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Public Orgasm

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This made me feel like a slut after.


My husband had suggested we go to a new club. I went out that afternoon and bought a pair of black, very sheer see thru panties and some black stay up nylons. I put those on, a very short black mini dress. The dress was a silky nylon and I didn't wear a bra, it would have shown up too much, although I noticed if I got cold it was pretty obvious. I put on a pair of silver heels, open toed, and quite high.

The club was glass and chrome and we sat at a round table right against a rail where you could look down at the dance floor. Their heads were about knee high with us. The table top was glass. I was feeling really horny. We had danced a couple of times and the place was crowded. Three guys had their backs to us and were really close, I could reach out and touch them. They were watching a game on the TV and not the dancing. I decided to get my husband out there so I whispered I had something to show him. I opened up my legs and the short dress rode up higher. When I looked down I could see the tops of my stockings and past to my white thighs. I knew at that angle that John could see my panties, and I had shaved off all but a bit of hair right at the top of my clit slit.

He leaned forward and whispered that thing looks wet, better check it. I carefully slid my finger down and damn I was soaked. I slid my finger up and down my clit a couple of times and raised my eyebrows. I told John we have got to leave soon, I might just cum right now. He ordered a coke for me and a drink for him. Then he asked me to undo a button on the top and bottom of the dress. Maybe we could go home soon he said. I undid one on the top and one on the bottom. I reached down for my purse and realised that my top opened and you could see my nipple and as I got my lipstick I noticed that one guy had turned and he was looking down my top when I had bent over.

Now I was really wet. I wanted him to put his hand on my nipple right then, and the more I thought about it the wetter I got. I had crossed my legs and pulled my skirt down. Then I noticed after the guys had talked they all turned around. Now I was nervous, but they pretended to watch the dancing. John was smiling. I made an excuse to go to the bathroom. I stopped and leaned over John and gave him a little kiss, and said, I need to fix my lips. He nodded and told me to come back and put my panties in his pocket.

I left and when I came back I had rigged a button on the bottom of my dress to pop if I pulled at it. I put my soaked panties in his jacket pocket, and when I sat down spread my legs as I swung into the chair. That popped the button. Now my dress was almost open to the crotch, and I pretended not to notice. The guys were watching my legs and then something happened on the TV so they turned to watch that. John leaned over and asked me to check how wet I was. I put two fingers in my slippery wet pussy and leaned forward to hold his hand, rubbing the wetness on his fingers. He soon had them in his mouth and I was really getting hot now. He told me to touch it. I tried to be nonchalant about it, watching the dancers, my fingers touching my clit. My nipples were trying to rip the top off the dress. I told John I have to stop, I can't cum here.

'Sure you can' he said. I was so freaking close I couldn't help myself. He knew my fetish for showing my breasts off by accident to a couple of guys at work, who I suspect knew it wasn't an accident, but anyway he then says, undo another button on the top. I had to cum, I was so close, so I did it, my gaze on the dance floor. My head was turned to the right, looking across the room and when I took a peek down I realised my whole breast was exposed. I could feel it coming and just as I was almost there I looked to the left and up and right into the eyes of the three guys who had turned back around. I realised they could see my legs all the way up past my nylons, and my breast and that they were watching and HOLY CRIPES I CAME AND CAME, shuddering. The whole world had stopped, no sound, just the wet rush of an orgasm leaking onto the chair.

John smiled. I got embarrassed. He got up and put on his coat. I grabbed my purse and when I went to put on my coat the guy says, allow me, and as I slip it on he is looking at my exposed breast again. 'Thanks, that was hot,' he whispered in my ear. I had never had so big and hot an orgasm, my knees wobbled and I was light- headed. I wanted to have sex right then, but I had to wait ten minutes until we got home, and boy was that ever hot.

Since that first public orgasm I've had about fifty more. Some very discreet. Some not so discreet. I'd like to jump on on a bar and do it while the whole place watched, but I'm a sly slut, so it might never happen.



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