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Prostitute's Hand Pleasures

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Early morning surprise.


Just had to share this. Happened back in the mid 80s and was at around 7:45 AM. I had to go by an other dealer that morning on my way to work to pick up a part. I was driving on city streets to get to work thru an old part of town on the South side. The very last thing on my mind that morning was anything to do with sex.

Anyway, I passed a bus stop bench at a corner and sitting on the bench was this very beautiful Mexican woman wearing a pair of shorts. She had the most beautiful and shapely looking legs that I've seen in a while. I slowed down just to take this sight in for a while. I guess it was pure lust as I was having thoughts of how I'd sure love to get my hands on those legs. As I went by she sat there following me with her eyes. I then began to realize that this might actually be a street walker. A prostitute. I couldn't help myself and I turned at the next corner and went around the block. I came up beside her and stopped at the stop sign. She was sitting there looking at me. Again: I was so turned on by her legs and things were really beginning to swell in my pants. I had a $10 bill in my pocket and I figured it would be enough if she was in fact a working girl. I pointed behind me and sure enough she got up and started walking back down the street. I quickly made it around the block and picked her up.

This was totally unplanned that morning. I drove off and we talked for a minute and finally got down to business. I told her all I had time for was a little rub while I excited myself feeling her legs and pulled out the $10. She moved over to me and took the money. It was daylight and people were around so I didn't think it would be a good idea to take out my big erect cock so I told her to just rub me and with those legs there was no way I'd last very long. I had on thin fairly tight fitting slacks and my hard cock was very visable. She went to rubbing on me and I went to feeling her up. Those legs felt every bit as good as they looked and I sure enough didn't last too long. I soon went to breathing fast and shallow and soon stiffened up some, let out a grunt and off I went right there in my pants. It felt so good. I took her where she wanted and let her out. I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes. The wet place in front of my slacks was enormous. I don't think I'd cum this much in a long time. I made it to work and used the excuse that I had hit my brakes and lost my coffee there. If only they knew what it actually was. I did go back to this woman a couple more times and last I saw her she took me to where she lived for our business. She had on pants that day so she took them off for me and only had on panties. I got to see all of her fantastic legs that day. I dropped my pants and sat on her bed. I remember she picked up this little sample foil pack of some kind of lotion, tore it open and squeezed it on her hand. She showed it to me and made the comment 'kind of looks like cum doesn't it'. I thought to myself these girls are something else. She was around mid to late 20s and no telling how much cum she had seen in her life from no telling how many different boys and men. I never saw her again or any other working girls in that area and figured the law had probably clamped down on them. If so, they sure ruined a very good thing!



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