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Prom Night With Stephanie

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I will always remember prom night!!!


I will always remember my prom night because it was the first time someone, other than myself, touched my cock and made me cum.

Stephanie and I had been friend's since the seventh grade. Since we both attended single sex Lutheran school, neither of us had significant others in our lives. We would go to dances together And talk on the phone, but because we both came from broken homes, our weekend schedules never quite fell into sinc, because I was either at my mom's house while she was at her dad's or vice versa. Needlessly to say, we both had very little relationship experience, and for an 18 year old (I just had a birthday!) I had no sexual experience at all!

I invited her to my prom a month ago and was quite excited when she said she wanted to 'discover new things about me... And ON me'. The bulb in my throat felt huge as I pretended not to hear the part, but it was no where more obvious than in my crotch that gave evidence that I had of only heard what she had just said, but was actively imagining how she intended to discover anything new ON me!

Prom arrived, and Stephanie was beautiful. I wore a tux I had bought at the beginning of the year for a cruise, and she wore a fitted yellow dress that showed off her great ass and firm tits. To cut down o. Expenses for the students, who in years past, spend thousand of dollars on trying to out do one another, our school had a new policy that combined dinner with prom. We sat for dinner way in the back of the room. My head was already spinning in anticipation. We sat down in a secluded table and Stephanie right away gave me a look I had never seen on her face before. As I began to sit down, I felt her hand slide over my lap and onto my thigh. I don't think I have ever sprung. Boner as quickly as when she rested her hand on my lap. Two couples joined us at our table. My cousin and my best mate with their dates sat at our large booth. The night went off and there were presentations of the royal court throughout dinner. The whole time Stephanie inched her hand higher and Higher up my thigh. By the time it was time to announce the prom king and queen, Stephanie was full on caressing my massive cock through my pants. This whole scenario was done in under the table beneath the cover of a large table cloth. The other couples sat across from us, or were to busy watching the presentation to notice that I was getting my first hand job, much more my first sexual experience ever. A video presentation started up showing the seniors going away tribute, so my cousin and my friend and their dates repositioned themselves at toward the front of the table. That was Stephanie's cue to unzip my trousers. My cock sprang forth from my boxers like a jack in the box. Even in the darkened room, I could feel Stephanie blush as she eyed my engorged cock. I was embarrassed at first, but quickly got over that emotion, as she began working my tool like it was her own. I am uncut, so she did not have to lube me up. She slid her hand up and down unbeknownst to anyone around us. I was sweating and started too feel the start of an orgasm. She pulled down the foreskin that protected the purple head of my cock and started swirling her other hands fingers around my mushroom head, using the precum seeping from my dick hole to tease me even more.

The video was coming to an end as the last strains of 'we are young' by fun started to slow down when I could no longer take it. The video ended, the lights turned off, and I came in rope after rope of cum! I felt like a bucket load of jizz coated the table cloth, my pant trouser, her hand, and the booth. Everyone stood in a standing ovation as the last group senior shot was displayed, so once the lights came on, my seat mates turned to sit back at the table and there I was pale, sweaty and a little out of breath. 'are you okay?' asked my cousin's date. 'I'm fine, just a little way about having to dance now, is all' is what I managed to reply. My cousin motioned to go sit back beside me and got a glimpse of all the cum and my limp exposed dick hanging out of my trousers, so he just laughed, looked at me straight in the face and kindly led his date out to the dance floor .

The rest of the night was a game of touch and tease with Stephanie as I tried to please her (which didn't much happen at the prom... Another story) but I had had another orgasm later that night and ground away at her all night on the dance floor and then back in the limo.

The next day, my mom brought my trousers into my room . 'I was going to bring this to the dry cleaners, and spotted this stain. Do we need to have a conversation about how I don't wanna be a grandma yet?' she asked. I about died, but she was cool about it and asked me to be very careful and protect ourselves. Prom was the best!!!!



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