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'Ps: I Did That Toilet Trip'

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A story about an encounter with one of my best girl friends, Jess.


I've known Jess for about 6 years now. I met her after I moved to a new high school when I was 14. We didn't speak a lot back then in person, but we'd usually find time to chat over MSN.

I developed a teenage crush on her, and would often spend the lonely nights wanking to her image. Eventually though we fell out of touch and I ended up with another girl named Chloe (Who I've written about before.)

Fast forward to year twelve, I was 16. Chloe and I broke up after two years together. I'd been gradually getting back in contact with Jess over the time of the relationship, and on more than one occasion Jess had been the centre of a few jealous fights between me and Chloe. As I finished year 12 and turned 17, I completely lost contact with Chloe, but continued strengthening my friendship with Jess.

I'm now 20 and I would consider Jess to my one of my better friends, if not my best friend. I've been completely open to her about all things, emotionally and sexually, and she has been completely open with me. We never surprise each other by what we say, and she's one of the very few people who I can talk to without worrying about offending her or driving her away.

Anyway, that covers the backstory of this series of events. I've had a few sexual encounters with Jess, all entirely over the internet whether it be through MSN or email. I never cybered with her or wrote anything raunchy. These were simply completely open moments between two good friends.

Jess has been working at a new job, and recently figured out that she can use MSN on the computer she uses. I'm at home during the hours she works, and these hours I like to use to masturbate in long sessions, since I rarely get any other time.

So it begins one day like normal, Jess signs onto MSN at work and we say hello. She asks what I'm doing and I just say 'masturbating.' I've said this to her before and she usually just tells me to have fun, or we keep talking normally until I finish, without it interrupting the conversation.

On this occasion though she said her usual line of 'Having fun?' I was really horny on this day, and had been going for an hour or so. I told her how great it was, and she said she wished she could do it there. The idea of her sneakily masturbating in her office was a huge turn on for me, so I suggested that she try to do it. But she was too nervous to do so in case someone saw her. I suggested she go to the public toilets and masturbate in one of the stalls. She liked the idea but again was too nervous.

So we kept chatting about masturbation this time. I was wanking myself slowly during the whole conversation. We were asking each other questions about our personal sex lives too. I asked her where was the riskiest place she ever masturbated, and she told me how she was sunbaking one day and got horny. So she stripped her bikini underwear off and started playing with her clit out in her open backyard. Anyone could have seen her from the road, and she said she had a mind-blowing orgasm very quickly from the risk.

One thing she seem particularly interested in asking me about was my cum. How much I ejaculated. What I did with the cum. Had I ever tasted it. When I told her about how I would cum straight into my mouth sometimes, she replied with 'God, I am so wet right now and there's nothing I can do about it.' I again recommended that she go and masturbate in the toilet stall and she finally said 'Hmm, ok, brb'

It was so erotic thinking about her having an orgasm in a public place like that, that I quickly rubbed myself to an orgasm of my own, blowing my cum all over my stomach. By the time she got back I had cleaned myself up. I asked her how it was and she said she had chickened out and not done it. I was a little disappointed by that. She asked me how I was going and I told her I'd cummed.

We chatted some more as the day went by until finally she had to leave at 5pm. We said goodbye, and just before she logged off she left this message: 'PS: I did that toilet trip :p hahahaha' and went offline before I could respond.

The second I read that comment, I was so turned on. Not only had she actually masturbated in the toilet, but she left that message at the end of the conversation specifically because she knew it would turn me on. Before I went to bed, I had a terrific orgasm thinking of her masturbating in the toilet, people coming in and out around her. I pictured myself having an orgasm at the same time she did, both of us lost in our own pleasure.

I'd be happy to masturbate with Jess in person some day. I'm not romantically interested in her, but I am sexually attracted to her. She's a really great friend and I'm happy to have such a mutually open relationship with her. We still chat openly about our masturbation and sex lives and I still love it.



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