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Prostitute World

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While I was traveling alone across Italy, I would stop in some towns on the beach, to take a swim, seeing sights. In one town I was sitting alone in the park. Usually some men would start to flirt with me. Usually men like my figure, and they say, I have a 'baby face'. I have short hair and I am usually quite casual, neatly dressed, but my nicely rounded figure is still somehow visible for them...

This time an older prostitute came to me. She was very kind and friendly, so I got into a conversation. She was talking very honestly, about her life. Can't explain why, but my sympathy for her during that conversation started to grow and grow. She said she had a very rich life, that this life is dangerous, but her God is guarding her, she said. Her body was a bit used, but still firm and warm, she said. She had long, straight, black hair. Her dress hardly covered her full, round, but natural breasts, she was wearing casual jeans trousers, but in a way her lace underpanties could be seen, her skin was too brown from the sun (or an artificial browning creme?). But when she took off her sunglasses, her eyes were beautiful and deep. Then she talked about her children, aspecially her daughter and tears came into her eyes. I said to her, that she is beautiful and hugged her. She said if I would like to take a walk with her and that she has to work. I said ok. So we were walking through the town, hand in hand and I could feel the eyes from the people everywhere on me. In some peculiar way it felt good, so I put some more sex appeal in my walk. I knew people were judging me, looking at me as I am a prostitude also, but I didn't care. Anyway, I was in a foreign town.

Nicola, that was her name, said she is proud to walk with a beautiful girl like me. Then she said, she had a room in a hotel, that she has an appointment with her 'friend' in an hour, and if I would like to wait with her a little bit.

I knew.. by then, that this could start to get a little bit dangerous for me, but I trusted her and decided to play a little game some more...

So I went with her. In the elevator we both started to admire each others breasts. She shamelessly put her hand with many golden rings in my bra and said: 'Che bellissima'. I was trying to stop my breathing, but I couldn't. I could see she was touched by my lack of experience..

In her apartment, she said, she is going to prepare herself for her client, try some underwear, etc., and I could take a shower, having a long trip made me sweat.. so I did. I had a cold shower and when I came back, she was trying on some underwear in front of the mirror. I layed down on her bed naked and started to touch myself, my nipples and my belly. She was looking at me in the mirror and smiled. She said: 'Common baby, common child, don't be afraid'. Than she sat on the chair next to the bed and looked at me. Then I spread my legs and then she knelt in front of me and kissed me. Then she lay beside me and then we both started to caress each other very tenderly. She had a used, a little bit wrinkeled, but warm, nicely rounded body, brown from the sun and mine was still white and silky. She then started too finger me and then I did the same for her. She was moaning really deep, almost crying, then she came.

Then after, she said she has a client and that I can stay also, but I said I had to run and catch the train and so I did. I caressed her again, said that she is beautiful and said goodbye.

Back on a train, I had a trip all night long, but couldn't sleep, went in a train toilet and masturbated.



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