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PTA Meeting Part. 2

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Open up and live a little


We continued this for a few months longer, and then one day she mentioned that this was helping her and her husband get closer. She had learned a few tips from stroking my cock, and evidently he had noticed during their lovemaking. Somehow she and her husband talked about our Mutual Masturbation sessions, and he is OK with it, as long as it goes no further. Wow, I was shocked to say the least. They even mentioned that maybe I should ask my wife and let her know about this. Not a good idea I said, as my wife would not approve. I let it go until the next week, she said her husband would like to join us that afternoon. Scared, and a little nervous, I agreed, and she sent him a text message on his phone and off to their house we went.

I noticed his car was already there when we arrived, and we went straight to the bedroom. Sitting there in a pair of his wife's sexiest panties was her husband. Without missing a beat, he got up and introduced himself. Awestruck, and never before having seen another guy in women's panties before, I said hello. By then, all kinds of crazy thoughts were racing through my head. I had never been attracted to a guy before, but I could not keep my eyes off his hardening package, so neatly framed by the lace and bows. We all got undressed to our underwear, me in my bikini's, him in her panties, and she in her panties as well and crawled on the bed. He then asked me if I was OK with this, and proceeded to thank me for helping him and his wife out of a rut. No problem was all I could muster. By that point, I could tell that he was uncut, and although I had never really thought of it, I had always been fascinated by the uncut cocks I had seen in the gym during my school years.

Next thing I know, we are all working her clit, trying to bring her to one of the biggest sloppiest orgasms she had ever had. We were all enjoying ourselves when he reached over and began stroking my cock. I went back to fingering his wife's clit, when I felt his hands at my ass, just as her's usually were. I opened my legs more, and welcomed his thick fingers and manly hands to my most private place. He continued to do the same thing she had, this time though, using his pre-cum and mine as the lube for his fingers. He slipped his middle finger inside of me, and I could really tell the difference between her thin long fingers, and his thick, rougher finger.

Although, I must admit, I preferred his to hers. As he stroked my cock with one hand, and fingered my ass with the other, his wife screamed out with the loudest orgasm I had ever heard, and flooded us both with her wetness. She had never cum so hard, and it was thick and clear. She pulled off of me, shaking. Feeling caught up in the moment, I decided to return what was happening to me, and slipped into a 69 type position with her husband, but lying on our sides. With him still clad in her panties, I gently removed his cock from the panties and began stroking it, mesmerised by the foreskin. Sliding it back and forth, and then dipping my finger into the folds, stroking the head and dabbling the pre-cum on my finger.

While I was tempted to put his glorious cock in my mouth, I did not want to violate the terms of our session, and proceeded to slide my hand under the crotch of his panties and find his warm hole as well.

It did not take long before I had my fingers knuckle deep in his ass, massaging his prostrate just as he did mine at the same time. I looked at the wife, and she was busily fucking herself with a vibrator, and watching us with intense eyes. I asked him if he was ok, and if we could stroke them together, and he happily obliged. We spun and sat up on our knees towards each other, and he reached out and placed my cock next to his, and for the first time, I saw that he and I mirrored each others cocks, except that he was uncut, and I was not. They honestly looked like the same cock, his just thicker at the head where his skin peeled back.

That is when he placed my cock head into his and pulled the foreskin back over them both. What a hot, tight feeling. He then stroked us both and I had never felt so ready to explode. I took the chance and grabbed both our cocks, still stuck together in his foreskin, and stroked them as well. We were both breathing really hard, and I could tell he was as close as I was. I came first, erupting cum all over his dick, with such force, that it spurted out of our two joined cocks, and landed on his neck. This sent him over the edge, and as we broke our docked cocks, he spurted the biggest load I had ever seen, including in a porn movie, all over my cock and balls. I just leaned back and let him milk it out on my softening cock, and after he relaxed and finished, I continued to rub his cum on my cock and pubes. This got me hard instantly again, and I decided to jack off again with his cum as my lube. He leaned back and asked me to shoot it on his cock. A few seconds later, I did as I was asked, and placed a nice glob of man cum all over his cock and balls too!

We have got together at least once a week ever since, and have evolved it into more, but that is for another site.



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