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'Pulling Wire'

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My teenage wanking buddy


I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and when I was a kid we always referred to wanking as 'pulling wire'. I had often watched the bigger boys pulling wire so was well aware of what it was all about long before I had my first dry wank, which for most guys is pretty unforgettable.

Kathy, the girl next door who was a year younger than me, and I had played doctors together in the past but had not seen each other's privates for a couple of years and definitely not since I had started pulling wire.

Often in the afternoons after school I would visit Kathy at her house and, as both her parents worked full day, we could listen to music and chat about our understanding of the world and sex as most kids do. This specific afternoon Kathy said she had heard about guys pulling wire and pulled on her index finger and asked how we could get any enjoyment out of doing that to our cocks. I smiled and pulled on my finger and moved my hand up and down in the universal wanking motion and said that was where the pleasure lay.

By this time I had a boner which was tenting my shorts and she giggled and pointed at it and said I must show her how it was done in real life.

I had heard from the bigger boys that girls rubbed their pussies and replied that I would remove all my clothes and pull my wire if she removed hers and rubbed her pussy.

She agreed to remove her shorts but not her top as she said her tits were too small.

I dropped my shorts and stood there with my very stiff cock displayed to a girl who was removing her shorts and showing me her almost hairless pussy.

The excitement was monumental and I barely touched my cock and it exploded shooting more cum than I had seen before.

Kathy said that was very quick and asked if it was always like that. I replied that if she rubbed her pussy I would soon be stiff again and would pull my wire properly for her.

She rubbed her pussy and soon I was pulling wire and I can remember cumming twice more that afternoon and I don't know how many times she did but it was quite a few.

Kathy and I became firm wanking buddies for the remainder of our teenage school years but never had a fuck. We occasionally wanked each other but mainly did it to ourselves and it took about three months before she would remove her top and show me her tits which at that stage of her life were still very small.

Kathy and I both married other people and we lost contact for many years until two weeks ago when we bumped into each other in a shopping mall. I invited her for coffee and we chatted about our lives to date and old times. She laughingly asked me if I remembered what we used to do together as teenagers, to which I answered, pulling on my index finger, that I often thought about it especially when pulling wire. We finished our coffee, swopped mobile telephone numbers and said we should stay in touch.

I am now fantasizing if we could resume our teenage relationship and become wanking buddies again but I somehow don't think our respective spouses would approve.



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