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A prostate massage.


I had just received a relaxing massage that my work's health benefits paid for when I saw a flyer on the desk describing a prostate cleansing. Interested, I stuffed the flyer in my pocket and left. In the car I quickly pulled out the paper and was intrigued right away. On the way home I used my cell phone to make an appointment for the next day.

I have always shaved my genital area not only for the slippery sex with the wife but also because it's better for working outside in the heat. Well I did an extra special shave job this time, put on brand new underwear and headed out the door to my appointment with having some strange woman tend to my prostate. How, I didn't know. I was greeted at the reception area as usual and after a while a rather average looking woman in her mid to late 30's dressed in a white lab coat and carrying a clipboard, looked me in the eyes from beside the reception desk and said, 'Mr. Murray?' and smiled a sweet smile as she motioned me to a hallway and entered a room.

'How are you today, I see the rain has cleared up?'

'Well I'm a little nervous of course. Its, its my first time with this and...' I said.

'Now don' t worry we don't bite. You just may have to relieve yourself of your modesty for a while but I assure that is the worst of it. Sit right here. It is non invasive, painless and rather refreshing as you will I'm sure find out for yourself.' she said as I noticed the examination table now with stirrups.

'Mr. Murray, to start I'd like you to strip to your briefs and I'll describe the procedure and set up some equipment.' she said.

Slowly I unbuttoned my shirt, placed it in on a hanger provided, loosened my belt and stepped out of my pants as she talked sometimes watching me and sometimes preoccupied with gathering the materials for the procedure. Should I take my socks off after or before my underwear I thought to myself. I had a plan of course. Too late as she looked at me and asked me to step on the scales. I had to be bold so I quickly shot down my underwear and as I went for my socks I heard her say; 'That's ok, ah I guess it doesn't matter. Just leave them off as they have to come off anyways,' she laughed as she placed her hand on my shoulder blade guiding me towards the scales.

To make it better I turned around so I was facing her on the scales as she reached behind me to adjust them. I prayed there was not any pre-cum on my elongated yet flaccid penis. That being done I was told to get up on the examination table and place my feet in the stirrups. We could see that they had been adjusted for a shorter person so as I lay on my back I had to hold my legs wide open in the air while she stood between my then and adjusted the stirrups. She glanced at me once and smiled apologetically. This was too much. I felt my penis engorging but it still lay flat on my stomach.

She turned her back, went to a counter and returned with latex gloves that she put on as she leered down at my genital and anal areas of my body. She was starting to explain the process when there was a knock at the door. I could see the door between my knees as the examination table was placed in the corner facing the door. I saw the receptionists eyes dance back and forth as she talked to the therapist

'I have it right here' she said as the receptionist named Kathy as per her smiley face name tag followed Anne the therapist, all the while I lay there on the examination table completely nude with a growing erection. It seemed weird but Anne started to describe the procedure with Kathy standing there listening and watching.

'This method of prostate cleansing we feel is the ultimate in effectiveness. What we require to fully cleanse the prostate is a full evacuation of the testis of all semen and sperm in conjunction with the prostate massage. Since this obviously requires sexual stimulation on your part, we legally cannot do it ourselves and two other attendants will be present for legal reasons. So what we need from you Mr. Murray is for you to masturbate to ejaculation and upon completion we will massage the prostate that will force a second evacuation of ejaculate thus cleansing both the prostate and scrotum area. Do you understand?'

'Ah, yes.' is muttered as my penis was now at full glory with pre-cum oozing down on to my stomach and pulsing with every beat of my racing heart.

'Now to force as much ejaculate out we ask you to wear this scrotum strap. Are you familiar with this?' she said.

I told her I was as I adjusted it in my hands and snapped it around my balls and cock. She offered some latex gloves and lube and placed it on the tray beside me. I passed on the glove and chose to go bare hand and now applied a generous amount of jelly to my throbbing penis. They watched me perform the first half dozen strokes and returned to discussing paper work. Every once and a while one or both of them would glance over at me as I stroked my shaft with joyous bliss and gave out the occasional grunt. At one point Anne smiled and nodded at me.

'Are you familiar with tantric masturbation sir?' she asked.

'Is it the same as taking it slow' I quirked back.

'You got it,' she said.

About ten minutes passed and I was getting really anxious to climax but it appeared that they were going to leave the room.

'I'm getting very close ladies,' I said.

'Jane', Kathy yelled as Anne stepped between my legs.

Now there were three women in the room as I neared cumming. The sloshing of the lube on my penis and my heavy breathing were all that could be heard in the room besides the shuffling of feet now and then and the crinkling of the paper under me on the examination table.

I arched back and lifted my rear end off the table as I came with ropes of sperm plastering my chest and I heard an 'Oh' as the second last blast of cum hit my face even surprising me.

'Now brace yourself sir as I will perform the prostate massage and you may continue massaging your penis if you like. It is entirely up to you'. she said.

I felt her gloved and lubed finger enter my anus and as it touched my prostate, waves of new pleasure raced from my feet to the top of my head. I reached for my penis and continued to stroke it with increasing pace and again I shot an even bigger load of cum. I sat up while cumming, witnessing my stomach covered now in yet more semen as it shot out the opening in my penis. As I laid my head back I looked into the eyes of three women viewing this spectacle.

I made another appointment on my way out. It was even better and I'll tell you all in my next report.



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