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Pulling Back Prepuce

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How I learned and taught masturbation


Living in India, where even the mention of sex is taboo in conservative families such as the one I was born into, I knew nothing about sex until when I was 12, when a friend told me just the basics of the birds and the bees. But I gave little thought to it until the next year, when I turned 13, and attained puberty. Then I began noticing my cock and balls, and my increasingly long n'strong hard-ons. But even then, I had no idea of how I could derive pleasure from my organs, until I met a guy named Akash, who was 14. But I mostly hung out with another guy named Ravi, a year younger to me. He knew nothing about sex then. Through me, they both came to know each other.

One evening, we were sitting on the roof of our apartment building, when Akash began talking about sex. Most of what he said was new to me, and for Ravi everything was new. Then Akash turned to me and asked me if I was circumcised. I said no. Then he asked me if I had separated my foreskin from my penis head, or mushroom, as he called it. I was like, you can separate it? Yes, he said. He said he had, when he was 13. Then, as if to prove his point, he unzipped his pants, pulling them down, and took out his dick and balls from his briefs. His penis was the only adult penis I had seen, and seemed very big to me. Then he pulled his foreskin back, and I was amazed.

Then he told us both about masturbation. He showed us how to stroke the penis though he didn't ejaculate. I had never ejaculated, so I had never seen any cum. He told me it looked white and the sensation of cumming was really pleasant. While Ravi said it was disgusting, I was intrigued, and vaguely interested. Over the next two months, Akash taught me a little about sex. Once he brought a packet of condoms and was blowing balloons with them. It was the first time I was seeing one. But even then I never thought of masturbation, until one day, after I had turned 14, when I was alone at home late one afternoon. I was exploring a shelf in a cupboard full of rubbish, when I found a stash of condoms. I had a sudden urge to try one on. I quickly opened a packet, ran to the bathroom, stripped completely below my waist.

Reading the instruction leaflet had made me erect. I quickly unrolled it down my dick. I was really messy with that with excitement, so I couldn't cover my dick properly. As soon as I had put it on, I felt really aroused. I decided to masturbate. I made a fist over my erect penis and moved it up and down. Currents of pleasure spread through my body from my cock. And then my penis jerked, and six jets of hot white seed spouted from me. I continued to masturbate like this for some time, without anyone knowing about it. My parents even today (I'm 18 now) have no idea I masturbate. But soon after, I told Akash and Ravi. Akash congratulated me. Ravi was initially a bit disgusted, but later he became curious too.

One day, when he and I were alone in my house, he asked me how it felt. I described it to him as best as I could. Then he said 'Can you show me?' I said 'Yes, but I should get to see too.' Then I pulled down my pants, took my already hardened dick and balls out of my briefs, and began jerking off, soon ejaculating a huge load right in front of him. And that's how I learned and taught how to masturbate. Now Ravi himself masturbates, and I soon successfully managed to separate my foreskin from my penis mushroom, ejaculating twice in the process. I am content with how I masturbate and my penis size, six inches, and don't want any surgery for enhancement. I'm happy with what I have, as long as I'm having fun!



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