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Public Car Show

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Public car show

This is a little background to my main story. One day when I was 15 I was walking home and saw a used condom on the floor. I knew it was used because I could see cum in it. As I was alone and behind some bushes being horny as hell I pulled my cock out and started wanking. I did this whilst staring at the cum filled condom. I fantasized about picking it up and pouring the cum in my mouth and about the people fucking behind the bushes. I didn't actually touch the condom but looking back on it I wish I did. This all ended up with me shooting a huge load all over the floor around the condom. I should tell you I'm in no way gay but I love cum, now to the main feature.

Around two years after I left school I was driving around in my car when I had just passed my test and I drove past my old school it was around 4:00 so most of the students had left with a few stragglers from after school classes leaving. I noticed how sexy the school uniform was and the girl wearing it. I was so turned on. I pulled over and jacked off at the side of the road as passing cars and the odd passer by came past (as they did I covered up). This ended up in a huge messy load with cum everywhere. I realized soon after that this was the best masturbation session I had ever had in terms of my orgasm. I repeated the same process for days after as I did I kept getting more daring arriving on the school road closer and closer to the finishing time so I could wank over the sexy girls in uniforms. Not only was I being more daring with my timing but I now found myself trying to expose my throbbing cock to the girls (legal aged ones). I did this for around a year on and off due to work commitments.

I have now found new ways to make it exciting I have used sex toys women's panties women's bras stockings and even condoms full of my own cum to push me over the edge. I was at the usual spot with a cum filled condom that I filled earlier that day waiting for the school day to finish. I thought about the day when I was 15 and wanked over the condom I found. I got the idea of putting the condom out of the car on the pavement so that the passing girls (and guys) could see it. It was placed about 20 foot away from my car so as it couldn't be traced back to me. When people started coming out it was greeted with some strange looks. Some groups of guys pointed and laughed at it probably getting as horny as I did on that day when I was 15. The girls looked at it and smiled as it was probably the first time some of them had seen cum. All the time I was in the car jacking off hard with a pair of my sisters worn panties. I kept rubbing my pre cum on the crotch and licking it off.

It had been around an hour and I was in so much ecstasy using the start stop method when the after school clubs started to come out. There were a few good girls to wank to and I came so close to cumming but I was waiting for something but I didn't quite know what. After 99% of the people had left the traffic on the road was non-existent. I noticed one more girl coming out of the school she looked around 16 so I thought this is my chance to cum. I wound down my window so that she could see as she walked past. As she was walking up to the condom she kept staring at it she had a slight smile on her face as she walked past. I was wanking like there was no tomorrow as I desperately wanted to cum looking at her. Just as she walked past the windows I started cumming all the time staring at her beautiful body. I shot 6 ropes of hot cum all over the panties and on the steering wheel.

I milked the last few drops out of my cock and started cleaning up and getting ready to leave. I noticed the girl walk back past my car a few minutes later, I assumed she had forgotten something from school. I thought nothing of it and being relieved I didn't really pay all that much attention to her. As I buckled up my seat belt I saw her make a stupid attempt at dropping her books on the floor next to my soiled condom. I blatantly saw her pick it up and stuff it into her blazer. She carried on walking back towards the school as if nothing had happened. At this point astonished I drove off.

That night I wanked off thinking about what she was doing with my cum. Every day I see her I make a special effort to give her a show as she walked past my car. I think she knows it was my cum now. I have more cum dripping off my cock now just thinking about it and I haven't even touched myself.

This is a true story. I'd love for someone else to post some stories like my one. I have many more to come.



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