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Public Yet, Private Exposure!

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This happened to me just yesterday!


So something somewhat unique and strangely arousing happened yesterday and I wanted to share it. I was at a local department store shopping for a new suit with my father yesterday (he's getting married next month), and once we found the suit I wanted he and I headed off to the dressing room so that I could try on the slacks. Now for those who haven't read my other story contributions in the past, I happen to be physically challenged which is to say that I'm also in a wheelchair. I do have physical sensation from head to toe, however I lack the dexterity to dress myself; which is why I need help from other people. Now I very rarely wear underwear because I find it to be somewhat cumbersome, especially when it comes to using the bathroom and such. However because I knew that I would be trying on clothes, I decided to put on a pair of white briefs. I haven't done laundry in a week or two, and because of that the pair of briefs I had on were somewhat loose and baggy (I do have underwear that fits me better, but the ones I had on were my last resort pair - you know the old standby pair we all have tucked away somewhere). As we went into the wheelchair-accessible dressing room, my dad proceeded to unbuckle my jeans and pull them down with my loose briefs sliding down a bit with them. As he was taking off my jeans, I looked at myself in the full length mirror, and noticed a gap in the briefs and saw the head of my flaccid 2.5 inch penis was inching it's way out the side of my baggy briefs along with some stray pubic hair (I happen to be somewhat bushy in the pubic region). I kept trying to tuck it back in my briefs, but the more I did it the more it kept sneaking back out.

I didn't get hard or anything, but the thought of my penis being exposed (in a public place) and the only thing concealing it was a thin curtain in the dressing room and hearing the voices of other shoppers only a few feet away - strangely turned me on in my mind. It wasn't because my dad was in there with me or anything like that - because he has helped me change clothes and has seen me naked millions of times. Understand I don't go clothes shopping very often and it's even rarer that I try on clothes outside of my own home. Once my dad dropped me back home at my place and left, I quickly undid my jeans and freed my now semi hard dick from my baggy briefs, and began to stroke myself to one powerful orgasm. Anyway, I know it's not the most erotic experience, however it was very unique to me. Anyone else ever experience this kind of thing?

Thanks Solo Touch!

Happy Jacking & Jilling everyone!



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