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Pumpkin Fun

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My good friend and I in high school decided to carve some pumpkins one Friday night while my parents were at a movie. We had several from our garden and were carving away when the conversation somehow turned to jerking off and how we liked to do it. This went on for some time and I couldn't help but notice how nice and slick the inside of the pumpkin felt as I worked it into a lame sculpture.

We kept talking and then I decided to grab some of my fathers DVD's to pop in while we worked. I was already feeling hard as the talk kept getting dirtier and dirtier. The DVD's were hardcore and involved some serious screwing! We both sat in awe watching this guy drill a hot blonde and then I daringly stated that I was so horny I could screw the pumpkin. My buddy immediately agreed and asked what I was waiting for. Now this was a big deal since neither of us had jerked off in front of one another before and I could hardly catch my breath. We both stripped naked and I felt myself pulsing with excitement as I noticed my friends long penis hard as a rock.

I quickly carved a hole in a smooth side of a new pumpkin making it somewhat smaller than my penis so it would have it to slide in with some pressure. My buddy said he wanted to go first and who was I to stop him. As I watched mesmerized, he grabbed my pumpkin and he lowered himself onto his knees and leaned forward spitting into his hand and lubing his hard cock for the first push. It was then that he pressed the head of his penis into the smooth flesh of the pumpkin letting out a deep sigh as he pushed himself deep into the small hole I had carved. He held steady for a moment savoring the apparent pleasure he was feeling as his body shivered with excitement.

Then slowly, he would slide his penis outward just bringing the tip of his head out only to be firmly pushed back in against the mushy insides. I watched this with great joy as his butt muscles flexed and pounded with each hard thrust. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen and was afraid I would lose it right there! His intensity and tempo increased to a fever pitch as he drove himself deeper and deeper into the pumpkin from push-up like position. His grunting grew louder and louder as he pumped it and sweat ran down his spine to his butt which was starting to shine in the light with perspiration. Just when I thought his forceful humping was going to crush the pumpkin, he let out a very loud gasp and made a few short thrusts indicating he was cumming powerfully deep within the jack o lantern! He pulled out his swollen red cock which was slick and wet with a mixture of his own cum and orange insides of the pumpkin and plopped down on the floor next to it. Nearly breathless, he told me it was my turn to have it.

I could hardly wait!! I was turned on watching my friend pleasure himself with the pumpkin and I quickly got down onto the floor. I practically lost it as I neared my cock to the hole as there was fresh cum smeared around it and I knew this was going to be more than I could handle. I ever so slowly slid my pulsing rod into the small hole which was still warm from his hard work! I kept pushing inward feeling my head squish into a pool of still warm semen in the very bottom of the pumpkin. I too stayed still a moment feeling this wonderful fluid coat my head and then slowly slid myself out and then back again. Thrusting harder and harder, I started to lose myself in the pleasure. My friend beside me apparently was getting turned on again because I could see his penis swell again and he was watching intently! It was then that I felt a hand push on my buttocks driving me even deeper into the pumpkin! I was so lost in the moment that I didn't care and his hand only heightened what I was feeling. This was too much! Like a hammer, I thrashed my hips harder and harder until I began to feel thick ribbons of boiling cum erupt from my engorged cock! As the final spurt shot free, I again held myself steady buried inside feeling all that cum on my cock head. I then fell to the ground beside my friend exhausted.



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