touch, but comfortable. Various people surrounded the pool, but no one else was in the water. I didn't recognize any other people, but I felt like I knew them.

It felt awkward but exciting that Emma was there. I felt like it was wrong we were swimming together.

Emma was stunning, absolutely gorgeous. She had on this racy pink and black bikini. It was tasteful, not raunchy. She was covered, but it was also extremely sexy. Her hair was wet, slicked back behind her head, stopping at her shoulders. She waded in the water. It came right up to her waist.

The water came up to my legs but didn't cover me. I slouched down so the water came up to my waist too. I looked down and I was ripped. Cut chest, washboard abs, I was even tan, like I said, great dream. The only weird part was that I didn't have on boardshorts. I was wearing a black speedo. I felt self-conscious, although I looked good in it.

I looked up and saw Emma. She looked at me. There was this instant attraction between us, but we never said anything. We slowly walked toward each other. We got closer. We got so close we each crossed into each others personal space, but we didn't touch. We still didn't speak. We sort of slowly turned in a circle, next to each other. We could each feel the others breath on our cheeks. The mutual desire we both felt was unreal. There was a sexual tension that I have never felt before in real life.

We still never touched or spoke. We just knew. It was like talking to someone without speaking. She knew I thought she was beautiful. She then played like she was making an advance on me, but stopped again, not touching me. She gave a small smile. At that point, I remember my heart pounding and feeling my genitals swell. It was agony, but felt wonderful. She noticed too.

The forbidden idea that we couldn't have each other made it so much worse, but so much more passionate at the same time. We stayed like that for a long time, standing so close, our warm bodies wet from the water. Her skin glistened.

And that was it. The dream was over.

I started to get upset and disappointed that it ended there, but actually the more I think about it, the more I like that we never touched. It was purely erotic.

Now I will always have that dream. It can be an incredible fantasy. I can use it for some 'inspiration' if you know what I mean. And I know you do.




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