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Punch Line - No Joke!

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Hope you 'enjoy' this one. Your comments will be interesting


I sat, propped up in bed, replete after a good meal but too full to go to sleep. It was a hot, sticky night so I sat on the sheets naked. Obviously my wife felt the same because she too was, although tired, restless and hot. She too flopped naked on her side of the bed.

After watching her restlessly roll around a while, not too sure what to do with herself, I slowly started to erect. She too noticed this and rolled towards me to help matters along. As I had little enthusiasm for a real 'roll-in-the-hay', I still sat and allowed her to fondle me. She lay in a position that I could not reach her to reciprocate.

Impulsively I grabbed her pillow and tossed it to my ankles and told her to spin around with her head down there. Quickly she settled in and we lay (I still sat) hip to hip with her heavy leg open across my hip and up over my tummy. It felt heavy because I was full, remember! So anyway I was still within easy reach of her-and her vulva was open and available to my hand.

Gently and silently we caressed each other without much enthusiasm. It was just one of those nights! Impulsively I raised my forearm, my elbow still on the sheet; I clenched my fist, and dropped the flat part of my fist directly over where her clit was. It made a resounding slap and her entire area wobbled and shook with the impact.

Her head shot up, her eyes were wide with shock and her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline. She said nothing. Again I raised my fist, with her watching and brought it down resoundingly on the same spot! Almost instantly her cheeks and lips became dark with flush. Her mouth opened and softly she started to breathe orally. For the third time I rocked her boat with my fist and watched as her eyes rolled back and her head drop back onto the pillow.

No more was her hand clutching me but they made their way to her breasts which she roughly squashed and squeezed. I felt her leg press down on me. She was anticipating another punch. I changed my angle and, with somewhat less force, I brought my knuckle down directly on her clit. A loud moan escaped her mouth and her hands wove quickly down her tummy and she clutched herself, opening up her lips widely. Her hips rhythmically bucked upwards.

With her hood and clit exposed, I again, but with less force, fisted her directly on her clit. A couple of blows I 'missed', grazing her clit and landing directly on her vagina. Again; and again; and again; I rained down knuckle sandwiches on her exposed clit and vagina. Her head was back, her eyes closed and I felt-then saw her muscles start to quiver as she bucked and heaved, her legs straining apart and her hands desperately opening her lips. She was quickly losing control.

Ripples went up and down her tummy muscles and, as they contracted her head shot forwards, her unseeing eyes half open with her mouth in a wide, red 'O'. Again and again I connected with her. My last punch landed on her fingers. She couldn't take any more, protecting herself.

With a cry, her leg flew over me in a wide arc as she rolled away from me, still desperately clutching herself with both hands. I saw her bum rhythmically clench several times as her obvious orgasm rocked her. Soon she lay still.

Slowly, she crawled to her side of the bed and slowly sat, her back to me. She sniffed. She was crying softly. She stood up and turned to me, her face tear-stained.

'Why didn't you stop when I told you to?' She whispered. 'You hurt me!' and turned to the bathroom, leaving me stunned; alone.

I DON'T recommend this technique!



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