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Proud of My Son

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This occurred about 5 years ago.


My wife and I have always been very open with our sons (now 20 and 15) when it comes to matters that many families make into dark little secrets- drinking, drugs, sex. We do this because it seems to make the kids less likely to engage in these things if they can come to us to talk about their situations. We are huge advocates for masturbation and I have never been shy about telling them that I do it and did it quite frequently when I was their age.
When my oldest son was 15, I got some insight into just how much he had taken our advice to heart and how accomplished he was at 'his craft'. We had a den with a television at one end of the room, flanked by two big leather chairs. Opposite the TV was a big comfortable couch that I would lay on at night, as I watched TV and read over briefs for the next day's work. Well one night I was laying on the couch and my son was sitting in the chair to my left. He had been flipping around from Sportscenter to a baseball game and would, every once in a while, linger on the spanish language station. I was tired and was dozing off when it caught my attention that there was a trio of topless women in a hottub on the TV screen, all speaking in Spanish.
I was amazed at what happened next, as my son began rubbing a very formidable erection through his khaki shorts. Before I knew it, as the women on the TV screen touched each other, my son kicked off his flip-flops and stripped off his T-shirt revealing his well cut 130 lb teenaged wrestler's body. He continued rubbing the tent pole in his pants in slow motion and seemed to ignore the fact that I was in the room, presumedly half asleep on the couch.
Before I knew it, he was slumping in the chair and unbuttoning his shorts. He lifted his butt off of the seat as he slid those to the ground, quickly followed by his plaid boxers, which exposed a beautiful 6 inch erection to the air. He was fully naked, right in front of me, with his penis throbbing as he kept his eyes glued to the tube. I could not believe that the little boy I had known was now a almost a full grown man, engaged in such a display of his sexuality. I was amazed and proud of who he had become, proud of his ability to enjoy his sexuality and proud of the beautiful body that my wife and I had created and that he had kept up so well.
I was also turned on, watching my son go to work on himself right in front of me. By this time I had my own throbbing erection and could do nothing except pretend that I was asleep. As I lay there wondering about how I would solve my issue, my son went to work on himself. He started out slowly stroking his hard-on with his right hand. He rubbed his chest with his free hand and worked it down to his stomach, lingering just above his neat blonde triangular bush of pubic hair. He rubbed his legs as he kept a slow but steady pace on his penis.
He took his attention off of the TV and closed his eyes as he sunk lower in the chair and began to moan soft moans. His left hand by now had settled on the hairless scrotum that encased his formidable testicles; a family trait. He massaged his balls as he changed to a 'backhand' grip on his penis. What happened next almost made me loose it in my pants. He removed his hand from his balls and covered his left middle finger in pre-cum that was now pouring out of his wand. He lifted his butt up from the chair, reached around and inserted the well lubed finger into his gloryhole. He let out a soft contented moan.
After he had tickled his prostate for thirty seconds or so he took his finger out of his butt and opened his eyes. For the first time, acknowledging that I was in the room, he looked at me and said, 'Come on Dad, drop 'em. I've always wanted to do this with you and you look like you're ready.' With this he looked at the tent in my pants.
Not sure of what to do, I hesitated before saying 'OK' and stripping until I was as exposed as he. He had stopped working himself but was still hard and muttered a teenaged 'awrighhht Dad' as I went to work on my own raging tool. He had walked in on me before and I had walked in on him but this was all different now.
He went back to what he had been doing and reinserted his finger. I rubbed myself as I lay on the couch watching him. I tried to pace myself so that we could cum at the same time. About a half hour after this all began, my son arched his back and shot three or four big ropes of cum, with the first hitting his face and the others going down his chest and stomach and into his bush. I shot likewise, an incredibly strong orgasm and moaned just as my son had at climax. Like father like son.
We got up after a minute of quiet reflection and went to clean up. As I got to the linen closet and went to hand my son a towel he brushed the towel aside and stepped in close to hug me. There we were fused in a naked embrace, covered in our own - our family's - DNA. 'I've never felt so close to you Dad', he said as we went to our seperate bathrooms to take showers.
It happened a few more times but was never frequent and he got my younger son to join us once on a camping trip, but those are other stories, for other times. My son is now in college and in a Military Officer program and wants to go to law school. He has been dating a beautiful young lady and has done well for himself. I am proud of the boy that he was and of the man that he has become. All fathers should be so lucky!



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