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Prostate Massage

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Yesterday, I had six orgasms. Now, I know, if I were female, that wouldn't be all that impressive. But I'm male. And maybe if I were fifteen, it wouldn't be too terribly impressive either. But I'm thirty-nine. And maybe if I'd had those six orgasms over the course of the entire day, still that wouldn't be so amazing. But I had them in the span of about thirty minutes. And one of them, the fourth, may have been six orgasms by itself, since it lasted a full two and a half minutes. But let's just count it as one.
That's not the only time I've had such an experience, either. Six orgasms in one session is my record. Usually, I'll do five. The two-minute-plus orgasm is unusual, probably the longest I've ever had, and definitely the most intense, but I've had similar orgasms on other occasions.
These aren't your ordinary orgasms. They don't involve ejaculation. That's why I can keep coming again and again. The last orgasm does involve ejaculation. With the others, there is just a large production of pre-cum, usually. Nonetheless, the non-ejaculatory orgasms feel just as good as ejaculatory orgasms, and the two-minute-plus versions feel even better. And there's no need for 'stop-and-start' or any of that sort of thing.
The secret to my success is the Aneros prostate stimulator. This remarkable little device is what makes multiple orgasms a reality for me and many other men. It makes them not just possible, but easy to achieve, and predictable. I should say that I have no financial or other relationship with the makers of the Aneros. I'm just a very satisfied customer. And I want to share this miracle with other men.
When I want to have a session with the Aneros, which I do about once a month, I start by getting myself extremely hot before I begin using it. That usually involves looking at porn. Pictures of women masturbating are my favorite. I'll often read stories here, too, or one's I've saved from over the years. When I'm really horny, so horny that my cock is throbbing and tingling, that's when it's time to start.
It's important that my rectum be clear. Otherwise, the Aneros won't be free to move in my ass. So recently I've started giving myself a light enema once I'm ready to use it. I find the sensations that go with having an enema arousing, so that helps, too.
The Aneros is shaped like a slim finger. At least, the part of it that you put in your ass is shaped that way. There's also a 'fin' that extends out to the front. That is meant to be positioned along the perineum, the sensitive skin between the anus and the prostate. There's said to be an acupressure point there. Quite definitely, you can massage the prostate from that point, as well as from inside.
It's important to allow oneself a period of time to adjust to the presence of the Aneros. If you have no experience at all with anal penetration, then it may take quite a while for that to happen, even several sessions. I'd really suggest, actually, that you start by getting used to having something in your butt some other way. Try a small butt plug. Or your fingers. Or something.
As it happens, I've been into anal play for twenty years now (though I'm straight), so the Aneros, slim as it is, slips right into my butt, and I can adjust to it very quickly. The next step the manufacturer recommends is to lie on my bed, clenching my sphincter and then holding it for ten seconds at a time. Over and over. They suggest lying on your side, with your legs pulled up. I do it that way sometimes, other ways other times. This step is pleasurable in itself, and it gets the juices flowing quite nicely. And I mean that literally. As I clench my sphincter, the Aneros is forced up and over my prostate, putting pressure on it, and the fin is pulled into my perineum, putting additional pressure on my prostate from that angle. The visible result is the appearance of a drop of pre-cum on the tip of my cock. The non-visible result is an increasing level of arousal, and a wonderful ability to focus on the sensations that are being produced, deep inside my body. So I never skip this step and usually do about ten or fifteen reps.
I should say that I usually put some porn on the TV before I start, usually videos of women masturbating, again. I tend not to watch them continually, but just have them there to give me a lift when I need one. The sound is good, too.
When I can easily feel the Aneros rubbing itself over my prostate, and when I'm able easily to focus on those sensations, then I'm really ready to start moving toward my first orgasm. The secret, and this does take some time to learn, is to clench the sphincter, but only about half way. That brings the Aneros up toward my prostate, and I can feel it there, but it's impossible to hold it at just that place. It's impossible to keep my sphincter clenched exactly half way. So instead, my ass starts involuntarily clenching and releasing around the stem of the Aneros. The tip, buried deep in my ass, is thus forced up over the prostate as my butt clenches, and then it rubs back down over my prostate as I relax again. The fin outside, on my perineum, presses in against the prostate with the clenching, and then it releases as my ass does. All of this happens completely automatically, as the muscles around my sphincter clench and release as I try to hold that half way position. It's like magic.
The feeling of the Aneros massaging my prostate from inside and outside, at the same time, is amazing. As my excitement builds, my whole body starts gently to shake from my hips; as the arousal grows, the shaking grows, too. (Having taped myself and seen how it looks, I can say that it feels a lot more powerful than it is, but there is a visible shaking, to be sure.) Surprisingly, my cock usually doesn't get terribly hard. A bit, yes, but not all that much. It's not that kind of excitement, so don't worry if you try it and you don't get hard. What does happen is that my whole body gets incredibly sensitive. Tingly, all over, though especially in all my various special places. When that starts to happen, I stroke my body with my hands. My breasts and nipples. My upper thighs. All around my cock. On my scrotum. But at this stage, I usually do not touch my cock. I don't want to ejaculate, and too much stimulation of my cock could lead to that. I just enjoy how wonderfully sensitive my whole body has become, and continue the half-clenching of my anus.
The sensations build and build, as with an ordinary orgasm, until, all of a sudden, there is a tremendous release, and somewhere deep inside my body there is a sensation of pumping, very similar to the feeling I have when I'm squirting cum. My hips jerk forward, over and over again, just as with an ordinary orgasm, and a huge rush of pleasure overcomes me. The sensation of orgasm typically lasts about fifteen to twenty seconds, again similar to an ordinary orgasm. But there is no ejaculate. Just a puddle of pre-cum, which I usually scoop into my mouth or rub over my chest. And most importantly, there is no post-ejaculatory letdown, either. Once I rest for a moment, and enjoy the afterglow, I'm ready to go again.
Subsequent orgasms are achieved the same way. Sometimes I'll shift my position. I almost always do the first one lying on my back, but I've done subsequent ones lying on my side, up on all fours (especially if I want to fantasize about getting fucked in the butt), or on my stomach. I'll often add other forms of stimulation, too. I might put on a cock-strap or ball separator, for example. Or add nipple clamps. But once I've had my first orgasm this way, I can have more pretty easily. It usually takes about four minutes, from when I start clenching half way to when I come.
Yesterday, I did two more like that. It was the fourth that was so amazing. I had on a ball separator and nipple clamps, and I had been enjoying an intense fantasy about my wife getting fucked by this really hot dread who works at a local coffee shop. I was really hot. And when I started coming that time, it just didn't stop. I thought at first that it might, but then I clenched my sphincter real hard, and it just kept going. The pumping kept going, and my whole body was shaking, and wave after wave of absolutely unreal pleasure just kept washing over me. Just when it seemed as if it was going to ease up a bit, it would come back again full force, throwing me back into orgasmic ecstasy all over again. It lasted for a full two and a half minutes, at which point I finally came down, intensely satisfied but not at all satiated. There was something deeply spiritual about it. I felt like telling myself I love me. Instead, I scooped up the really huge puddle of pre-cum, now laced with little bits of semen, as well, brought it to my mouth, and enjoyed my taste.
I might have stopped there, but I wanted to see if I could have one more. So I started clenching right away, without even resting, and a fifth orgasm washed over me within a couple minutes. I don't know if I could have had another. It was clear that my prostate was really starting to empty itself. So, with the Aneros still buried deep in my horny butt, I brought my trusted right hand to my cock, lubed up with the fluids all around my dick, and quickly brought myself to my sixth and last orgasm of the afternoon. This time, I did ejaculate, though the cum was different from how it usually is. Since most of the prostatic fluid had already been released in previous orgasms, my cum was very thick. Now, I was both satisfied and satiated.
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