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Prostate Massage & New Masturbation Technique

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Prostate Massage and New Masturbation Technique
Dear Sirs:
I have discovered a prostate massage product which also results in incredible orgasms, and I was wondering if you could post this on your site on masturbation techniques. The product, PS New, is manufactured by High Island Health, and the product and a full description can be viewed at: http://www.highisland.com/
All I can say is WOW!!! I received the PS New in about one week after placing my order, which was fantastic, because I was anxiously awaiting it with the highest of expectations. And, if you can believe this, the PS New exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations. Words can not describe your product - the PS New. However, I will attempt to describe my first experience with the PS New.
The first time I used the PS New, I made sure that I, as well as the PS New, was well lubricated with personal lubricant (I used copious amounts of KY Jelly, since this was the first time anything has been inserted into my rectum - other than a doctor's finger during a digital rectal exam). I even used an applicator tube that came with a tube of KY that I had purchased a long time ago to apply KY into my rectum to make sure that I was adequately lubricated prior to insertion of the PS New.
I then placed the tip of the PS New at the opening of my rectum and slowly pushed until I could feel the tip of it begin to enter my rectum. I was surprised at how easily and painlessly the PS New was to insert into my rectum. In fact, when it was about half way into my rectum, it was "sucked" the rest of the way in without any additional pushing from my hand. It was like it had a mind of its own - the design and engineering of the PS New was immediately obvious to me at that time. The front leg abutment came to rest at the proper place to contact my perineum, and the back leg fit comfortably between the cheeks of my butt.
To be truthful, the initial sensation felt kind of like an "uncomfortable pressure", one that I was not used to. My first reaction was to remove the PS New from my rectum to alleviate this previously unfelt sensation.
However, I had made up my mind beforehand to give it a chance (and, boy am I glad that I did). So, I decided to relax and allow my body to become accustomed to this foreign object that was now inside of my rectum. After about 10 minutes of relaxation and allowing my body to adjust to this new sensation, I very slowly began to contract my anal sphincter muscle, which caused my penis to become erect from pressure produced by the PS New on my perineum and prostate. I then started increasing the intensity and duration of the anal sphincter contractions. I felt very full, warm, and tingly in my groin area. I felt very content, relaxed, and peaceful now - almost euphoric. As I continued to contract my anal sphincter, I could feel the PS New sliding softly back and forth in my anal canal as it massaged my prostate and simultaneously applied pressure to my perineum. This sensation was very erotic to me.
After less than a minute of these more intense contractions, I felt like I was going to pee. However, I had urinated prior to insertion of the PS New into my rectum, so I knew that my bladder was already empty, and that this sensation that I was feeling must have been a result of the more vigorous massaging caused by the more intense contractions of my anal sphincter. So, I kept contracting my anal sphincter and the urge to pee was replaced by a warm, tingly feeling that originated at the base of the shaft of my penis near my testicles and ran all the way up towards the head of my penis. The inside of my thighs near my scrotum also had a warm and tingly feeling. I then looked down at my penis and could see clear juices flowing (not milky-white and squirting like in my normal ejaculating orgasms) out the tip of my penis. The juices were clear and warm and glistened as they flowed down the shaft of my penis and then dripped off of my testicles onto my bed. I continued to voluntarily contract my anal sphincter, but the juices stopped flowing out of the tip of my penis. I then felt a different type of orgasm, one that I had never felt before, building up deep within me. The origin of this orgasm felt like it was emanating from an area near my anus, but deeper - much deeper inside of me. These feelings and sensations were like none I had every experienced before. I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen next. However, I do know that what ever was going to happen, I did not want it to stop - it was like I could not get enough of this wonderful feeling that was starting to completely wash over me. At this point, my anal sphincter seemed to be taking over and contracting frantically, intensely, and involuntarily on its own, without any conscious effort on my part. I then exploded in the most intense orgasm that I have ever experienced in my life - it rolled with wave after wave of marvelous contractions. I could not believe the amount of ejaculate that came out of my penis during this orgasm. The involuntary contractions continued on their own, which intensified the massaging effect of the PS New and prolonged the orgasmic state that I was feeling. During this orgasmic state, I was having deep body shaking contractions; however, after I squirted several long streams of semen, I stopped ejaculating, even though I was still definitely having a very intense orgasm. This "dry orgasm" lasted for about a minute until the involuntary contractions of my anal sphincter subsided.
"First times" are always incredible and very memorable, as was my first experience with my PS New. Like they say, all good things must come to an end, and so it was with my first use of the PS New. And, after about 55 minutes, I reluctantly removed the PS New from my rectum. However, I know that this will be an experience that I can repeat when ever I desire, and I know that I will desire often.
What I described above was my first "solo experience" with the PS New. I also enjoy incorporating the use of the PS New while making love to my wife with incredible, mind-blowing results. And, my wife says that it makes my penis seem bigger and harder when I am inside of her and start my anal sphincter contractions. With the PS New inserted into my rectum, I enjoy the missionary style of intercourse the best now. Because, after I enter her, I can then push up on my arms and arch my back, which seems to increase the massage pressure on my prostate and perineum area during my anal sphincter contractions. And, for a super intense orgasm, my wife will reach around behind me right when I am getting ready to ejaculate inside her and grab the back leg of the PS New and then gently move it from side to side, which results in an unbelievably intense prostatic massage enhanced orgasm as I am ejaculating. This makes for a truly intense and explosive orgasm, and she loves to see the effect that it has on me, because my orgasms now last for extended periods of time when I am inside of her. My wife has even commented that my orgasmic contractions are so intense when she does this that she can feel them deep inside of her vagina (she says it feels like a vibrator inside of her, only it is my penis), which quickly brings her to orgasm too!
The PS New is a fantastic product, and words can not justly describe it. My wife and I have been married for 29 years. The PS New has enhanced our love making, and taken it to the next level - one of total ecstasy! Both my wife and I look forward to many years of "faithful service" from my PS New! I know that the above description of my experiences with the use of the PS New is way to long to include as a testimonial for the product. Therefore, please feel free to include any or all of my above summary as you deem necessary. And, again, thank you!



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