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Public Masturbation

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I have only masturbated in public a few times and this was my first.


I had my first f/f experience in college at age 20. But, I had known for several years prior to that momentus event that I was a lesbian but way too insecure, confused, and shy to act on my urges. After my first f/f experience, I became very active with a small group of lesbians and gay guys. After college I took my first job in a large mid western city, rented a small efficiency apt by myself in a section of town with several gay and lesbian bars. A year or so later, I was out alone for a quick bite to eat before heading to my favorite bar to hangout. It was the first time I had eaten at this little restaurant between my apt. and favorite bar, so it took a while to read the menu and order. My waitress had to come back several times before I could decide on pesto pasta and small salad.

My waitress was very patient, providing me with some recommendations, and was so hot-she had on a short black skirt, black stockings, white button-up the front shirt, a pink scarf tied around her neck in the sexiest way and, black apron-she was tall, thin and butch looking with a great butt.

I was sitting in a booth near her waitress station and had a great view of her while she prepared drinks, picked up serving utensils, dishes etc. at the station. I could see up her skirt when she bent over at the station to get various dishes from under the station counter. My plans for the that evening were not set, but I was hoping to get picked up by girl at the bar and have all night sex-so I was rather horny.

My salad was served first by my sexy waitress, making eye contact while exchanging smiles and small talk. I was wearing my typical flannel shirt, jeans, and cap. My pussy was moist from watching my waitress, and my nipples were hard from rubbing them (I had no bra on). I couldn't resist unbuttoning my shirt and sliding my hand inside, gently pinching and pulling on my long hard nipples-my booth was pretty much out of sight from the other customers at that time. My waitress served my pasta while my eyes were closed and I was playing, lol,-I was somewhat startled and realized she had caught me fondling my nipples with my hand inside my shirt-and my pussy was getting much more excited.

Gawd, I love to play with my nipples and my waitress was very well aware of this now. I started eating my pasta and dreaming about my waitress in bed with me as I slid my hand under the table, beginning to rub my mons and vulva. My pasta was a 1/2 order, so it didn't take me long to finish eating and concentrate on my damp pussy. By now I knew I needed to finish myself (that is to masturbate until I had an orgasm) before I left the restaurant. I undid the button and zipper on my jeans and slid my hand inside. My shirt was still unbuttoned and my small boobs were peeking out as I tweeked my nipples with my other hand. The excitement of being in a public place and masturbating was huge. I had never thought of doing anything like this before-although I had been felt up many times at my favorite bar.

My waitress was not very busy with customers, so she came back and filled my water glass, asked if I wanted anything else-while I sat there with my shirt open and my hand in my pants fingering my clit under the table. No desert for me, so she went back to the waitress station, where we could see each other without any obstructions. I assumed she could tell I was doing something under the table and she was not overly shy about staring at my exposed nipple.

I sat back in the corner of my booth, stretching my legs out under the table and continued to finger my clit and vagina until I had a nice little orgasm, nothing too big or loud, but definitely a nice tingly one, with my waitress watching me. Before I left, I spoke with my waitress and told her she could meet me later if she wanted-but she declined, but thanked me for the nice tip I gave her (actually she was thanking me for the nice show I gave her!!!). I ate there frequently after that night but never again masturbated for my waitress.



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